Encounter Windhelm New Gnisis Cornerclub
Locations Windhelm, Riften
Quests Azzarian’s Gold
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level PC x 1 (Max: 20) Class CombatWarrior1H
RefID XX29d172 BaseID XX29d171
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-Handed, Light Armor, Archery
Morality Property Crime Only Confidence Average
Inventory Elven Sword, ArmorStuddedCuirass, ArmorHideBoots
Voice Glen Michael Cooper

Azzarian is a former bandit who is in search of a hidden cache of gold. He asks the player for help in retrieving two books that may provide the key to a safe in Whiterun.

50 thoughts on “Azzarian”

  1. So what does “clue is in the second book” mean? I alredy opened the safe (took me 2 attempts), but still don’t fully understand the logic.


      Ah, you probably brute forced it, with only 5 possible combinations that was a problem, so in the latest version I made it so you have to enter the numbers 1 at a time.

      Here is the spoiler part – There is a guy named kluwe(named after former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe) in one of the books. Azzarian himself will mention “Clue? Wasn’t that someone’s name? No, I’m thinking of Loate” in one of his greetings after you get the cipher. The book mentions Kluwe also goes by Loate, which is Chris Kluwe’s online handle or something.

        1. No, it has nothing to do with American football. That’s just trivia. The fact that there’s a guy named Kluwe in one of the books should jump out at you regardless of the name’s provenance, at least, that’s my hope.

  2. -SPOILER-

    I really think the cipher should have cost 10000, 20000 or even 50000 septims instead.

    See, I was standing there in that little burned-down house with a cheeky note in my hand, Azzarian’s words gloating at me that he had had the last laugh and conned me out of 500 septims… But I spend more than that on a single quiver of good arrows, a single spell book or a single ebony ingot. Then I looked at the 140000 septims in my inventory, along with the various loot I’m having trouble selling because shops just don’t have enough gold, and *I* laughed, and thought “this is not even uncommon for other players!” err, I mean “other Dragonborns in parallel universes”.

    Indeed, my Skyrim wealth is nothing special. It doesn’t even have anything to do with modding either, as vast amounts of gold with nothing to buy is just as real of the vanilla game (and every other Bethsoft game too).

    So, while even 20000 wouldn’t have hurt my finances, it would have really helped make me feel conned, perhaps making me exclaim “You magnificent bastard…”, instead of “Pffff! I’m going to throw a thousand septims on the ground and set it on fire, just to spite you. That’s how little I care about that 500 you took.”


      Well, it’s all relative to your level. Eventually all sums turn meaningless. The 500 gold is meant to be an all-encompassing number that entices the player into paying it. Too high and you would scoff at the notion of paying so much for a piece of paper, and likely steal the cipher or kill Azzarian outright.

      But just 500 gold? Sounds like a bargain, and fits in with the price relative to the cost of items in game. Breezehome is 5,000 gold. It doesn’t make sense for Azzarian to ask for more than the cost of a house. But maybe 2,000 or 3,000 would be okay.

      20,000 would essentially break whatever incentive there is to buy it as well as make the con too obvious. If that kind of cash means nothing, you aren’t going to care about the contents of the safe to begin with. If you don’t, you aren’t paying it. But I agree that perhaps 500 is too low, like I said, maybe 2000 or 3.


      Another thing I can do is make the price variable. Check to see how much cash the player has, and then alter the amount based on that.

      But even then, at some point, the number has to be capped because anything higher than 5K I think will set off alarm bells in your head.

  3. —– SPOILERS BELOW ——-

    I didn’t buy the cipher from him, stole it, but damn I still cant believe that ending…

    I sat there for like hours.

    No literally from like, 12, to just an hour ago,I sat there, combing through the pages of the damn books.

    But man when I opened that safe….After all that time I didn’t know what I was expecting but I sure wasn’t expecting THAT..

    I hereby nominate Azzarian for Troll of the Century.

    1. Haha, awesome. Were you able to figure out the “clue” with reasonable effort? I have a feeling some people were brute forcing their way in and I really wanted people to solve it.

      How much did the cipher cost for you, and did you steal the cipher because the price, or was it just something you felt like doing? I raised the price in v3.04.8 to account for how much gold you have, but my fear was people would be less inclined to pay it at certain levels.

  4. ————————SPOILERS BELOW—————————

    After reading through all three books, I didn’t catch at first, nor did I catch it up until the last hour, but I discovered it! In spite of the ‘surprise’ that came next .__. some ‘clue’ though, I’m shocked I didn’t notice it earlier. Here I was looking for some secret decoded message or something and the whole time it was that guys name :L

    Oh, and I stole the cipher cause it just seemed easier. I mean sure, in comparison to how much gold I thought I was going to be getting, paying out 2000 right there didnt seem like too much– but when I realized I could get the cipher for free (ala pickpocket) I figured ‘why spend the money?’

      1. The most likely scenario is you are up to date on the ESP, meaning version 3.04.8, but you don’t have the script, as in the BSA is out of date. This happens when people only install the HF patch.

        Type “Sqv DialogueAzzarian” to check if you are on stage 0. Check the date on the BSA

  5. ok got it working but hit a snag, when i go into the house in windhelm to get the book it gives me a quest marker for another door under the floor, am i missing something because i cant find a basement or anything

    1. never mind im an idiot found the panel… while looking though i grabbed every book in the upper level of the house, i now cant remember which 3 stolen books are sadrins and which are useless


    AH HAH! I figured it out!!

    Now, I admit, I did skim through some of the comments here after I was scratching my head for a while…then I saw that “Clue is a name” or something.

    And of course, as soon as I saw that, I had a huuuge eureka moment. “Of course! I have solved this myself by not thinking at all and cheating!” Yes, yes, I’m very clever.

    But after I while of flipping through books and decoding the combination myself, I did indeed figure it out. But at least I did not force-unlock!

      1. Ha, glad you figured it out with reasonable effort. That’s all I was aiming for, hitting that happy zone where it’s complicated enough to be rewarding, but easy enough where it’s doable.

  7. I’m curious as to where the chest is. The only chest in the burnt down house is the one under the broken floorboards, is that it? I’m pretty sure I unlocked it before meeting Azzarian and getting his quest, and even when I loot the chest it never says it’s empty. I want to make sure that that’s the quest involved in this quest.

    Does anyone have an idea about this?

  8. I’m curious as to where the chest is. The only chest in the burnt down house is the one under the broken floorboards, is that it? I’m pretty sure I unlocked it before meeting Azzarian and getting his quest, and even when I loot the chest it never says it’s empty. I want to make sure that that’s the chest involved in this quest.

    Does anyone have an idea about this?

      1. I looked, it’s not in there. Would it not show up because I declined to buy the cipher from Azzarian and then stole it off of him?

        Also, sorry for the double post. I don’t know how to get rid of it.

        1. It’s enabled at stage 50. When you tell Azzarian you’re not interested, the game checks to see if you’ve stolen the cipher (completed stage 1).

          If you’ve stolen the cipher, it will set the quest to stage 48, then 50.

          If you haven’t stolen the cipher, it will set the stage to 400, and end the quest. So yes, stealing the cipher after the quest is over will not enable the safe. The quest is done. I’ll remove the cipher from his body in order to avoid confusion.

  9. There are a few minor subtitle errors that I noticed speaking with him today. He says “told us things” and the subs say told me things. There (technically) should be a comma after somethings in “two somethings, actually.” He also says “you”d double cross me”, but the subtitles say you’d cross me.
    :) Great work, as always.

  10. I really didn’t ever come across the line of dialogue mentioning a name, and the clue was pretty useless to me; I don’t know, it just seemed really obscure and without the line of dialogue, none of it ever really seemed apparent until I had already brute forced it on the second try and came back and read this page.

    Still, what a jerk. X3

    1. Well, the thing is, if Azzarian told you “Clue” was a name directly, it’d wouldn’t be much of a puzzle. That’s why it’s hidden in a randomly generated hello after buying the cipher.

      At least then it feels like you found an easter egg as supposed to being told the answer. People who want to figure it out still can, and people who want to brute force it can do that with some amount of effort.

      1. Eh. I can kind of appreciate that, and everything, and kudos to those who actually manage to figure the thing out with no outside assistance: They definitely deserve that rad easter-eggy feeling you’re talking about, but the clue is/was a bit too obscure and buried, for me, I guess. Even looking back after knowing about it just kind of has me shrugging with an ‘eh’.

        I was more inclined to just process and eliminate options (Since a bunch of the possibilities are invalid at the first number, anyways, leaving only… what, six relevant options? 1/6 isn’t really all that bad odds. A dice roll.

        Still, thoroughly enjoyed the whole encounter, if a bit of a genuine “What.” for a moment after getting the “treasure”. 500 gold wasn’t a whole lot for me at level 78.

        1. i actually think it’s the opposite of obscure/buried, and that’s precisely why people have trouble.

          It’s a very simple play on words. But as others have mentioned they were looking for something extremely complex and that put their mind in a different direction.

          In other words, sometimes you can outsmart yourself.

          As a user before mentioned, 500 is a little cheap, in the current version the gold amount varies on the amount you have on hand when he first makes the proposal. It can be as little as 500 and as much as 5000 I think, but too high and it gets a little absurd and no one would ever pay it.

  11. What are the names of books? I put away quest for later and now don’t know what to do (even lost code book somewhere ).

      1. Journal says: “Steal or Retrieve the Book from Sadrin”. I have this part marked as completed, only i have so many books… :)

    1. I didn’t just lost the code book from inventory. It disappeared from game, i checked it even with tes5edit. I suspect it gone after one of upgrades. Also can’t figure out name of book from Sadrin, not even sure it is in game.

      1. It’s a Vanilla book, he gives you three: Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts, Songs of the Return, vol 7 and I think Brief History of the Empire, v2. The first book is the yellow book of riddles which is also vanilla.

  12. I’m having a hang up partway through his quest – not even to the cipher! ESP is up to date with 3.5 (updated 3.3->3.4->3.5), all the mini updates after that installed in order, including their HF patches, to 3.5.4.

    After retrieving the books, he’s pacing between Kynesgrove and the giant’s camp south of there. Wasn’t he supposed to be at the Riften docks? This is my first time doing this particular quest, so I don’t know if this bit matters really.

    ANYWAY, after returning them, I get to “Perhaps you should explain from the beginning.” and he breaks off the conversation, tells his story about the bandit chief while pacing again, then nothing. No new dialogue options, just the two about the books in general (why do you want them & what’s their significance). The journal updates to say I’ve gone back to him, but doesn’t add a new entry or anything, assuming that I’d keep talking to him obviously.

    So yeah, I broke it somehow I guess. Is there like a quest stage I can put in to skip to the next part or something? I’ve already tried reinstalling the updates in case I’d missed one, but it didn’t change anything. Also tried waiting a few days for him to leave the area (he didn’t) and a few hours for his dialogue to update (same deal).

    1. The scene is halted because he’s nowhere near Riften and it calls for him to move to a spot. It’s possible a mod is wiping it out, dunno.

      Did you try waiting an hour and see if gets to Riften? That or try teleporting him to the docks. I’ll add an extra script that teleports him there.

      1. AHA, blame it on an already script heavy game.
        After a good 8 or 9 days of waiting, he finally popped over to the docks. Conversation and quest progressed as normal. Thanks for the quick reply though!
        I had waited a few days before commenting here, but it just took a bit longer. No idea what would interfering with his quest like that, but yeah like I said, I do have quite a few small script mods (Run For Your Lives, When Vampires Attack, other follower mods, etc)

  13. Still possible to brute force decoding the numbers to letters, formming words to try it with them.

    I took me a little while. From a total of 1296 possible codes, worked in the 13th try in the first choosed word. The effort has been worth it…

    By the way, i would love to thank Azzarian. Where can i find him? :)

  14. Still possible to brute force decoding the numbers to letters, formming words to try it with them.

    I took me a little while. From a total of 1296 possible codes, worked in the 13th try in the first choosed word. The effort has been worth it…

    Anyhow, i think the 5000g spended on thim isnt enough for all what i get and would love to thank him, do anyone know where to find him? :)

    1. He’s gone. To win the quest, you technically have to tell him “thanks, but no thanks.”

      It’s like those con movies. The only way the protagonist can avoid the ending is to not give in to greed. It never happens in the movies, obviously, because that’s how the story is told, but in the game you have a choice. I believe he is killable as well if you decline, but then again, if you decline you were never conned.

  15. I still feel so dumb. The Clue is in the second book, His name is Kluwe. What about it? Who cares that his name is Kluwe? I don’t understand any of this. However, I am falling asleep while trying to solve this. Haha

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