Argonian and Morndas


How did you meet Morndas?
I make it my business to know any thief who isn’t associated with the guild.
Typically, that means killers, beggars, and people who have trouble with authority.
I’ll let you figure out which one Morndas is.

She’s obviously a beggar.
Beggars try to look weak and helpless. They ask for septim while stealing five.
Now, I don’t know her as well as you do, but she doesn’t seem like that kind of thief.

Morndas has a nose for blood. She’s a killer in denial.
Ha, you’re right. She’s definitely brotherhood material. Tends to keep a lot of bad company too.
But good luck convincing her to join.

Trouble with authority? Sounds like Morndas.
Yeah. She’s got a bizarre code. She keeps all sorts of freaks and weirdos in her so-called family, but not her fences.
Not that I’m pining for a new sister or anything.

She’s pretty much all three.
If that’s true, then she’s pretty much hopeless. No wonder she latches on to you.

She’s none of those things.
Well, she does listen to you, so I guess she isn’t as stubborn as I thought.
No idea how you did it though. You’ve got to teach me that trick sometime.

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