Aldryn Script


Llondon scene 1

Councilor Aldryn! It’s always a pleasure to have you in my shop! I assure you, everything you buy will come with a discount.

There’s no need for that Llondon, I’m just another customer.

Nonsense! You’re a profit! You’ve made us all rich!

I think you’re slightly confused. They say I’m a prophet, which is different from making one.

Tell that to my coin purse, Councilor.

Llondon scenes 2

Are you getting your wares on time, Llondon?
Your store is the fulcrum for the entire marketplace, and delays can disrupt the entire economy.

What? Wares? Yes, we have wares, Councilor. You’re welcome to browse them. 
Although lately I’ve heard bandits have been sacking the caravans. It’s bad for business.

Well, then those caravans will have to higher better mercenaries. We can’t be responsible for their security.
We have enough problems dealing with Falmer attacks.

Fervaysi Scene

What is it Councilor? I’m rather busy at the moment.

Well yes, I was wondering if it would be possible to have people stop throwing away their trash in the river.
I’d much rather they throw it onto my front yard, where I can dig through it for useful ingredients.

We can address it when the council meets on Loredas. You can make your grievances known to everyone.


Nevyn, how’s business?

It’s been steady Councilor, but mostly on account of the locals.

I see. I’d hoped there’d be more outsiders flowing into the city by now.

It’ll happen Councilor. Just give it time.

Time, I’m afraid, is the one thing we don’t have.

Nelsie Scene

Blacksmith, I’m curious how much metal you’re getting from the miners.
The foreman gave me a report that showed our recent yield was much lower than expected.
I’m worried some of the recent attacks have led to more of it being reserved for weapons and armor.

I’m worried Councilor Zannfar has been encouraging them to have more of it set aside for weapons and armor.

I’m sorry Councilor, I don’t really keep track. I forge what they give me. But it does seem like I’ve been working harder as of late.

Thank you, that’s all I needed to know.

Nelsie Scene 2

Is it true what they say, Councilor? Are you planning on replacing the guard with mages?

At some point we may look into, yes. Why the concern?

Well, as a blacksmith, my job depends on forging weapons and armor for the locals.

Ah, I see. Well, let me ask you this. Were you born a blacksmith, my child?

No, I taught myself the craft.

Exactly. Rest assured, they’ll be another job for you. And I’m sure, given you’re talent, you’ll pick it up as quickly as you did smithing.

At council meeting

I’ve got a question for the council. Why are my taxes so much higher than everyone else’s?

I assure you, citizen, that is not the case. But I will remind you that as a vendor, you must pay the cost of renting the stall from the city.
Perhaps you have conflated the tax levied upon normal citizens with the cost of maintaining your business.
I think you’ll find that the taxes for all citizens are fair and mindful of your individual circumstances. However, if you are still having trouble paying your dues, come by my chambers later and we will discuss how to better manage your budget.

Marketplace hellos

We decided to build this statue of Azura as a tribute. Without her, this city would not exist.

A marketplace isn’t just a place of commerce. It’s the heart of the city, and it should reflect our history and culture.

It’s been a struggle to get Zannfar to buy into the vision I had for the marketplace. Some concessions will have to be made.


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