Carmen Script


Carmen – Female, Nightclub Singer

Hey there handsome, what can I do you for? A drink, a song, or a story?

Hey there gorgeous, what can I do you for?

A little slow, are we? If you want a drink, talk to the bartender.
If you want a song, you’ll have to wait a spell.
But if you want a story, well…the night’s still young.

Are those my only choices?
First time here? There’s only three choices hon. If you want a drink, talk to the bartender.

I’ll have a drink, thank you.
Then you’re talking to the wrong gal. I don’t serve the drinks. But you buy me one, sugar, and you might get a story.

I’d like to make a request.
That’s sweet, but I need a little time. Why don’t you be a swell cat and buy me a drink to pass it.

How about you tell me your story.
That’s not what I meant, honey. I was asking if you aimed to write one.
Something to tell your friends back home.
And if you do it right, you won’t even need a pen. It’ll write itself.

Tell me about yourself.
If you want this bird to sing, you’ll need to wet her beak.

What’s your poison?
Scotch, actually, but it tears my throat something fierce, so the owners don’t like it when I drink the heavy stuff.
But if you tell the bartender to get me a martini with an olive kilt, he’ll know.

Here’s your scotch.
Thanks sugar. If martinis are a sonnet, then whiskey’s like a drum. But we can’t all sing like angels.

How long have you worked here as a singer?
Since before there was anyone to listen. When the only jeers you’d hear was the echo from a sour note.

You look rather young.
Your eyes like to tell you a story. Full of little white lies.
But if you look closely, the seams are stitched in black.

I assume now people just throw tomatoes.
Ha, not when I’m on stage honey.

It’s hard to imagine anyone jeering at you.
Maybe not now. But it takes time to be flawless.
They say the night has a thousand eyes, and every single one is pointed at that stage.
Every little pair is its own judge.

How did you get this gig?
My cousin used to date the owner, and a warm bed brings a lot of favors.

What happened after they broke up?
I figured he’d toss me out, but it turns out I was bringing in too many caps.
I guess my cousin was the one doing the favor. Wasn’t the first time, I’ll tell you that.

Where’s your cousin now?
Probably shacking up with some other high roller. I don’t blame her. It’s not easy making a living out here. You do what you can with what you got, for as long as you got it.
When it’s gone and she comes back, I’ll be here.

Do you enjoy performing here?
Sure. It pays the bills and the people are kind. A vibe like that is hard to find in a messed up world.

(alternate in case earlier line is cringe-y)
A vibe like that is hard to find in a world as messed up as this one.

I want to go back to my other questions.
Sure thing. As long as you’re buying, I’m listening.

Did you have aspirations to become a singer?
Does it matter? Sure, in another life, maybe I get to change my cards.
But in this life, we play the hand we’re dealt.
These pipes are only good for talking and singing. And no one cares what I have to say.

Tell me more about the songs you perform.
No one knows who wrote them. Seems to be to the case with a lot of Pre-War music.
They get passed around like drinks at a bar, and all we have to do is take a sip.
Most people don’t mind the old stuff. But if you want me to play something new, well, first you’ll have to point me to the bar.

All right. Where can I find some new songs for you to play?
Depends on what you mean by “new,” but yeah sugar, I know of one.
They say in one of those vaults, they have a copy of a Pre-War song not even the Kings have heard of.
Problem is, it’s overrun with fiends. Charlie never bothered to put up the caps to find it, but if it’s still there, maybe you can.

I’ve got the song. Here you go.
It’s not every day I meet someone who can keep a promise. I’m impressed.
But you probably want more than my respect sugar, so here. Your reward, courtesy of our new owner.
Of course, this next gift I’m about to give you is strictly from me.

(alternate if you lie to Alice)
It’s just too bad you couldn’t do the same for my cousin.
Either way, I promised you a reward, so here. Courtesy of our new owner.

What can I do for you, honey?
Make it quick, I got another set coming up.
See you around.
Be careful out there.
Not now sugar, I got a show to do.
Let me grab a drink first hon, then we’ll talk.

Ever thought of singing on the strip?
Not for a second, honey. Those aren’t my people.

What do you mean by that?
When you’re feeling good, you want the bright lights to shine on you.
You’ve got a drink in your hand and girl in your arm, and you want everyone to know you’re the pick of the litter, a real high roller.
But when you’ve lost it all and don’t have a cap to your name, then you come here. You come to me.

What can you tell me about the owner of this nightclub?
Not much. He wasn’t one to talk, honey.
Not even Alice knew him all that well, even if she could tell you where the moles were on his back.
I’d introduce you, but he hasn’t been around lately. But Jack’s doing a good job running the place in his stead.

What about your cousin? Can you tell me where she is?
Sure sugar, but I don’t think you’re her type. She likes them small, dark and brooding.

(alternate) You mentioned your cousin was with some high roller. Do you know who exactly?
I don’t know who, but I do know where. She might not talk to you though. She likes them small, dark, and brooding.

I am all of those things.
Then I guess I was mistaken hon. Besides, none of it matters if you’ve got the caps to fill the blanks.

Two out of three ain’t bad.
No it isn’t. And besides if you’ve got caps sugar, it’s more than enough to fill the leftovers.

Outlandish. I am everyone’s type and you know it.
I stand corrected. But then again hon, maybe she isn’t yours.

Ha, can’t win them all, I guess.
Guess not hon. But she has been known to make exceptions, depending on your bankroll.

Where can I find her?
Last I heard sugar, Alice moved up in the world. Shacked up with some old gambler on the west end of the  Strip.
Listen to me talk. Show me a mirror hon and I’d probably look four shades of green.
But envy be damned, this is my home. I can’t see myself as anything but blue.

When you see my cousin, you tell her to come buy me a drink.

if Alice dies in process of the quest

I want to talk about your cousin Alice.
You knew her too? The poor thing. Her and Charlie both. The two of them always chasing a dream with eyes closed shut.

Knew her? What happened?
They say the Mejia brothers walked into Gomorrah and…I don’t want to get into it.
Point is, she got mixed up in something bad. I just know there isn’t enough scotch in this bottle to make it all go away.

The Mejia brothers?
Two gunslinging vaqueros from down south, right out of a western. Word around town is they did Charlie in Goodsprings. Why they had to take Alice too, I don’t know.

I could track them down for you if you want.
Somebody did mention they were living in one of those old houses near the clinic.
It’s up to you hon. I won’t lose any sleep over their deaths. But it’s not them I’m worried about.

I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that can be done.
I know that honey. We can’t drink away these blues, but it won’t stop me from trying.

The Mejia Brothers are dead.
Then maybe this world has some justice in it after all.
Truth is, Alice had a lot of people in her life, but none that she could ever count on.
I’m glad that toward the end, she finally got to meet one. Thank you.

if Alice alive and well

I want to talk about your cousin Alice.
Sure thing hon. What is it you want to talk about?

She’s doing well.
Happy to hear it hon. Just hope she doesn’t forget the little people on her way to the top.

She’s become a prostitute in Gomorrah. I thought you should know.
(Sigh) That’s a shame sugar.
Because knowing her, I bet she didn’t want you to tell me.

Yes, it’s a shame what’s happened to her.
That’s not what I meant hon.
You’ve heard about the men she’s ran with. That girl doesn’t have a soul in this world she can trust. I thought maybe you’d be different.

Well, I thought maybe you could help her.
What that girl needs is people she can trust. I broke that once, and now so have you.
And after what she’s been through, she’s not the kind who can afford to give second chances.

if Jack takes over nightclub

What do you think of the new ownership?
It’s the same owner, honey. Now it just says so on the papers.
But a wise bird once told me to never mistake change for progress. I’d say I agree.

if Grant turns nightclub to casino, Carmen moves to Atomic Wrangler.

Didn’t expect to see you here.
Well, where else was I gonna go, honey? Mister Grant doesn’t like my particular brand of blues.
In fact, he doesn’t like the blues at all. The only color that man is interested in is green.
Can’t say the Garret’s are any different. But at least they had enough sense to put the card tables away from the stage.

Are you still performing?
No sugar, not here. It wouldn’t feel right. And it’s kind of nice being a member of the audience for a change.

Scenes 1

Hey Jack, when are we gonna hire some new help around here?

You know how it is. The owner spent all his caps classing this joint up. 

(Joking)Is that what those stains on the floor are? Class?

He had the caps to spruce up the joint. Not to keep it clean.

Scene 2

We’re quite a pair, aren’t we Jack?

That’s right. A regular beauty and the beast.

Ha, I do admit sugar, I fit the part. But you’re going to have to get a touch more feminine before we can call you a beauty.

Scene 3

So what happened with your cousin anyway?

Ha, I never pegged you as the gossiping type, hon.

Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that there’s a lot of rumors going around, and I want to get it straight.

Doesn’t surprise me. It’s an old story. People have been telling it since Adam and Eve.
But if you want to get it straight sugar, then you shouldn’t ask me.

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