Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Amicus

Encounter Haelga’s Bunkhouse
Locations Riften, Ivarstead
Quest Idle Dreams
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC x 1 (Max: 10) Class Citizen
RefID XX1e9d27 BaseID XX1E9D24
Health PC Leveled x 1 Magicka PC Leveled x 1
Stamina PC Leveled x 1
Primary Skills Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Sneak
Any Crime Confidence Cowardly
Inventory Random Fine Clothes, Book(Fjori and Holgeir), Apple, Mead, Gold(75)
Voice Edward Schreiber

Amicus is the protagonist for the quest, Idle Dreams. Addicted to dreaming, Amicus has difficulties staying connected to the real world, which becomes a problem when he finds himself trapped in a series of dreams.

For more information on Amicus, check out his character profile here.

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