Anum-La the Swamp Knight


 Anum-La the Swamp Knight
Encounter Tree South of Folgunthur
Locations Tree South of Folgunthur
Quests Honor’s Calling, The Harbinger of Us All, An End to Keep, Black Robes
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class CombatWarrior1H
RefID XX0294c5 BaseID XX0294C2
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Archery, Block, Heavy Armor
Morality No Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory Steel Sword, Gold(10), ClothesMournersClothes, MageAdeptHood, SteelGauntlets, SteelBoots
Voice Lila Paws FMC Voice

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
Proving Honor Upon Completion Jorrvaskr
The Eye of Magnus Upon Completion College of Winterhold
Laid to Rest Upon Completion Morthal
Dragon Rising While en route to the Whiterun Watchtower Dragonsreach or Whiterun
Climb the Steps During or after the Klimmek Supply Quest Ivarstead or High Hrothgar
A Blade in the Dark After killing the dragon and speaking with Delphine Kynesgrove
Diplomatic Immunity Before attending the party The Sleeping Giant Inn or The Winking Skeever
Elder Knowledge After meeting Paarthurnax Any
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to leaving for Sovngarde Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion Any

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82 thoughts on “Anum-La the Swamp Knight”

  1. i can’t seem to dismiss her O.O the option ‘it’s time for us to part ways’ is missing. do i have to kill her? D:

  2. Any way to trigger the Honor’s calling quest manually? She was never in Jorvaskr, after and before I finished the Proving Honor.Might be a mod conflict with the Enhanced Companions mod.
    But I’d love to start the quest.

    Thanks for the reply in advance

    1. All the super followers have location specific conversations. One of Anum-La’s is in Jorrvaskr. In other words, you have to take her to Jorrvaskr and speak with her, she doesn’t appear there. Listening to that story will trigger the beginning of her personal quest.

  3. How do I find her if she isn’t where she should be? Trying to use “moveto player” doesn’t work as it won’t accept her ref or base IDs as being valid. I found the tree she should be at, but apparently she killed a spider and then took off running, because I can’t find her anywhere.

  4. she may be at the inn in morthal (i found her there) and for her refid to work you must change xx with the number of the mod in your mod list. You can get it by looking at the plugin load order in nexus mod manager, or by clicking on any npc added by this mod with your console open: they will be the first 2 numbers of the npc id.

  5. The only thing I don’t like about Anum-La is that her voice brings me back to the “lovely” argonian/kahjiit voices of Oblivion…as if said VAs were choking on a swallowed cigarette. I’m not so sure that all female Argonians in Tamriel sound like that…or at least I hope not…

    Story and character-wise, she’s superb, and evidently I’m the only one who’s irritated by her voice…so my opinion probably doesn’t matter! ^^

  6. The characters you have created here, in your spare time, for free are way more memorable and likable than the vanilla characters. Don’t worry Beth, I still love your work but seriously it’s the one main gripe I had with Skyrim was that followers were so dry compared to many other RPGs and this mod just comes along like “Hey I heard you like awesome characters so we’re just gonna’ make characters that would rival any professionally created AAA title.”

    Intresting NPCs brought new life to Skyrim and Anum-La was my first interaction with the mod. Seriously guys, your work on this mod is nothing short of AAA work. Lila Paws you should do voice work for a living as should many others participating in the project.

    It was such a fitting way to begin exploring the rich content you have created. So humble like the beginning of many great things. I had just finished the vampire quest in Morthal and thought I should buy some lumber for my house since there was a mill in town anyway but I remembed the NPC kind of bugged out in the cave after I killed the leader so I started heading back there.

    When I run across the bridge out of town I see an argonian in a robe coming over the crest of the hill obscuring the swamp. I thought that it was so rare to see fellow argonians in the game so I walked over and talked to her. She’s been my #1 companion since. Love her dialogue.

    Some time later I was thinking about switching from dual-wield to Two-handed and when I was trying it out she commented on how it suited me. You know you’ve designed an engaging character when an NPC helps you decide between weapon choices.

  7. Is the dialogue to start “Bite the hand that feeds you” set to a single location? Because i just finished “blood of kings” and she has no new dialogues after the party.

      1. Nope, worked just fine with her in my party. Though it might be useful to put “be in Riften” as a requirement on the wiki page.

  8. I’ve encoutnered a problem with Anum-La after The Sleeping Giant quest; although I had talked to her prior to starting the quest, I had never had her as a follower. Once we recruited her, she, nor the bard, had follower dialogue, only Rumarin. After completing the quest, the bard left, but Anum-La is still following us around, but without follower dialogue. I can’t access her inventory, or dismiss her. She does have idle chatter. I run AFT, and haven’t had any issues with it thus far.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Is it possible you started her personal quest?

      “sqv anumlaquest” in the console and see what stage you’re on. If it’s higher than 10 and less than 100, she follows as part of that.

  9. Her primary skills aren’t what they’re supposed to be when I check them (using a simple mod to check followers’ stats). The mod says that she is skilled in light armor, alteration and restoration. Could it be a bug?

    1. She’s a CombatWarrior1H class. Vanilla all the way. That being said, at low levels, alteration/restoration are indeed high relative to other skills. They just never go up as you level. So I think she’s fine.

  10. Help, please.

    I finished the Black Robes quest, but now Anum-La won´t leave me alone. I tried:
    – dismissing her,
    – set playerfollowercount to 0,
    – killing her,

    … but nothing works. When I click her, her ID is 2b0294c5, but when I type the help command, she shows up as 2b0294c2. I tried setessential 20b294c5 0 (no change), when I try it with her ID that ends with c2, I only get “Invalid object” error.

    I tried both different lines that end Robes quest – the one that keeps her following me and the one where she should go back to Morthal – no change, she follows me no matter what I choose.

    My follower count is 0, but she still follows me, even after i dismissed her. Please help. I like her, but not that much. :)

    1. Ah right, I might need to add a condition to that follow package. Which esp do you use, Hearthfire or normal? I can add the condition in the CK easily enough, but I don’t think a console code would work unless resetquest does it.

      1. Like I told Misto, it requires going into the CK and fixing the package so it’s conditioned to stop when the quest ends. That or stopping “blackrobesquest” (there’s probably a console command that does that) or going to a prior save. I could probably make an esp that had the package removed, but I’d need the version you were using.

        UNfortunately it’s not something I caught when I did the preliminary testing becuase I just quit the game when I finished. It’ll be fixed next version.

    2. Same here. I just finished up Black Robes, too. she wont leave.
      Using Hearthfire v3.03
      I check via the SQV command
      – Stage 100
      – running No
      I looked at stage 100 via the CK, and quest complete is set on the Stage Tab.
      Any other things to check or do?

      1. Yeah, I’m aware of it. The package AnumlaFollow_BR needs to be conditioned to halt upon completion of the quest. That’s why the solution requires going into the CK as opposed to using the console. The package itself needs a condition.

    1. Because all the voice files for Anum-la are not complete, w/r to version 3.03 and per Kris:
      Black robes requires enabling silent dialogue, “Setstage 3dnpcenable 1″. However, I would wait till the next update, since she is not dismissed as a follower.

      1. Oh, thank you so much for reply…I’ll just make manual save and try it out, than reload :)) Can’t miss the quest with her XD

  11. When I first meet her, she talks to me like we met before and there is no introduction at all.
    Also she says shes thankfull to have fought with me or something, even though i just met her.

    1. First I’ve heard of such a thing in 2 years. Everything appears to be set up correctly. But you can tell me where you met and I’ll make a video as proof, given there’s two spots you can meet her.

      Edit: Eh, took me about a minute to make, so here it is:

      You can also type “Sqv DialogueAnumLa” to check what stage you’re on. If it’s anything higher than “6” then most likely scenario is you spoke to her at some point in passing, tabbed out and forgot.

      1. mh, I just started the game (first time since) and loaded the same save.
        But this time everything was normal and like in your video, strange.
        Dunno why but i guess it fixed itself…

        Last time I had dialogue options (not exactly accurate):

        -(elder knowledge) Do you know what this elder scroll buissnes is about?

        -are you gonna return to black marsh or stay in skyrim?

        – Last one I can´t quite remember, something with where do you wanna go now

        But as I said, now its all normal.

  12. The readme says the Amun-La is available for marriage after completing Black Robes. She notices that I’m wearing an amulet of mara, but there is no option to initiate a marriage. Is there some other requirement, or maybe is it not implemented yet?

    1. it seems i made owning a vanilla, non-HF home a requiremnt. I’ll remove that next update. Should be in about a week or so. this will also fix her following in perpetuity after completion of black robes.

  13. Hi, how do i get anum la to stop following me? I typed sqv anumlaquest and i’m at stage 0, soi don’t think i have started any of her quests? Thanks in advance

    1. She is set to follow for other quests besides her personal one. Otherwise, it’s a conflict with your follower mod. She dismisses just fine for me, and the system is the same for all followers, not to mention a perfect clone of the vanilla system.

      I’ve had instances where she’s just stood there because she has trouble AI pathing back to the marsh, but she figures it out the moment it’s time to go to the inn. In any case she follows during:

      Honor’s Calling “anumlaquest”
      Sleeping Giant “Rumarinquest2”
      Harbinger of us All “3DNPCMQ4”
      Black Robes “blackrobesquest” (this is a silent/disabled quest, but it does have a bug in 3.03 where she follows post-quest, fixed in 3.04’s update. If this is what you’re referring to, then yes, I can replicate it)

  14. Despite it not working perfectly with Amazing Follower Tweaks, I am using this follower. There is no doubt that this follower is my absolute favorite.
    The you of having a follower who actually react to what you do. The most recent example for me being after leaving Cidna mine. I was so surprised to hear someone asides from the guards react to an event in the game.

  15. I seem to be having the same problem with the shield.

    I gave her two different shield (iron and falmer) ((to make sure it wasn’t that particular shield)) which she does equip. But, as soon as the battle starts, the shield disappears and she uses the sword solely.

    Any idea what might be causing this?


  16. Hey there. I dismissed Anum to begin From the Blood of Kings quest, but she seemed to have all but vanished. I’m on the Bloodsmith part right now, figured I’d pick her back up. However, she’s not at the tree, not at Morthal. Using console to move her to me yields no results, nor does moving me to her (puts me in the Morthal tavern.) So my question; Is she disabled until this questline is complete, then? Thanks in advance.

  17. How do I get Rumarin and Anumla to stop following me after the sleeping giant quest? I would also like to ask how to start the Black Robes Quest? Thanks a lot.

    1. Perhaps you haven’t finished the quest?

      They stop following automatically once you go beyond stage 70, which is set the moment you encounter the Giant. Same is true for Fjona.

      If you type “Sqv RumarinQuest2” in the console, this will tell me what point of that quest you are on.

      Black robes can be started after “Bite the Hand” which first requires beating “Blood of Kings”

      1. So, how to trigger the Black Robes quest? I have completed the “Bite the Hand” quest, but there doesn’t seems to be any extra dialogue showing up when I talk to Anum la in Riften. Or is the quest is started somewhere else?

        1. 1. Are you using the latest version?
          2. Is Anum-La not following?
          3. What time of day is it?

          The quest dialogue doesn’t make sense if Anum-La is following you, and if the market isn’t open, thus the conditions.

  18. I have completed the sleeping giant quest. The quest stage is 100. Perhaps I shouldn’t recruit Rumarin when he gives me the quest?

    1. Then by all indications they should stop following. The AI package is conditioned not to run on stages 70 and higher

      You can try “setstage rumarinquest2 500” see if that does anything

      1. Thanks for the reply. However it doesn’t work. Rumarin and Anumla still follow me around as if the quest is still on.

        1. Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t. I just wanted to rule out the quest packages were still running.

          Type “Sqv rumarinquest2”

          The quest should be stopped. This means unequivocally that the quest packages aren’t to blame, which means it’s not a bug related to this mod.

          It’s likely a follower mod conflict or something related to that. Although it’s bizarre that you have two of them following you. You can try typing “Sqv DialogueFollower3DNPC” and see if one of them is filling that alias. But as it’s a mod conflict, I can’t really troubleshoot on my end seeing as I won’t be able to replicate it.

          You can try attacking them and seeing if they leave, or setting 3dnpcfollowercount to 0 and then recruiting someone else and seeing if that boots whoever is filling the alias.

          Lastly, they could be following as part of separate quests, like Honor’s Calling or Raven of Anvil. Come to think of it, this is the most likely explanation given they’re both following you. You should make sure these quests are not in your journal.

  19. Is it wrong that I have fallen in love with this character, even though I haven’t even installed this yet? She will be PERFECT for my Argonian character. Thank you so much, Mr Takahashi.

  20. How exactly do you trigger the Black Robes quest? I’m on version 3.04, have completed Bite the Hand, am standing in the market at 10am, have no followers, and am watching Anum La stare at Grelka. When I try to speak with Anum, she just has a standard conversations, nothing that seems to trigger Black Robes.

  21. ***SPOILER ALERT***
    Can anyone tell me what kind of armor she puts on after the Black Robes quest? Does she remove her hood as well?

  22. While doing the Black Robes quest, I was stuck at the Mourner’s Den Scene where Anum-La and Lattimore just stand there and say nothing. Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks.

  23. Hmm..I’ve done Black Robes, but I’m not getting any marriage Dialogue..did I break something or…? Help please! ><

  24. For Black Robes, the stage is stuck at 90. Anum-La and Lattimore are right next to me, but they teleported there and did not follow me to the cave. I am stuck in one spot and no one is talking and I’m unable to escape this stuck position, and music is playing.

    Setting the stage to 91-99 didn’t do anything and setting the stage to 100 finished the quest, but I was still unable to move. Is there a fix for this?

    1. For now I’ve loaded it back to an autosave and am avoiding the quest. Anum-La and Lattimore are still not following me, however.

    2. Fixed it! And I’m very, very happy with Anum-La’s character development. I’m glad she’s moved on and she’s one of my favorite characters. She’s got it all: courage, honor, emotions, and a real past.

      For anyone having the same problem with Black Robes (and I saw someone describing the same thing a few comments up), the fix that worked for me was that I walked out of the Ratways (and they were still in there, not following me), and just sorta avoided the quest for a while. Do NOT go to the cave if they’re not following you; there’s required dialogue that’s needed to move the quest forward and you WILL get stuck–meaning literally unable to move from your spot–if you go to the cave without the dialogue.

      After a while of avoiding the quest, and restarting my computer as well as exiting and coming back to the game several times (not so much to fix it but to do other things), I teleported myself with “player.moveto XX0294c5” (XX being the load order Interesting NPCs is in your mods) and that teleports you to Anum-La. The two began to follow me from there, but I assume just walking back to them would fix the problem just as well. The problem could have been that there was still dialogue that needed to be said or maybe the game was just plain glitching out, but in case anyone has the same problem, try doing this.

  25. I’m having J’zargo and Anum-La as followers at the moment, and I really enjoy the Bioware’ish flair your characters add to dialogue und companionship. The only problem is, while I love that Anum-La is commentating on all sorts of things while exploring, she is sometimes pretty hard to hear, especially in louder environments like Markath, near waters or in inns (I have some sound mods so the game is noisier than vanilla). Still, I can hear J’zargo just fine, and he is clearly louder than Anum-La (tested by just talking to them). So yeah, just wanted to let you know.

    Keep up the fantastic work, truly outstanding mod.

    1. i suggest setting your NPC volume to max and your music to somewhere in the middle.

      unfortunately i don’t have a lot of the original recordings, some time around november of 2012 i accidentally clicked the wrong button and compressed to FUZ all the original tracks – making them uneditable – which is why I keep a separate folder now for the original WAVs. in any event de-compressing, raising the volume and re-compressing would damage the quality too much.

  26. Oh wow…just noticed something…after recruiting her and asking about her skills with UFO, I found out that her light armor skills are MUCH better than her heavy armor fact, her light armor goes up, and Harmor stays at 15…could it possibly a bug,or maybe a mistake..?

  27. I seem to be unable to start the quest Bite the hand that feeds you. I talked to Anum-La when she stands at Riften and there was a dialogue option to ask her about how the search went. She told me that someone wants to talk with me somewhere and I cannot remember who I should talk with and where. It seems to be someone at the market but I just see the regular people over there. Please help.

  28. I did the “From the Blood of Kings” quest and went to Riften but there are no new speech options. what should i do?

  29. man i wish there was a video or something showing all of her conversations. I already completed these quests but i want to here what she has to say

  30. Hi guys. I have a problem. I’m done vith the preliminar quest with the companions, but I have no idea where or when or who start the speech about her in Jorvaaskr (lazy spelling). :)
    Can anyone tell me what to do? I have Zora as a follower and I want to do all the quests related to the new npcs. Thanks! Or start via console. Whatever i have to do XD

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