1. By Azura, another stranger. The world’s gone mad, if outlanders come to Solstheim for refuge.

I came here to work, not for refuge.
2.  You’ll find plenty in the short term, and none in the long. And you’ll be paid a pittance of what you’d make anywhere else.

Skyrim is no less dreary than this place.
3.  But far less hospitable. Still, I would rather have snow on my tongue than ash on my breath.

I’ve come to explore to the island, not to live here.
4.  There’s nothing to explore but sand and ash and the limits of your sanity. Leave this place, if you know what’s good for you.

Some of us prefer to amble in the shadows.
5.  Is that so? Well there aren’t many shadows here. Just soot.

Outlanders bring coin to your city. You should be grateful.
6.  What good is coin when the soil tastes of ash…All the money in Tamriel won’t undo what the Gods have wrought.

How do you make a living here?
7.  I hunt for alchemy ingredients. Or rather, one specific one. Still, I collect everything I can and sell everything I don’t need.

What brings you to Solstheim?
8.  A favor for an old friend. An Imperial man I met in Gilane during the pangs of the Great War.
9.  We fought on the same lines and drank at the same tables. We were…close. War tends to bring soldiers together, even as it divides everyone else.
10.  Still, I hadn’t spoken to him for decades, until one day I received a letter. His wife was dying, and he was seeking a cure.

What did this friend ask of you?
11.  He was in need of two ingredients, said to grow on opposite ends of the world. One in Valenwood, the other in Solstheim.
12.  So I agreed to help, on one condition. That he come back alive.

Then you’re an outlander as well.
13.  Guilty as charged. As I said when we met, another stranger. The first one being me.

What kind of ingredient is this?
14. A special plant that grows only where the ashfall is thick. It has saffron colored leaves with black veins, as if it were tainted by the smoke.
15.  Or so he said. Azura knows if such a plant even exists.

I plan on traveling the breadth of Solstheim. You could follow me.
16. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have another set of eyes. All right. I’ll travel with you, should you need a companion.

You mentioned you and this man were close.
17. He’s a friend. I don’t have many of them, probably because I treat them so poorly. This is my way of making amends. To him, and his wife.

Did you love this man?
18.  Ha, who knows. We were young and foolish. We didn’t even know if we’d last the day, and the better emotions…they were in short supply.

It sounds like you hurt the both of them.
Yes, but that wasn’t my intent. But I suppose being young and foolish is hardly an excuse.

Beautiful girls can be foolish, but more often make fools of men.
20.  That’s a rather poetic turn of phrase. But yes, I’ve broken my share of hearts, but this was more a product of loneliness than love.

So you’re the other woman. I despise home wreckers like you.
21. Good. Most of my relationships start off well then quickly sour. Maybe this one will end up the opposite.

I don’t care. Just don’t let your goals get in the way of mine.
22. All business, then. That’s fine with me. So long as your goals don’t involve laying waste to the plant life here, we shouldn’t have any conflicts.


23.  What happened?  I thought you were squinting trying to read that book, but then you hunched over and nearly fell.

I’ll be fine. Just got a little dizzy.
24.  It happens. Just stay on your guard. We aren’t out of this nightmare just yet.

The book is a key to another plane. A world called Apocrypha.
25.  Then you’re lucky that key opened the way back. It doesn’t always work that way. Let’s just keep moving before we run into any more surprises.

It was nothing. The shock of the book’s awful prose just took me aback.
26.  Fine. Keep it to yourself. But I’ll have you know I don’t like secrets.

Oh, it was a nightmare. There were books everywhere, and squid people.
27.  I would say your were as crazy as Sheogorath, but nothing in this crypt has conformed to reality. The important thing is you found a way back.

28.  These Rieklings appear to be hoarders. A loathsome practice, really. And to think I was almost starting to like them.

If you don’t like hoarders, then we have a problem.
29.  Yes, I noticed the way your eyes lit up when we found this junk. Just don’t ask me to carry that statue of Dibella all the way back to Raven Rock.

Yes, it’s troublesome behavior, especially given Solstheim has little wealth.
30.  True, although it seems these Rieklings only care for baubles and gemstones. They might be doing the locals a favor.

Odd. I remember you saying you hoard every alchemy ingredient you can find.
31.  Of course. Milore can find a use for all of it. These trinkets are worthless. They won’t help the soil stay fertile, or keep disease at bay.

The Rieklings seem to worship this junk like idols.
32.  As I’ve said, I’ve seen mortals pray to stranger things, but unlike these Rieklings, they don’t follow out of blind faith.
33.  And I’m going to assume neither this wooden horse nor this collection of junk has answered a single prayer.

You were starting to like them? I’m glad I’m not the only one.
34.  Their behavior can be…amusing. But don’t get any ideas. They would make for horrible pets.

Follower Dialogue
35.  Safe travels.
36.  Azura guide you.
37.  Fine. Let’s trade.
38.  Keep an eye out for rare ingredients.
39.  Understood.
40.  I’ll be right here.
41.  Following.
42.  Anything else?
43. Sure.
44.  I don’t do that.
45.  Not a chance, outlander.
46. I’m listening.
47.  What’s our next move?
Nerevar guide us.
Mephala cloak us.
Azura grant us wisdom.

Alas, it’s time for us to part ways.
48.  Very well. I’ll be in Raven Rock if you need me.


Geldis is a hard “G” like gelding or gasoline, sujamma is soo-jah-ma
(jovial) 49.  The Retching Netch. Geldis isn’t lying when he boasts about the quality of his Sujamma. The story about the name, however, is a sack of guar dung.

50.  Abandoned homes are becoming a familiar sight. Soon all of Raven Rock will follow.

51.  Conspiracies, the East Empire Company. I would mock Crescius for going on this wild guar chase…if I weren’t on one myself.

52.  Stalhrim. If diamonds wore armor, it would be cut out of this.

53.  By Azura…look at that wall. If I didn’t know better, I’d say those inscriptions were bleeding.

54.  Reavers. I take it they were too busy looking toward the shore to see the Riekling totems by the cave.

55.  What is that they’re prostrating to? A carriage? I would laugh, but I’ve seen mortals pray to stranger things.

56.  These Rieklings seem almost domesticated…although why they insist on stacking all this furniture I can’t begin to understand.

57.  So we’re gathering meat for an animal named “Bilgemuck.” I’m glad to see the savages have already mastered the finer points of the language.

58.  Another dead researcher. Just once I’d like to come across one of these ruins and while the expedition is still be ongoing.

59.  My guess is it wasn’t a spider who lit those braziers, nor did they deactivate themselves. It seems we aren’t alone in exploring these ruins.

60.  I suppose that solves the mystery of dead researcher. This hall does look promising. We should definitely press on.

61.  Leftover crates from the East Empire Company. Ash yams and ore veins. It’s almost like the Reaver version of Raven Rock.

62.  Solstheim was once an island of ice and snow, so it made sense to build their homes out of wood. The Gods make fools of us all.

63.  By Azura…what is this place? And another body…somehow I don’t think the bandits killed this one.

64. So that was the precious folio Cindiri lost? Ha, maybe it’s true what they say about Dunmer. We value are better halves. It just happens to be the lower one.

65.  Not to sound suspicious, but how do you know all this?

66.  Now where are these fools wandering off too? Something is definitely amiss here.

What do you know about Miraak?
I feel as if I should know that name…and yet…I haven’t the slightest idea why.

What do you think is happening to these people?
I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to. But this does explain why I feel so tired in the morning.


It’s been a long day. I think I need a drink.

Geldis. I’ll have a Sujamma if you don’t mind.
Welcome! Please, enjoy yourself.
Is it true what I’ve heard about the dearth of guardsman? Do you think Morvayn will consider hiring others to fill the void?
By Azura, he could use all the help he can get.
As does this entire settlement. Yet I doubt it’ll do any good to look to the docks for ships. In the end, the town will have to help itself.


Damn, I’m still low on Netch jelly.
Milore, your stocks will always be low. The demand overwhelms the supply.
Which normally would be good for business. But the sad thing is we’re both underpaid.
Speaking of which, is Mogrul still sending you empty threats?
No more than I was already getting.

Oh come on, Glover. It’s just a pickaxe. It’ll take you all of five seconds to forge another one.

to player

Well, you heard the man. While I don’t think anyone takes Glover’s threats seriously, he’s still the town blacksmith.
And it never hurts to curry the favor of the man who makes your weapons.


The tavern’s the lifeblood of any adventurer. Whether you want to test your blade or hire one, you’ll find all sorts here.
The elf in armor being just one example.

Not nearly long enough, Teldryn. What do you want?

You’re better off asking my companion. Just pray to Azura she’s more charitable than I am.
You’re better off asking my companion. Just pray to Azura he’s more charitable than I am.


So Teldryn, are you still telling people you’re the best swordsman in Morrowind? Or have you sobered up since the last time we spoke?

Fort Frostmouth

Ale, mead, and Cyrodillic Brandy. None of it touched for years. I’d wager our Captain is very happy or very dead if he never stops to drink.


Hold on, there’s no need for hostility. My friend here was simply curious. And you have to admit it’s a bit strange for you to be out here alone.

I suppose we can take that as a compliment. Who are you?

Ralis talks for a bit, says shit is hectic

Why? What happened?

Ralis says he needs money, player pays him. the Ral in Ralis is pronounced like “Rally”

I hope you know what you’re doing paying Ralis. Obsession can motivate a man, but it can also make you delusional.

Ralis hires miners but they get killed by Draugr

Miners are hardly warriors. They knew the risks when they took the job, as did you.

In any event, what happens now?

to player

Well, if nothing else, the miners have cleared the way. You’ve already invested a lot of gold into this excavation. We might as well see it through.

That takes care of the Draugr. Unfortunately, with that path blocked, they’re the most valuable thing in this ruin.

unlock puzzle by picking up bloody skull

Simple enough. I suppose no one bothered to touch the skull. Or maybe it had to be bloodied first. Either way, let’s get back to Ralis.

Go back to Ralis

I imagine it wouldn’t. How will you convince them? Certainly you aren’t winning points with your charm.

I don’t like it. Still, as long as that money goes to the miners, and not Ralis’ pockets, it may be good investment.

Combat (these have to be screamed, may require backing away from the mic slightly to avoid clipping)

Nerevar is Nair-rah-var, see sample
Nerevar guide me!
You won’t live to see tomorrow!
I’ll end your miserable life!
Pray to Azura your death is quick!
The end is near, fool!

Is that it? Is that your best?
The void take you!
Death take your soul!
Darkness take you!
Fall to me!

Like the bite of a flea!
Ha! It’ll take more than that!
Ugh! Bastard!
You win! I yield!
No more! I submit!
This isn’t over!
Damn you!
Filthy N’wah!  (can be said nuh-wah or en-wah)

Misc idles

They say this high up, you can almost hear the sound of the mountain. It moans, as if in pain.

Follow me. I need your help.
Then let’s not waste any time.

Bodies burnt and thrust on spikes…be ready. I’d bet my life this is the work of Reavers.

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