Black Robes

Black Robes is a miscellaneous quest which can be started by talking to Anum-La, who can be found browsing Grelka’s wares in Riften during the day. Still searching for the child who was witness to the disbanding of her company, the Swamp Knight hears a rumor of children being auctioned off by bandits in Mistwatch, and seeks the Player’s aid in clearing out the tower.

Once the player progresses through Mistwatch to its west tower, they will find a mage named Lattimore- and of course, more bandits. Deal with them; and then talk to Lattimore to learn that he, too, is seeking the boy, who is apparently a mage with little to no control over his powers. Lattimore is with the Synod, who wishes to train the boy to control his magic. Unfortunately, the child has been kidnapped. Latimore suggests enlisting the aid of a Breton mage, who can currently be found in the Riften Ratway.

When the Player arrives at the mage’s location, speak to Merrisa to learn that another member of the Synod, a man named Jullius, has just tried to kill her. The mage, in a cell at the far end of the room, reveals to Lattimore that the Synod has decided that boy is too dangerous, and must be killed. He then says that his objective was to kill Lattimore, and that the boy is being held at a place called Mourner’s Den.

A discussion with Lattimore will give insight into the true nature of the young mage’s mysterious powers- his is, through no fault of his own, able to conjure oblivion gates; portals to the realm of the Daedric Prince Merunes Dagon.

Head to Mourner’s Den, located just west of Stendar’s Beacon. Make you way through the cave, and kill the Synod researchers at its end. The boy, luckily, is safe, and Lattimore again expresses his wish to train the child to control his powers. Anum-La, for her part, decides to leave without the boy, taking solace in the fact that the boy is safe and well, and that he has a guardian to watch over him in the days to come.

The Argonian then requests of the player that they stop by the Riften marketplace, saying that she has one more errand to run. Upon arriving, head to Grelka’s armor stand, and watch as Anum-La equips a new set of steel plate armor- her first set of armor since her company’s dissolution. She explains that she’s ready to move on and stop living in the past, but that she had to make sure that the child was safe before she could do so. After the scene’s end, the quest will complete (hopefully with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart).

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