Birds of a Feather


Birds of a Feather
Quest Giver Misha – The Bird’s Eye
Locations The Bird’s Eye, Frodmar’s Cottage
Prerequisites None
Related Quests Dravos the Dremora
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class Citizen
Quest ID Hagquest Editor ID 021D094E
NPCs Misha, Frodmar, Bette, Renni, Hag, Dravos
Reward Spell Tome: Summon Dravos

Birds of a Feather is the story about a cowardly witch who dreams of becoming an all-powerful hag. The quest is designed to give the player a choice between aiding an affable but wicked witch and a detestable but otherwise law-abiding family.

The Bird’s Eye
The quest begins at a tower northwest of Steepfall Burrow. and east of Lost Echo Cave. Inside the player will find bandit and witch corpses strewn about. On the roof, a single chair faces the Sea of Ghosts. Sitting in the chair will begin the quest.

– The original tower was broken off in the vanilla game.
– A journal is placed near the top level besides a hag’s corpse, which details a list of ingredients which may be useful later in the quest. 

Misha’s Request
After sitting in the chair, Misha, assuming the player has killed her sisters, will make a few empty threats before running off. At the bottom of the tower, Misha will re-appear and attempt to scare the PC off by conjuring a Dremora Lord. The Dremora, however, is none other than Dravos, the servant of Sanguine residing in Rift Watchtower.

If the player convinces Misha that he/she means no harm, Misha will ask the PC to help her in her quest to become a hagraven. She mentions the need for fresh ingredients, and points the player to a cottage not far from the tower.

Frodmar’s Cottage
The family mentioned by Misha is found in cottage just off the road west of Lost Echo Cave. The player is invited over for dinner, at which point they are exposed to a variety of the family’s superstitions and quirks. Their comments are often prejudiced, uncomfortable, and at times insane, but at no point are any of their actions criminal.

In order to fulfill Misha’s request, the player must poison the stew. Failing or neglecting to do so will result in a separate scene where the family sacrifices a chicken.

– Renni wanders outside if poisoned in order to replace the actor with a dead one, as children cannot be killed via scripts.
– The player has two opportunities to poison the stew, once before sitting at the table, and while Renni is showing off her brother’s skull.

The Hag Ritual
Once the player returns to Misha, they have the choice of providing the family’s body parts or offering alternative ingredients that match the description, specifically a giant’s toe, a human heart, and a charred skeever hide.

At this point Misha, will place the ingredients in the cauldron. However, the ritual will not be complete until further items are added to the broth, the exact order of which is listed in the hag’s journal.

It wears a beak, but they call it a goat. It’s covered in feathers, but it cannot fly. What am I?

In order to successfully transform Misha into a hag, the order must be as follows.
1) Hawk beak
2) Goat hide
3) Hagraven feathers

Regardless of whether the recipe is followed, Misha will provide the player with a spell tome as a reward.

– True to Misha’s word, Dravos won’t fight, but will draw the attention of the player’s foes.

The End of the Ritual
If the recipe is not followed correctly, Misha will be struck by lightning and die. Otherwise, she will complete her transformation and offer additional dialogue to the player. After a user request, the hag will also offer conjuration training as of v2.90 beta.

Birds of a Feather (hagquest)
Stage Information
0 Misha has requested you gather the organs of a nearby family
10 Frodmar’s family enabled, cottage door unlocked
20 PC enters cottage
36 PC poisons stew.
110 Misha is given the right ingredients.
120 Misha is given the wrong ingredients.
180 The player adds the wrong ingredients to the cauldron.
190 The player adds the right ingredients to the cauldron.
210 Misha transforms into a hag.
250 Misha does not survive the ritual.
300 Now a powerful hagraven, Misha goes about her business.

Notes: Stages 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 66, 67, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 130, 140, 145, 150, 160, 170, 220 are used to trigger scenes that move the quest along or for other internal check marks.


23 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather”

  1. yeah hi, first of all: Great quest! i enjoyed it alot and it was much fun!
    but i’ve got a bug, after completing the quest it’s stuck in the journal as an active quest.
    any way to solve that issue?

      1. yes i believe so. i gave the witch all the right incredients in the right order and she gave me the spell book before she turned into a hag. she can teach me conjuration now.

        the current stage is 220.

        1. Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this for a second and didn’t check. At stage 220, you can talk to her and she says “It worked!” Any of the subsequent 4 replies sets the stage to 300. You can do so via the console as well. The video on this quest page shows how it works.

    1. By “can’t respond,” do you mean you can’t click on the dialogue? Like mismatched lip sync, that’s not something within my control, but a bug in the vanilla game engine. Try “better dialogue controls” or one of the mods that helps fix those issues. If you mean the scene doesn’t start or soemthing else, I can check a specific response, but looks fine. See the 8:55 mark in the video for reference.

  2. The quest is very amusing, lovely characters and dialogue, but I can’t help but feel the characterization of the family as
    ‘detestable’ is a bit extreme. They’re superstitious, which is eccentric but not in itself wrong. They frown strongly upon adoption, which while an extreme view seems more strange than unpleasant (and without Hearthfire couldn’t happen anyways). And the skull would be weird, if every other house in Skyrim DIDN’T have a skull, or three or four. Great quest, but if the family could be more… compelling to kill I feel it would make more sense.

    1. That’s the point. They’re not supposed to be evil, just weird.

      All the things you mentioned were intentional. I wanted you to choose between the charming but clearly evil witch and the weird but otherwise law-abiding family.

      If they were evil, the choice wouldn’t be difficult, and the quest would lose its soul.

  3. I entered the cottage without first running into Frodmar, probably because he was drawn away into combat and possibly killed (I’m also using the Warzones mod, and there’s a battle near the cottage). I got the usual prompts from Bette, but Frodmar never arrived and the dinner never started.

    Reloading an earlier save and speaking to Frodmar before entering the cottage resolved the problem.

  4. ***SPOILERS ON***
    I like this scenario because it isn’t straight-forward. I can understand Misha wanting power- if only to protect herself. She’s an adult and can make her own decisions. And it’s not like I haven’t killed my share of “bad guys” or collected body parts. But turning into a hagraven just sounds like a bad idea.

    I reluctantly agreed to help her out, but when I met the family, I couldn’t kill them. I liked them- they might have gone a little overboard with their rituals, but that’s not hurting anyone. I ended up getting the substitute ingredients and went back to Misha, still not sure if I was going to help her.

    At the tower, I’m not getting an option to give or not give Misha the ingredients. I can ask her to tell me about the ritual, say I’ll help her, or say I don’t condone it.

    My quest journal shows that I failed to poison the family or get their organs, but still has the optional goal of giving Misha substitutes.

    Quest details
    Enabled: Yes
    State: Running
    Stage: 100
    Priority: 5
    ***SPOILERS OFF***

    1. The quest dialogue is conditioned to check if you have the substitute items.

      1 or more Human hearts
      1 or more Giant toes
      1 or more charred skeever hides

      You need all 3 for the dialogue to show up, the only other condition is being higher than stage 40, which you are. “setstage hagquest 110” will skip this part. Looks conditioned properly.

  5. That explains it. I have a “Breton Heart” instead of a “Human Heart”- not sure what that says about Bretons. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say that the mod is awesome, but somehow I really liked her, I wanted her as a follower D:

    What this means is that you did a great job, how often does it happen that you actually feel anything for any NPC in TES? (The Companions are an exception to the rule)

    1. Hehe, didn’t feel much for the Companions. Did you like her as a hagraven or as a human? There is a male Interesting NPC’s follower somewhat like her, and what I imagine she would be like as a follower. Jilkmar is pretty cowardly and apologetic.

  7. I love this mod but how in the world will Misha go up the stairs? I’ve brought all the stuff and she keeps getting stuck walking up the stairs, is it possible to just put her up at the top? How did other people get her to climb the stairs is there something I’m missing?

  8. Great addition to the mod, I just have one question. Why is it every time I complete the quest, regardless of how I do it, Misha dies?

    1. You /must/ use the organs from the family (not the 3 alternatives), and on top of that, put in 3 ingredients in the correct order. The journal to that is on the second to last floor of the tower.

      If you can’t find it, the ingredients are:
      1. Hawk beak
      2. Goat hide
      3. Hagraven feathers

      These ingredients are found in a crate put to the side on the top floor, where the ritual is. You MUST have them in your inventory in order to add them.


    Ah! Another great quest!!

    Alas, the choice was a bit hard to consider at first. Yes, Misha is quirky, cute, and fun, but alas still evil. The family is law-abiding, but VERY weird and eerie.

    However, the minute I heard them talking about the skull being their dead son…I only assumed they killed him. One might say, “Nay, he just went adventuring and died from it!” but I refuse to believe that, the way they talked about him. Hardly had any feelings of regret or remorse. If it hadn’t been for that scene, I probably would have spared them.

    1. It was vague. Did they kill the son or was it wolves and they just did their weird ritual afterwards. Even if it was the former, I’m not sure a “good” player would be willing to kill the girl as well.

      1. Nevermind, just rechecked the dialogue. It was wolves that killed the boy. Well now that that misunderstanding is over, I got a witch to kill.

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