Azzarian’s Gold


LOCATIONS Windhelm, Riften, Whiterun Plains
QUEST ID DialogueAzzarian EDITOR ID xx29BB83
NPCS Azzarian, Sadrin
REWARD Optional 50 gold

Azzarian’s Gold is a miscellaneous quest that can be started by speaking to Azzarian, a dark elf located in Windhelm. The first time the player meets him, he will be at the New Gnisis Cornerclub, although he will be evicted from the premises shortly thereafter. Speaking to him, one discovers that he is an ex-bandit, as well as a turncoat.

The dunmer reveals that he is in Windhelm looking for something, but he hasn’t gotten very far because of all the attention he has been attracting. He then offers to hire the player to find what he needs. Accepting, the Dragonborn learns that Azzarian is looking for books. There’s a catch, though- he doesn’t know which books he’s looking for, only who has them.

The first book is owned by a fence and, Azzarian says, is likely in a safe. The second book is owned by the dark elf Sadrin Reloro in Riften.

The fence, it turns out, is actually in Windhelm. The Altmer, Niranye, has a hidden panel in her house, which can be opened to enable passage to her secret basement. But it isn’t over yet; the basement door possesses a master lock level, and the safe itself has an expert level lock. The Dovahkiin can either pickpocket Niranye for the key, or pick the locks on their own. In either case, the unlocked safe will yield some loot, as well as a copy of the [i]Yellow Book of Riddles[/i].


Heading to Riften and talking to Sadrin will reveal that he received not one, but three books, all of which can be obtained merely by asking for them. They are: [i]Brief History of The Empire, v2[/i]; [i]Songs of the Return Vol 7[/i]; and [i]Ygnol and the Sea-Ghosts[/i].

Azzarian will have relocated to the docks in Riften, so go there and talk to him. The mer tells the player that the books are keys to a cipher. The cipher, in turn, opens a safe, which is supposedly filled with gold and jewels.

The problem is not only which one of Sadrin’s three books is the correct one, but also which order to use the books in. The bandit chief that Azzarian worked under apparently unearthed a hint, “the clue is in the second book.”

The ex-bandit then offers to sell the player the cipher for 500 gold. One can either choose to decline his offer, in which case he gives the player 50 gold, thus completing the quest.

Another choice is to accept his offer and pay him 500 gold. The Dovahkiin can also steal the cipher from him for free. Either way, the player obtains ‘Bandit Chief’s Journal’. Note that if one steals the cipher, in order to advance the quest they must speak to Azzarian and decline his offer- as long as the cipher is in the player’s inventory, the quest should not complete when his offer is declined.

Before cracking the code, however, the player must find the safe, which is in the fireplace of a destroyed house east of Fort Greymoor.

Cracking the Code (SPOILERS!)


Talk to Azzarian again and ask him for advice. He’ll say he doesn’t have any, but when exiting the conversation, he will murmur the following:

[i]“Clue… Clue… Wasn’t there a great warrior by that name? No, I’m thinking about Loate.”[/i]

Loate, also known by his real name, Kluwe, appears in the book ‘Songs of the Return, Vol 7’. This means that [i]Songs of the Return, Vol 7{/i} must be the second book.

[i]Yellow Book of Riddles[/i], then has to be book one because that was the book that was found separately (at Niranye’s house). The cipher say that the answer to the even-odd question is determined by the second word of the first book’s title, which in this case is ‘book’. ‘book’ has four letters, which is an even number, so all the numbers are flipped to even, so that the second digit comes first (example: the letter A would be 74 instead of 47).

According to the cipher, the combination of numbers is determined by the last four letter word in the book, which is ‘five’.

Enter the code, which is 92-70-34-54, opening the safe. Inside one will find a Note from Azzarian. Read it to complete the quest.


1 Hold On to the Cipher for Personal Use.
2 Find the Windhelm Fence’s House and Steal the Code Book.
3 Steal or Retrieve the Book from Sadrin.
4 Retrieve the Remaining Two Books from Sadrin.
5 Retrieve the Remaining Book from Sadrin.
30 Return to Azzarian.
40 Crack the Code and Open the Safe in the Shack Outside Fort Greymoor.
46 Examine A Brief History of the Empire v2, Songs of the Return v7, and Yngol Lore for a clue.
100 The Player enters the correct combination and completes the quest.
400 The Player declines Azzarian’s offer to buy the cipher, recieves 50 gold, and completes the quest.
500 The Player enters the wrong combination and fails the quest.

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