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Encounter Eldergleam Sanctuary (During The Way of the Nine)
Locations Eldergleam Sanctuary
Quests The Way of the Nine; Bards, Beasts and Beauties
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class CombatRanger
RefID XX15388a BaseID XX153886
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Light Armor, Archery, One-handed, Block
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Hide Cuirass, Hide Boots, Amulet of Dibella, Steel Sword
Voice Anna Castiglioni

Amalee is an energetic worshiper of Dibella who enjoys talking about nature. She can be found in the Eldergleam Sanctuary during the blessing portion of the Way of the Nine quest. A bard in training, she also has a number of unique songs and can learn more after the completion of the Bards, Beasts, and Beauties quest.

Bonus Conversations
– Riften after helping Brynjolf in the Marketplace
– Whiterun after completing Blood’s Honor
– Winterhold

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76 thoughts on “Amalee”

  1. Love this mod and this character! I’ve completed her quest but still don’t have the option to marry Amalee, am I doing something wrong?

  2. I asked her to play the lute and she suddenly joined me as a follower, but there is no dialogue option to tell her to go away?!

  3. I asked her to play the lute and she suddenly joined me as a follower, but there is no dialogue option to tell her to go away?!

    1. ah, looks like i made a mistake here.

      edit again:
      1. Try asking her to play the lute, then tabbing out before making a request. The dialogue should be set to dismiss if she’s currently following.
      2. If that doesn’t work, try unlocking her follower dialogue. “Do you explore caves?” or something should set her relationshiprank to 4
      3. If by chance that doesn’t work try going back to a previous save, attacking her, or recruiting a different mod follower. I have seen instances where old saves + new NPC result in the options not showing up, but she should work correctly on a new game. But now that I think about it option 1 should work.

  4. Honestly, I feel straight men are a little shafted by this mod. I tried all the other eligible females. I find it really annoying that the only person in the whole game that i find both intriguing and attractive is a lesbian. Why aren’t any of the other marriable super follower females this well done? Originally I was able to marry her. I had to restart my game. Due to some error in the programming I was able to marry Amalee before… but not this time. Honestly changing her to like both men and women wouldn’t be that big of a stretch. Especially considering the other slut you have following Dibella (Jolene). In contrast, Amalee is a sweet, fun, interesting, spirited, lovely companion with a lot of passion. Now I have to cheat and pull the “sex change” trick in order to do it. If you are at all inclined, could you make a version of this mod where she will marry a male? At least until you have a comparable female who will?

    1. Amalee is a lesbian, and that won’t change. It fits her character the same way bisexuality fits Jolene. There is no deliberate attempt to annoy you or “shaft” straight men, given straight men have the widest variety of choices, and with Anum-La and Alassea being added to the list, even more so. If anything, I need to make more marriage candidates for gay men and straight women.

      If the choices available didn’t interest you in particular, that’s fine, it’s unrealistic for me to satisfy everyone.

      1. I can definitely see both sides of the argument here…but in my humblest of opinions, making NPCs like Amalee prefer one gender does alienate quite a few people…which is why all of the vanilla NPCs are bisexual. Sure, Amalee’s canon sexuality is lesbian, but I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be in Farkas’ character to be gay either, and yet it’s possible. That’s what makes Skyrim great, and I think it would be a credit to the mod if all were bisexual.

        But again, that’s just my two cents.

        (And a smartass PS: doesn’t the definition of ‘bisexuality’ suggest ‘pleasing everyone?’ =) )

        1. Pansexual. I believe the word you’re looking for is “pansexual,” the definition of which is interested in everyone/thing and would thus be closest to the target meaning “pleasing everyone.” ;)

          Smartmouthery aside, may I cut in with my opinion? Yes, it is distressing to be surrounded by all these stellar characters that inspire you to want for more than the (ahem) lackluster vanilla marriage relationship, and then realize that your choices are limited. However, in my eyes, the whole point of 3DNPC is that the characters added are closer to reality with full, colorful, and distinct personas. And in “real life”, is it not considered bad form to approach someone with a specific sexual identity and beg them to make an exception for you?

          What we hated about vanilla was that so many characters were flat, lifeless, and dull– faces and dialogue with little to no “umph”. And I believe the obligate bisexuality is one of the faults under that umbrella umph-less-ness. In reality, people choose to identify themselves with a particular gender, sexuality, morality, worldview, etc and an individual’s different choices are what create variance between him/her and the next guy/girl. If everybody were the same, then romance would be as easy as flipping through the phone book and picking a name at random, and just as fulfilling.

          You would no sooner take away Fareloth’s good humor, Carmella’s hypotheticals, Misha’s ambition, or Qa’Dojo’s serenity than they would lose much of what made them “Interesting” in the first place. The same with Amalee’s, or anyone’s, sexuality: It is part of what makes them a person instead of a cardboard cutout. And losing out on romance because of your would-be-lover’s choices is not uncommon in reality, so why should it be in 3DNPC? ;) I’ve personally found quite a bit of fun in being able to roleplay that tragedy of unrequited, impossible love.

          If it helps, though, take heart in the fact that this mod has been steadily growing and building and NPCs increasing in number since its inception. “All good things to those who wait,” after all– and I think I can manage quite a bit of waiting for the right NPC marriage candidate to come along. ;)

          Just my (true-to-form) obnoxiously verbose two cents.

        2. My Morrowind and Skyrim characters are both lesbian and I can’t imagine them being hetero or bi. It’s a part of them.

        3. LOL. I agree with you LL that the whole point of marrying someone in 3DNPC is that they aren’t flat characters and also that they aren’t going to change their preference to meet our desires. However, 20% of the population isn’t homosexual either. So I am going to take Jay’s side on this until more marriable NPC’s are added. My (only) problem is that the only NPC who is attractive in both personality and looks is Amalee (not to mention that she has a LOT of dialog to keep her interesting). Tikrid is good looking but she is so manly in personality… she should be the lesbian. In contrast all the men are good looking though one is a bit older looking (so maybe not all..I would say they fit what females tend to find attractive though I am not the best judge since I am straight). As far as the male personalities… well I can’t say since I didn’t really spend a lot of time with the men but if any of them besides the old or gay one have a personality that females like…I still say that straight men have the short end of the deal. To me its about the quality of the choices; not the quantity. As far as the new women are concerned… I haven’t found Alassea yet so I can’t say anything about her. Anyway, I solved my own problem for the time being.

        4. I had a similar problem in Morrowind. My character is lesbian but all the people who she was attracted to were straight. It took a long time but she finally found the perfect bisexual partner, who loved her straight back. :D

      2. @Matthew

        “Tikrid is good looking but she is so manly in personality… she should be the lesbian.”

        …There are so many things wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to start. o-o

        Are you implying that lesbians has manly personalities? If every lesbian had a manly personality and lesbians are females attracted to femininity, doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole purpose of homosexuality?

        Also, “the lesbian” implies that Amalee is a token homosexual added either for political correctness or to cover an uncovered demographic. o-o And that sort of undermines her entire existence.

        1. Yeah, lipstick lesbians exist. Anyhow, I think the point is bisexuality, more than anything, is what undermines a lesbian or gay pairing because it seems like it’s just a way to please everyone.

          Now, in most cases, playability > reality as real life is boring as fuck all. That’s why most of the characters are indeed bisexual. But there is nothing to undermine with them, because sexuality isn’t particularly important to who they are. For Amalee and Raynes, and to a lesser extent Valgus and Zora, their sexuality is more essential, and why the choice was made.

          I think it’s important Amalee’s a lesbian only. She’s attracted to the femininity and softer features present in the female form. Ever seen a pair of balls? They aren’t pretty. Raynes is high testosterone, and only a male partner can provide what he needs. He has a lot of sexual angst as well, so sex is more important to defining who he is than it would be for say, Gorr.

          Zora grew up reading fairy tales of princesses and princes, and I always felt sisterhood was important to her, and she would see a female PC as a sister. And given how Valgus is trying to transition from his feelings for his first wife and his feelings for the PC, I didn’t feel it was natural for him to do that with a male character. He’s also rather unadventurous, I can’t imagine him having experienced anything save vaginal sex in the missionary position, so while he could turn into gay sex freak with time, it’s not something that can happen in the current timescale.

          But for the rest, sexuality and romance is not a critical part of their backstory or character, so the playability aspect overrules any particular preference I’d give them. Also, while there are currently only 1 of each gay/lesbian/straight marriage candidates, I should mention that other gay characters like Jaspar are just not marry-able (but may be added in the future). In other words, there are plenty of NPCs that fill the various demographics, as well as plenty that lean a particular way.

    2. PC – sexchange command will let you propose and go through with the marriage as male. I don’t see how being a lesbian is a part of her character, she is just funny and naive, but it’s still the mod maker’s mod and his character.

  5. I love this mod, but the amount of improperly pronounced/spelled English words by what I am assuming are native English speakers is disturbing. Then again, I definitely have a touch of grammar Nazi going on, and vanilla is as much if not more at fault for the same reason.

    1. Spelling errors are typos. If you find them, point them out. They take all of 5 seconds to fix.

      Pronunciation mistakes are more tricky. I can’t be in the room to guide actors, and at times decisions have to be made to keep the audio as is so it maintains fidelity with the rest of the conversation. While egregious errors I always ask for retakes, in some instances, a line recorded at a separate time can often sound completely different both in the tone of voice and delivery, and sound completely out of place. So when say, Larsdon says “line-age” instead of “Lin-ee-age” I kept it because the re-take sounded completely off and much more immersion breaking than a person mispronouncing a word, which happens in real life.

  6. Am I missing something? For some reason I can’t get her to join me. I went through every available dialogue option starting from the nicest to the rudest, but nothing comes up. Do I need to do another quest first or something?

    1. If you haven’t started the 9 divines quest then yes. Though I wasn’t aware she appeared before doing that quest but perhaps that is in the older version since this time around I didn’t even approach her until I was on that quest.

  7. I adore this mod! I need a little help though. for the last 20 levels all I’ve been trying to do is find a way to marry Amalee. I’m female, I finished Amalee’s Quest, I did all of the Mara quests, I’m wearing the Mara amulet and there’s even a dialogue option of what if she wanted to get married would she do it Dibella’s Temple but I can’t find the dialogue option to actually ask her to marry me. I have a house in Whiterun and a huge manor outside of Falkreath. help please?

  8. I added her to the marriage faction and there’s still no marriage dialogue option. How do you manually add it? All quests are completed.

        1. No, the opposite, you have to be female and have beaten her quest. That’s it for mod requirements. All other prereqs are vanilla, e.g., marriage faction, relationship rank, speaking to Maramal, etcetera. If that doesn’t work, try altering your load order, maybe another mod is cancelling out the dialogue I added to the vanilla marriage quest.

        2. I don’t think I tried doing anything with Maramal or Mara on this character. So I’ll try those things.

  9. Fixed it, had to talk to Maramal about Marriage, didn’t realize you had to make your character aware of marriage. lol. I also started Book of Love questline, but I’m not sure if that’s required.

    Thanks again for the mod, and I love whoever voice acted Amelee.

  10. My character finally married Amalee :D
    The only problem is that when my character tells her to wait, she just stands there in Breezehome instead of doing the usual routines that vanilla spouses seem to do?

  11. Hi i Married her. but when we went together in Volskygge. . she was left behind little before exit to the balcony where you kill dragonpriest for volsung. i went back she disappeared at all from game . i went thro dung with detect life shes gone.. Not coming home . also lost lovers comfort buff after sleeping. Shes gone from game for reason unknow. how do i re enable her? i tryed to use console .commands like placeatme . movemeto etc. nothing worked says unkown object ID or smthing like that. Help me she was the best wife pls:S

    1. make sure when typing the refID to replace XX with your load order. It’s possible she died somewhere, but the player.moveto should work. Also make sure the command is right, I believe it’s moveto not movemeto but not sure

  12. Ok so firts i’d like to say I love your mod and I thanks for sticking to your ground and refusing to convert amalee to straight town like some haters asked you to do, it’s much appreciated but sadly I have a coupl of criticisme to make about the character, mostly her stats:
    First , her sword vs mace comment is fun but the fact is she’s not a swordwoman she’s an archer, the combat ranger skill package means she will max out archery long before maxing 1 handed weapon and yet nothing her dialague hint to that, I mean she doesn’t even carry a bow!! there should be an ingame dialogue that warn the player she’s an archer first .Actually it would be nice for all companion if you could put in a couple line of dialogue with the player asking them what skill they favor.

    Second and biggest issue is her perks, her big super cheating perks, why on earth does she have the overdraw20 perk and the bulleyes perk? ( +40% bow damage and 15% to paralyze target for 10 sec) these two perk are completly out of line, bulleyes has got to be one of the cheesiest and lamest perk in vanilla game, nothing worse than watching a powerfull npc just fall helpless for no reason, it destroy all fun out of combat. as for overdraw perk, well no NPC use those type of perk because they already get way more damage increase from skill point than the player (nearly 200% damage bonus for NPC at 100 skill versus 50% bonus for player) that perk shouldn’t be there and I am not even talking about the giant Lore hole it create by making amalee a more powerfull archer than say Alea the huntress from the companion.

    I know you may say I am nitpicking but I installed this mod to meet interesting NPC, not to cheat my way through and make the game easier than it already is. believe me even on legendary difficulty the bulleyes perk on a follower is so powerfull it can really kill the challenge of the game.

    Again I love all the work you’ve done on those NPC but please be mindfull of keeping them in line with existing follower.

    1. Ha, I appreciate the enthusiasm. CombatRanger primary skills are one-handed, archery, and light armor. One-handed includes a sword. As for your second point, a simple, “Can you remove the following perks, I think it makes her overpowered” will do. You see, a lot of times the perks are there because the NPC was copied from another and I didn’t realize they were there.

      I’ll check the other archers as well, since they are all probably copied from the same source. “Why on earth?” Well, typically the explanation is simple like that. Relax, have a beer. There’s no grand scheme to make Amalee an all powerful god.

      1. Wasn’t expecting such a quick reply :) I am sorry I am not a native English speaker so maybe I wasn’t clear about my first point, I know that combat ranger include 1 handed but it’s weighted at 2 while archery is weighted at 3. In short she will reach 100 skill point in archery at the same time her 1 handed skill with still be around 75..but please don’t missunderstand me, I have nothing against the ranger class package it suit her just fine, a warrior of dibella would prefer ranger combat to avoids scars so the choice is good, rp wise, my probleme, if you can call that a problem maybe the word is too strong, is that she talks about her love for sword and she has only a sword in her inventory, so any reasonable player would draw the conclusion that she is skilled and1 handed weapon and light armor and that’s it. Before looking into the editor I had no idea at all she had any point point in archery, so it’s quite possible that some player would just give her a sword and a shield and never actually realise she can use bows.

        But that’s a problem with all follower basically, even vanilla does some really weird stuff with follower skill, I mean Alea wear heavy nord armor but is only skilled in light armor so :/Maybe put some kind of note in most follower inventory that would tell player what skill this follower will increase on level up? depending on how you write the note it could be not too much 4th wall breaking, not an ideal solution certainly, maybe someone got a better idea?

        As for the perk I already checked, many vanilla NPC use the ranger perk (can move a bit faster while drawing bow) so she can keep that one, but the only other npc with overdraw20 is Larkspur from your mod.

        for bulleyes it’s 4 NPc all from your mods, no vanilla NPC use either of those perk, for good reasons.

        thanks for making a great mod and thanks for taking time to read our feedbackI am sorry if I appeared a bit too zealous with the perk issue

  13. After marrying her, her greeting dialogue is like I’m a stranger and she doesn’t have much home ai (stands in front of the door most of the time). I don’t have the heathfire patch. Will that fix this?

    1. The AI is vanilla AI. It’s the vanilla quest, vanilla alias, vanilla scripts. Hearthfire patch is the same, just lets you move to HF home. But all the packages AI everything is vanilla. No different than marrying Ysolda.

      I can add some more greetings. Neutral greetings aren’t a problem, such as “Yes?” “Hm” unless it’s something like “Can I help you?” which would need to be conditioned. Specifics help.

      1. I chose kind of a weird way to described it lol. I meant that all her greetings were neutral. It just seemed off coupled with the ai. It must be something on my end then, thanks

        1. No worries. I’ve already added about 10 or so marriage greetings to the script. The more detailed lines I’ll probably make them pop up occasionally or else you’ll get sick of them, but the “yes, love?” and “something you need, love?” are such common responses that you never get sick of those.

  14. Is there a console command to trigger bonus conversation if I’ve already done the quest without her? She’s one of my favorite characters second only to rumarin and I don’t want to reset this save for 2 dialogue options.

    1. The dialogue is contingent on you completing the quest, it doesn’t have to be running. meaning, once you finish the brynjolf thing, you can take amalee to riften and talk about the thieves guild. Same for the Whiterun one. I also noticed there’s a Winterhold conversation also, added to the list. Of course more will get added with time.

  15. I’ve started the Way of the NIne quest, talked to Amalee at Eldergleam Sanctuary. got her blessing (needed for the quest) and asked her to play the lute, but no option is appearing to ask her to join me as a follower. I don’t want to marry her, I’d just like her to be a follower. My character is a female. Can you advise what I need to do to get the follower option to appear please? I’m using UFO, might that be stopping the option from appearing in some way? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    1. Try the vanilla tricks. Raise her relationship rank via the console.

      One of her dialogue responses does this though, when you ask her about adventuring. It could just be you didn’t cycle through all of it.

      1. I’m having the exact same problem, went through each and every dialogue uption (before starting Way of the Nine) and now upon getting her blessing she said “okay to both accords” but no option appears to make her a follower. I tried the console trick but it did not help… Please tell me if I need to provide any other information.

        1. Try set 3dnpcfollowercount to 0

          Only way it wouldn’t show up is if you had another follower in the mod, or she was currently following. It’s conditioned properly.

  16. I’ve recently taken on Tikrid as a follower, are you saying that there can only be one follower at a time from the mod? If so, I never realised that.

    1. Kris, as it will probably save time and effort for myself and Jeno, can you categorically confirm that it’s only possible to have one follower from Interesting NPCs at a time please?

      1. Yeah, 1 follower limit but there are plenty of mods that allow for more. The commentary is written with the idea that they are the only follower in tow, however. So two followers might comment on the same thing with no regard for what the other said, or may cock-block comments from another in the event it’s a trigger response to a danger or scenic view.

        1. Thanks Kris. I already have multiple followers courtesy of UFO, but I just don’t get the option displayed to be able to have more than one Interesting NPC character. I think the UFO limit is 16 followers, but I don’t have that many,

  17. Hi, how can I get Amalee’s blessing in the quest ‘way of the nine’? I got all other blessing, but I’m stuck on this one. I’ve been trying for hours, please help :)

    1. It’s part of her normal dialogue tree. It’s possible, however, you got a double blessing somewhere, but if so the quest would have updated to stage 40, and Amalee’s blessing is unnecessary. Setting svashniquest to stage 40 manually will also let you proceed.

  18. Thanks for your fast reply! I tried again, but it didn’t work. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get two blessing anywhere. I’ll have to do it by console, too bad. I did the whole dialogue tree several times.

  19. Hi, I have finish the questline and she say yes for the marriage but the priest have no dialogue option for the mariage It’s a bug or wrong mod comptability ?

    1. Sure. But I’d mention that Amalee is the only lesbian marriage candidate as opposed to the only lesbian. There are some that don’t explicitly state it, and I don’t plan to unless I make them marriage candidates. Why? Because I may consider bending the rules and making them bisexual. With some, I’ve already made them bi.

      Because for any marriage candidate to be gay, lesbian, or straight, their sexuality would have to be either explicitly mentioned or somewhat critical to their character. Otherwise from a gameplay perspective bisexuality is the better choice.

      Amalee, for instance, likes soft, delicate, and beautiful things, and given her Dibellan background, I can’t imagine her being with a man. But someone like Tikrid I can bend the rules for gameplay because it’s not super essential that she be with women or men exclusively. You can play the game and the only sexual interest she will profess is in your character, allowing you the choice of determining her sexuality.

      Again, while narratively I hate bisexuality, gameplay sometimes takes precedent. And technically, the bisexual characters aren’t bisexual per se, they’re whatever orientation you choose them to be.

  20. I’ve been doing the quest line for Bards, beasts, and beauties and Amalee said a line I don’t think I will ever forget because I did a double take on it. “Hi, my name’s Amalee, just tell me where to hang on”

  21. Helloooo… Just married my character to Amalee. When presented with the option of a home, I said live with her. Amalee then said she live out in nature. Then the misc quest “visit spouse’s home” is activated but there’s no waypoint on the map. Did I do something wrong?

    For a bit of additional info, I have AFT and it seems to have messed her up a bit. She’s my follower leading up to the proposal and the wedding; I notice that she’s lost her idle chatter. Just follows me around and stay quiet. After the wedding, she no longer has any follower options (nor AFT’s “tweak”) but she still follows me around.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. Nice, glad you like her.

      okay, got it to work. Sorry for editing your post, just wanted to try and get it so the pictures show up.

      It basically needs to read like this for the image to be clickable and linked. Comments used HTML tags.

      the a href portion is so the image knows where to link when clicked. The img src is the URL of the image, and the alt is for alterations like width so it doesn’t take up the whole page. I changed it to 800 in the picture above to see just how big I could get it without being distracting.

      1. Great layout, nice new feature! So you would like us to submit entries on each individual characters page – just a basic html link or a href embed? I would like to slowly add pictures as I meet people and look them up afterwards :-)

  22. I wanted to say that I’m really glad Amalee is a lesbian. I absolutely loved her character and seeing her in my sister’s game is why I got the mod! But then finding out she’s gay was fantastic! I liked that vanilla marriage candidates were bisexual because it was hard enough to find games that let me play a character I can see myself in, but Amalee being a lesbian was something special. I can’t really explain it very well, but it took a character I loved and made her feel personal to me. And it was really validating to have a real honest-to-Sappho lesbian romance option. I know that straight men might feel bothered because she’s adorable and unavailable, but it isn’t like there are that many characters that I can look to and go “Yeah, she’s one of ours.”

  23. Fantastic mod! I installed it as per recommendation 2 hours into my first skyrim experience. I have to say, it blends into the rest of the game seamlessly. This is such a beautiful addition and much more immersive than all the graphic mods I’ve tried.

    Question: I gained Amalee as a follower without starting the “the way of nine” quest. If I dismiss her now, where do I find her again? Does she go back to the Eldergleam sanctuary?

    My reason for asking is that I was trying to do her personal quest at the Bard’s college. I found Skjard at dragonbridge, but after I finish the initial conversation Amalee leaves my party! I brought Skjard to the bard’s gollege without Amalee and the both dudes just stand there during the duel without speaking. Will the quest start again if I bring Amalee to the right now very silent duel? :D

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