Carmella Script


Preliminary Quest Lines

says “what I really ask you” changed to “What I’m really saying is”

1.  When I ask you if you’re a man or a beast, what I’m really saying is – do you think there’s a difference?

shortened to make it easier to say

2. This exhibit has taught me much. But like life, everything has a beginning, and an end.


3. That you will. By letting this vampire live, you are condemning me to die.

says “absolve your guilt” should be “absolve you of guilt” But I changed the sentence anyway to make it easier.

4. So you choose the path of ignorance. It won’t absolve you. The Gods will judge you for your neglect.

says executor should be executioner

5. Let them be your judge and executioner!

change to “and so”

You have outed yourself as a beast, and so, you will be hunted as one.

says “understand”

6. Understood.

These are sort of clunky. 

But save your strength Breton. You’ll need it.

As you wish.
Very well.
That is beyond what I can do.
Anything else?

All right. This was fun. We should do it again sometime.

What do you need?

Very well. Let’s trade.
I’ll carry what I can.
If you have any skulls or soul gems, I’d be glad to hold on to them for you.

I’ll stand here and contemplate my next work.

Lead the way.

We’ve stopped. Is something the matter?
What is it?

What skills do you possess?
I use destruction and conjuration magic, but not all of it will be useful. Because regardless of what spells I know, I want to make one thing clear.
I am not a necromancer. I am an artist. I will not, under any circumstances use the dead as a weapon.


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