Encounter Windhelm Temple of Talos
Locations Robber’s Refuge
Quests Deathbroker, Robber’s Refuge
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level PC x 1 (Max: 70) Class CombatMageDestruction
RefID XX1f8a9f BaseID XX1F05D4
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Sneak
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory ClothesFarmClothes03, ArmorHideGauntlets, ArmorHideBoots, Steel Dagger
Voice Ronja Monto

Alassea is a bard introduced in the Darkened Steel questline. She can be recruited as a follower and married, and has a number of songs unique to her.


55 thoughts on “Alassea”

      1. Hmm sorry to bother you again. But what I should have said was. The actually dialogue option is not there anymore. Can you please help me again?

  1. To marry Alassea you also need to have vanilla house. This info was missing on main readme in the “Marriage” section.

  2. so i’m using 3.04 and the voice files you posted in december and well she doesn’t seem to work. she says only a few lines (by which i mean only a few are voiced) and clearly that should not be the case as demonstrated in the video above. help? if it’s any help im using 3.02 and i kinda daisy chained updates up to 3.04

  3. I’m using 3.04 and the voice files you posted in December and she only uses a few voiced lines and her songs don’t work. As you clearly demonstrated in the video this should not be the case. any help? if it helps, I’m actually using 3.02 and i have the updates 3.02 –> 3.03 and 3.03 –> 3.04

      1. there were only about 300, i downloaded and reinstalled the mod and it works now. but now deathbroker is stuck (erevan is just standing outside the palace of kings doing nothing 24/7 after i stole the diary and i have no objectives) i unfortunately don’t have a save i’m willing to reload to. what stage do i set the quest to so i can progress?

  4. ok, thanks. I actually thought that was a word wall note so my bad. i hate to keep bugging you but when i ask her to play journey (or any song that requires me to play it seems) i lose control and nothing happens and i have to reload. i have instruments i’m supposed to have. is this just a bug or is the bards college not optional like the readme suggests?

    1. Again, it may be you don’t have the files. It works fine provided you have the audio files for both the player and Alassea.

      For example, Alassea’s first verse is this file

      The player’s first verse is this – However, the folder depends on what sex/race you are, MaleKhajiit, FemaleEvenToned, MaleElfHaughty, etcetera,


        1. There is no folder for bretons. Bretons are maleeventoned

          “Bardquest3dnpc_Band__0025DA3B_1” is indeed included in version 3.04. If you have that zip file, you can copy over all the sound files from that folder.

        2. welp, theres something the nexus screwed up then because i downloaded it straight from the nexus and Bardquest3dnpc_Band__0025DA3B_1 is not present. I haven’t found it and winrar can’t find it either.

        3. ok for some reason they are all there now, i swear they were not there a few hours ago but either way that doesn’t change the fact that the band songs never start when I request them. why is that and what can I do to fix it without save wiping? yes I have instruments but I have not done the bard’s college but the readme says that it is not necessary. i can get a screen shot to prove i have the needed files and the right version.

        4. Are you saying none of them work for you? Bards College quest is not required, and either way, it’d still play a song, just the fail bard one. For example, here is a video showing what happens when you fail a song versus if you have an instrument or are a college bard.

        5. ok allow me to clarify, I ensure i have the proper instrument, i even spawned all possible versions of them in via console (there are two flutes), I request a song that requires me to play and I say that i can play. then we just stand there doing nothing for essentially all eternity until i reload, theres no fail song we just stand there in awkward silence with my controls disabled and my crosshair bugged as though I’m hovering over alassea. is there any possible way to fix this without starting over with a fresh save? i suppose i should note i have not attempted any songs with fjona so i can only say for certain that this is happening for me with alassea

    2. Both myself and Ronja have tested all of Alassea’s songs. I just tested them again right now. A fresh save is meaningless, the scripts are the kind that just run the moment you make the request.

      There’s a couple other things I suppose.

      1)What’s the location you’re playing in? If there’s a mod conflict that prevents the bards from moving to a spot inside an inn, that could halt the scene. Try playing outside in Skyrim.

      2) Do you have another bard in tow? It could be a missing file for Amalee of Skjarn or Daenlyn if you’re playing a threesome. Although Journey is just the 2 of you.

      But honestly, I think it’s just missing audio files for Alassea caused by NMM during installation. Your AlasseaVoice folder should look something like this.

      1. 1. I have tried in robbers refuge, in honeyside, outside windhelm (in skyrim), right outside dragonsreach
        2. no, i opted to have alassea follow me instead of amalee, my other followers other than her are rumarin and qa’dojo
        all of the files are present in the 7z but like i said we just kinda stand there forever wherever we try to play so all i can think of is it didn’t properly install, a problem i’ve never had with nexus.

        1. Well, that’s what I mean, I realize they’re in the 7zip file because I packed it myself, but are they in your Data/Sound/Voice/3dnpc.esp/AlasseaVoice folder? If not, then it didn’t install correctly.

        2. Another thing you can try is punching her. It’s possible the scene is being held up by another scene that never completed. Attacking her might kill it.

          This hypothesis is kind of a stretch, but who knows.

      2. what a lovely wedding gift, a punch to the face. no it did not work. I’m out in skyrim and i hit her, nothing changed. i stabbed her several times nothing changed, i resurrected her nothing changed. each time i tried getting her to play the song then i noticed the line before she starts the song had no audio, could that be the problem? but if it is how does that explain the other songs? because those ones had responses with audio to the same result of silence

        1. hmm, nothing changed, the audio is still missing. either those files didn’t attach themselves to interesting npcs or i’m not installing them correctly. I just install the zip as it’s own mod right?

        2. ah ok. but theres a bit of a problem with the fact that I can’t actually touch 7zip files with winrar and if i attempted with power archiver it says id have to delete everything in the 7zip.

        3. The Alassea voice files I just linked is a normal a zip file. As for 7zip, why not download 7zip the program? If you use a Mac, there’s a 7zip for Mac program out there as well.

          I’m always going to use 7zip for the main file, because it offers the best compression. For a mod this large, there’s no other option really.

        4. I tried 7zip before and it just flat out didn’t work on my vista (this is a windows h8) I guess i’ll try 7zip again to see if this can fix it

        5. digressing over 7zip aside, nothing changed after i added the files to alassea’s voice folder with 7zip. her line telling me to play the lute remains without audio and the song never starts

        6. then it’s simply an installation problem. Of all the files, those were the only ones that were missing when I checked – and they’re unrelated to the song itself.

          Pretty much all of it in can be explained by missing sound files, which can be explained by not installing it to the right folder.

          You should probably consult an NMM user for advice on proper installation through that software. I just drag and drop every mod I’ve ever downloaded, so I have no clue.

        7. shors bones i can’t believe that worked. it was literally one file that wasn’t installed by nexus. it has never done that to me with any mod before.

  5. someone PLEASE help
    Where can I find her? I thought it was through the Darkened Steel quest line, but the bandit journal in orphan’s tear doesn’t spawn, even after I had done all the dialogue with Tikrid, killed Nimhe the spider and completed the Knight Without Thorns quest.

    1. If you’ve met the prerequisites, the innkeeper in Dawnstar will have a note that will point you to the journal. If there’s no note, you haven’t met the prereqs.

      Looking at the list, it’s just Rose Without Thorns, the Sahlene conversation with Tikrid, killing Nimhe, and two others – you can’t have Tikrid or Erevan in your party.

        1. The conversation is with Tikrid about Sahlene. The first time she mentions Sahlene’s name, the script fires that sets DialogueTikrid to stage 3, which in turn opens up her dialogue that elaborates on what happened to Sahlene.

          Here are all the conditions for the innkeeper’s note to appear. It’s only said once, so you may already have the note in your inventory.

          1 – You’ve talked to Tikrid about Sahlene
          2 – You’re under stage 10 of Darkened Steel(meaning you haven’t read the journal)
          3 – No Tikrid following
          4 – No Erevan following
          5 – Finished Erevan’s Quest
          6 – Killed Nimhe
          7 – Thoring is innkeeper

        2. I went trough all the dialogue with Tikrid again and found out I missed one line (the one with sahlene). thanks for the support :)

  6. She gave me Gorr’s Homecooked Stew when I asked her. My breton spellsword assumed she and Gorr traded secret recipes once upon a time, but I was wondering.

  7. hello is it possible to download somewhere or maybe extract a song from the data files, i would like to get the song from alassea, eyldi the bear, so beautiful.

  8. how do you meet her.?..Robber’s Refuge is locked for me…i’m reading something about darkened steel quest, but its not clear or i’m dumb lol.


  9. May want to remove some of her spells….she uses sparks all the time after wasting all her magicka on chain casting differant cloak spells….another vanilla bug i think, if the mages have differant types of cloak they will constantly switch them until they have no magicka. I think you can fix it by just giving her one type.

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