Interesting NPCs v3.20

skjel by siempre


Here’s the tenth update and with it a new torrent. At some point I might put it all into a single BSA but at the moment there’s still enough tinkering that necessitates the smaller updates. Had some report an issue with Children Fair, I think it’s a recent problem since I never used to flag things as interruptible, but this scene was, probably because of another report where the scene got stuck. Ah well, since the scene is stopped via a script, can’t see why there’s an interruptible flag, so I removed it.

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.10:

  • Children Fair – Fixed potential issue where after picking up the crystal, scene where Marigoth puts you inside is interrupted, thus removed “interruptible” flag from scene
  • Added failsafe script that forcibly stops post-wedding ceremony sandbox scene in the event another mod runs it(from what I can tell the scene does not run on a vanilla game), which causes spouse and wedding guests to get temporarily stuck in the Temple of Mara
  • Added unique comb to Veralene’s inventory (mesh/texture 1ndajone5)
  • Added a little idle singing to Zora
  • Fixed some typos and duplicate lines for Lyrek and Veralene
  • Added Dibella amulet to Amalee‘s default outfit
  • Changed Berg‘s default outfit to Giant Clothes by testiger2
  • Fixed issue where Haakon and guards clash when player enters Bloodworks, script now checks to see if his cell door is locked
  • Raised level cap of Darkened Steel ghosts
  • Added light to campfire in Bards, Beasts, and Beauties
  • Bards in Bards, Beasts, and Beauties set to observe only during duel. Skjarn teleported to safety at end of quest.
  • Fixed issue where Alassea, Amalee, and Skjarn would run their innkeeper scene in all inns
  • Fixed some apostrophes that were the wrong font
  • Prompt-But-Bashful‘s inventory can now be accessed while in player home
  • Added Carmella to various beast factions
  • Removed some pops from Carmella’s tracks
  • Blacksmith sandbox packages added to Isobel if she’s in a Hearthfire home with a forge in the cellar (MTWTF 9-12pm)
  • Added missing drum file for Portraiture duet with Ygglief
  • Fixed unfilled property for PlayerREF in Pit Dogs (bug introduced in 3.11 or 3.12)
  • Added mod bards to the BardAudienceExcludedFaction
  • Forwarded some MHDT changes made by Dragonborn.esm
  • Carmella‘s skeletons are now protected
  • Carmella removed from necromancer faction and added to Riverwood faction to avoid battles at inn
  • Fixed a scene near the end of As You Like It that sent Daenlyn to the docks making him AWOL for the actual scene
  • Removed (Quest in Alpha) on dialogue to start Aldmeri Prisoner
  • Disabled trigger box in longhouse of Idle Dreams after initial use, as running into it a second time would make the initial scene repeat
  • Fixed Batheru‘s intro dialogue not to repeat when speaking to a Dunmer character
  • Made Blood of Kings possible to start before Pit Dogs. However, starting either quest must be done to completion before you can start the other.


Atomic Radio v2.3


Download v2.3

Changelog from v2.2
– Added new skit Guns in Detroit starring Noi Sek and Audrey Reyel
– Grouped skits together for additional randomization on each playthrough
– Restored MHDT and MLEV fields that were removed by an earlier version of FO4edit

It seems an older version of xEdit removed MHDT and MLEV data from Fallout.esm, messing with vertibird flight patterns if the mod was last in your load order. Zilav was quick with the fix though, I’m just late to the news. Hat tip to Demodus for the info.

Same applies to TFTC, but that will be updated tomorrow as I’m trying to squeeze in one other quest and random encounter.


Skyrim Fenris Follower from DA2

Fenris forest

Hey fellow Dragon Age fans!  As a fun little side project, I’ve made a separate Fenris Follower mod for Skyrim.  He uses the same voice actor, Gideon Emery, who voiced “MaleSoldier” in Skyrim, as well as Fenris in Dragon Age II.  As far as lore goes, in Skyrim he’s a Bosmer, former slave of a Dunmer Great House.  He has all the same special enhanced features as AnnaNPCs (the ones not requiring SKSE).

Fenris has a full follower framework, completely separate from the vanilla system, like my Anna NPCs, including riding, sandboxing, set home, meet at inn, and more.  His chat is somewhat limited due to availability of vanilla voice files, and some new lines are included that are not voiced.  I recommend using Fuz Roh D’oh if you don’t already; it’s just a really handy tool for showing unvoiced lines for longer than a second.

Fenris (15)

Trailers and Teasers – Hail Oh Hail Oh Infantry

Now that most of the planned quests are done – with 3 notable exceptions – I’m going to start adding a few more random NPC encounters to the Commonwealth. Here’s a crew that’s a callback to the Fallout 3 follower Mortar, complete with Army cadences as they patrol the Wasteland.

The scenes are thankfully a lot more robust in Fallout 4, and the engine is fast enough to where all the voices fire at the same time. With Skyrim, you’d have to tweak the timing to account for lag, and even then you were never sure if it varied from machine to machine. It seems like with Fallout 4 everything fires at the same time.

Those who are interested will be able to test this mini-quest and encounter in a few days, just be sure to check the appropriate thread.