Brother and Keeper


Brother and Keeper
Quest Giver Raynes
Locations Bee and Barb, Nightgate Inn, Gabania’s Ship
Prerequisites Spoken to Griffith
Related Quests The Law Always Wins
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class LvlBanditBoss
Quest ID Raynesgriffithquest Editor ID XX164D86
NPCs Raynes, Morrigan, Griffith, Gabania, Sellswords, Gabania’s Guard
Reward Griffith’s Daedric Gauntlets

Brother and Keeper is the tale of a man’s revenge and the potential consequences of his obsession.  It also involves an uneasy alliance between Raynes and Griffith, two killers who work on the fringes of their respective factions. One is a Dark Brotherhood assassin, yet his moral compass is such that he acts as guardian to a small child. The other is a self-described keeper of the law, but one whose code allows for the maiming and torture of those who break it.

The Keeper
Once Griffith is spoken to and Raynes is recruited from Lost Echo Cave, the player can inquire whether the vigilante knows a place to find lawbreakers. Raynes will suggest going to the Bee and Barb, as Riften is a notorious location for thieves. Entering the inn will trigger a scene between him and Keerava, who hands him a bounty note. Raynes will remain coy about the potential target, stating only that the charge is gruesome.

– If this is the player’s first entry into Riften, the scene with Raynes and Keerava may get delayed as she is involved in another scene.

The Brother
Although the bounty note indicates the target may be in Windhelm, Raynes suggests checking the neighboring inns instead. The strategy pays off when they find Griffith hiding out in the cellar of Nightgate Inn. Raynes confronts the assassin, and the two nearly come to blows when Morrigan intervenes.

During the confrontation, Morrigan lets out the reason why they’ve traveled east. Griffith has gotten word that the man who torched his hometown, Gabania, has arrived on a ship and is docked at Windhelm. Raynes reluctantly agrees to help, due to his own history with Gabania’s men and Morrigan’s reliance on Griffith.

Stay or Go
Griffith is conflicted regarding whether or not he should be hunting Gabania, as it may put Morrigan in jeopardy.  At this point, the player can attempt to convince Griffith to leave Raynes with Morrigan to ensure her safety, or take Raynes along in order to ensure Gabania’s death. The dialogue with Griffith also reveals a third option, teaching Morrigan a spell. Doing so will ultimately allow the player to take Raynes to Gabania’s ship and give Morrigan the means to protect herself.

However, simply telling Griffith that Raynes should stay will not necessarily convince him. Of the four choices, only two will work, one of which requires a speech check:

Q1: (Success) Are you sure you aren’t letting your anger affect you? 
This reply requires an Amulet of Articulation or a speechcraft level of 40 or higher. It is the nuanced response that will effectively convince Griffith he’s not thinking clearly.

Q1: (Failure) He’s ruthless. Crazy. But he protects the innocent.
A PC with speechcraft under 40 will result in a less subtle suggestion and fail to convince Griffith.

Q2: (Success) I would stay, but think about it. You and Raynes alone together?
This question successfully uses Griffith’s own disgust toward Raynes into convincing him to leave him at the inn.

Q3: (Failure) That ship will be well guarded. The weakest link should stay with the girl.
The response that shifts Griffith’s attention toward the ship as opposed to Morrigan’s safety. It implies Morrigan is not in danger but the ship will require a ton of muscle.  As a result, Griffith will assume it’s better if Raynes comes along, both for their task and for Morrigan’s well being. This question has been altered in versions after 2.42 to make the repercussions more clear.

Q4: (Failure) You’re right. I don’t think it’s a good idea either.
The PC agrees with Griffith that leaving Raynes with Morrigan is a bad idea.

– Morrigan can be taught either Clairvoyance, Frostbite, Candlelight, Familiar, or Lesser Ward, each a novice spell representing the 5 schools of magic.
– In versions 2.42 and prior, it’s assumed the PC only talks to Morrigan about learning a spell after exhausting Griffith’s dialogue options, despite the objective displaying prior to this. In future versions, the dialogue will account for the PC tabbing out.
– When taking Raynes and Griffith to Gabania’s ship, they will have three chatter scenes outside of the ship and two on board.

Gabania’s Ship
Upon arrival at the ship, the player will hear a group of sellswords singing a bandit tune before being scolded by one of Gabania’s men.If the player waits too long before entering, the sellswords will turn hostile and attack. However, if the player successfully sneaks into the ship, the sellswords will turn on Gabania’s man later on.

Once on board, Griffith will speak to the player or to Raynes depending on whether the vigilante accompanied them. After dealing with his personal guard, they will reach the final cabin, where Gabania awaits.

2013-04-16_00017 Notes:

– Gabania’s death will alter some dialogue in the quest Honor’s Calling, but will not effect the outcome of Hunter’s Quarry, which also involves Gabania’s influence.
– Subconsciously Griffith has already moved passed his desire for revenge after meeting Morrigan. As such, the final confrontation is almost civil. Both parties realize what comes next is inevitable, but at the same time, they know it won’t define them. Gabania is ready to die, his legacy intact. Griffith is ready to move on.

Return to Nightgate Inn
After killing Gabania, Griffith’s first thoughts will be of Morrigan. His general state of mind is that of anxiety as opposed to satisfaction or contentment. Finally realizing what he values most, he rushes back to the cellar, and depending on the player’s choices, the quest will conclude with one of three endings:

– If the player left Raynes to protect Morrigan, she will remain alive and the body of a Dark Brotherhood assassin will lay mangled on the floor.
– If the player brought Raynes but taught Morrigan a spell, she will elude the assassin with the help of a “Draugr,” presumably one named Moris.
– If the player brought Raynes but neglected to teach Morrigan a spell, the assassin will successfully kill her and leave Griffith in mourning.

If Morrigan survives, Griffith will reward the player with the Daedric gauntlets who took off a summoner he was contracted to kill. If Morrigan dies, Griffith will stay with the body as Raynes suggests he and the player get some air.

Brother and Keeper (RaynesGriffithQuest)
Stage Information
0 Speaking to Griffith and recruiting Raynes will enable the quest dialogue
5 Raynes asks to travel to the Bee and Barb
10 Raynes gets the bounty note from Keerava
20 The PC and Raynes travel to Nightgate Inn
30 Raynes confronts Griffith but Morrigan intervenes
55 With Gabania near but the Brotherhood lurking, the player must decide what to do with Morrigan
60 The player does not leave Raynes with Morrigan
61 The player leaves Raynes with Morrigan
70 Griffith, Raynes and the PC depart for Gabania’s ship
71 Griffith and the PC depart for Gabania’s ship
80 Arrival at Gabania’s Ship
83 Mercenaries turn hostile if player fails to sneak past
89 Griffith reaches the captain’s quarters
91 Player speaks with Griffith while on board the ship
94 If mercenaries are not hostile, they will quit their jobs
95 Mercs attack their demanding boss
96 Player returns to Nightgate Inn
98 Griffith rewards player with Daedric Gauntlets
100 Quest completes and Gabania’s ship is disabled

Notes: Stage 15, 25, 35, 40, 45, 50, 56, 57, 75, 76, 80, 85, 86, 87, 88, 90, 97

19 thoughts on “Brother and Keeper”

  1. I had a similar issue: “The Law Always Wins” did not end after clearing the cave of Falmer. After doing a setstage 100 of that quest (it was stuck at stage 20), all began to work as intended in this quest.

    1. As shown in video, “Law” is set up correctly and works fine. Horace enables on stage 20. Talking to him with Raynes close by continues the quest. Not sure why he wouldn’t show up for you, unless your save predates the construction of the quest.

  2. I am sorry, I never met that person, I must have missed him somehow, or he was already dead? I did see a couple of bandits/former Solitude guards in a sidearm (dead end) of the main path in the cave.

    1. He can’t die, he’s essential. You can type “sqv dialogueraynes” in the console and see if his alias is filled. If it didn’t fill, it wouldn’t enable him properly.

      As for why it wouldn’t fill, the only reason I can think of is the save you are using is older than the construction of the quest. Otherwise, it could be some weird mod conflict that alters Lost Echo Cave and prevents Horace from being enabled but not Raynes. Sounds unlikely.

      Someone on Nexus mentioned the same issue today – unless that was you, it’s an odd coincidence, but I can’t see any other reason besides the saves being old.

      1. No, I have not been on the Nexus-forums for quite a while. You are correct in that my save is old yes, it has almost 900 hrs on the counter. I could give you my mod-list if you are interested.

      2. No, I have not been on the Nexus-forums for quite a while. You are correct in that my save is old yes, it has almost 900 hrs on the counter. I could give you my mod-list if you are interested.

        1. No need, old save explains it. Generally, I’ve been pretty good about making sure new quests don’t get screwed up in old saves, but there were a few hiccups early on when I was still figuring things out.

          Skipping the quest should be fine. The video shows what you missed.

  3. I go to the bee and barb and raynes talks to the inn keep but doesn’t get the bounty notice and just comes to me with no further options about the quest

    1. Scene works provided Keerava’s alive. Here’s the video. Keerava’s dialogue sets the stage to 15. Raynes forcegreets you right after, and the conversation advances the quest. If Keerava is dead, that would break the quest. “Setstage raynesgriffithquest 15” will advance.

  4. got that same issue just now, Raynes just enters and talks to a wall and the quest doesnt progress. the Setstage worked fine, just wanted to mention it might be a problem somewhere. (not old save, been in Riften plenty of times, done most of the quests related to Riften, Keerava is still alive)…..either way great mod

    1. Don’t think so. Nothing’s changed save adding a “meet me there” package, which is completely separate from this scene. The more likely culprit is a mod that alters the Bee and Barb, or reserves Keerava as an alias. Probably some kind of innkeeper mod. I’ll tick her “allow reserved” box which may help reduce conflicts. Because as you can see in this video, it works flawlessly otherwise.

  5. I just wanted to mention that I had an issue with Raynes not staying in the Bee and Barb after initially telling him that I would meet him there. The first time I got to Riften, he was walking away from the city. I waited for a day in the Bee and Barb for him to return but he did not. I then went out and did a few other things, fast traveled back to Riften days later and he was leaving the city again. I had to make him follow me (by dismissing my other followers) to make him go into the Bee and Barb to start the next part.

    1. Same issue, though I haven’t tried solving it this way. After telling Rayne I would meet him at Bee and Barb, I arrived in Riften to find him walking out the gate. I stopped and spoke to him; he just had usual dialogue options. He went outside and began wandering the road between the city and the nearby farm. I went back inside the city, did a few quests, and then could not find him again. He is not inside the Bee and Barb.

  6. Some followers might not work well with amazing follower tweaks (AFT) inpc add-on 1.0. Rayne had the bug not arriving at Bee and Barb like users above already mentioned. I found him lingering at the watchtower near Riften. So I asked him to follow me. When this quest was completed, he still followed me, even if the option “follow me, I need your help” was still there. I had to click the “follow me” option, and then clicked “alas, it is time to part way” option to successfully dismiss him.

    But if I wanted to free up AFT slots by pressing the “reset npc” option of AFT, the slot would be freed, but he would still follow me. After pressing the “reset npc”, the “follow me” option would be there. But when I clicked the “follow me” option, the option still remained. Which means I couldn’t dismiss him the normal way (the “alas” option was not there.). I had to reload previous save instead.

    The only way to free up AFT slots with 3dnpc followers is to use the “reset AFT” option.

    Other custom followers I used and vanilla followers don’t have this problem. Just 3dnpc followers. Not just with Rayne, it happened (so far for my game) with Amalee and Anum-la swamp knight. All quest-related followers. I only asked these 3 followers to follow me. So I don’t know whether it is AFT addon problems or 3dnpc followers problems.

    I am using 3dnpc 3.04. Other mods used are chosen carefully. Boss order okay. Just to make sure there was not errors caused on my side.

    Would you look into this? Great mod by the way. Thanks.

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