Art Seager Script

You lose someone too? I know the feeling.

Yeah, I’ve lost someone. Someone very close.
Then we share something. I find that helps sometimes. Just talking, and sharing.

A man in a checkered suit, but I’ll find him soon enough.
I didn’t mean it that way, but I wish you luck.

No, I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.
Ah, my mistake then. Sometimes you feel so lonely, you start clinging to the strangest hopes.

What’s the matter?
See that grave over yonder? That’s where I buried my son.

I’m sorry for your loss.
No need to apologize. But I thank you for the kind words.

How did he die?
We thought it was shingles. But the Doc said it was cancer.
It’s funny. I spent my life training him to kill everything from roaches to radscorpions.
I thought I was teaching him to be a man, preparing him for this world.
But all the guns and muscle in the wastes didn’t stop the Lord from calling him home.

Does the pain ever go away?
I wouldn’t call it pain. It’s more like…emptiness. Like a piece of you is missing. Like you ain’t whole.
And yet here I am, a whole person, talking to another.

Tell me about your son.
He had the brightest smile, and the funniest walk. He always knew how to break the tension, and keep a promise.
He wasn’t his father, and he wasn’t his mother. He was the best of both of us.

Is that why you don’t go by your first name?
That’s right. People ask me all the time, why don’t you go by Art?
And I tell them, there’s only one thing I want to be known as, and known for. Being Alban’s father.
Not my name, not any of the deeds I’ve done, but just that.
Because being his pa was the single proudest moment of my entire life.



Safe travels friend.
Thanks for lending an old man an ear.

player comes back after traveling around

GOODSPRING SETTLER (male of female)

You a friend of Art’s? I’m sorry for your loss.

What happened to him?
A stroke. Died right in his chair. We just finished burying him next to his son. It’s what he would’ve wanted.
We still haven’t carved his name into the cross though. Not sure if we should go with Art, or Arthur Seager. 

Neither. He wanted to be known as Alban’s father.
You’re right, he did say that. So “The Father of Alban Seager.” Thanks, that’s what I’ll do.

Doesn’t matter to me.
I think we better go with Arthur then, just to be safe. I’m assuming that’s the name god gave him.

Sorry, I don’t wouldn’t know.
Ah, I see. Well, he was never really the formal type, so it’s best to go with plain old Art.

I believe he wanted something along the lines of “Fuck Goodsprings.”
Really? Well that isn’t very neighborly. Still, far be it for me to deny a dying man’s last wish.


We’ll take care of the rest. Why don’t you head on over to the bar and toast his memory.

Thanks again for your help.

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