Fan Art – Zora Fair-Child by MachineRule


This is some awesome fanart of Zora Fair-Child by MachineRule. While I can’t endorse his platform of humanity being enslaved by godless automatons, based on his pro-Zora stance, I am in favor of making him President of everything.

Here is his deviant art page, where you’ll find other political illustrations.


Banner Art


This is a banner designed by SilversParlor¬†and it’s pretty cool. If I had to guess, the silhouettes from left to right would be Zora, Qa’Dojo, Amalee, Rumarin, and Gorr. But I’m not entirely sure, the middle one could be Jaclyn Smith. How could I not recognize my own children? Probably because I would make for a terrible father. (Now that I think about it, the one on the left is Viranya, isn’t it? I give up.)

I’m still trying to figure out where to put the banner, besides having it tattooed on my penis. In other news, here is the amazing FedoraandRapier taking a stab at the character Juryk, who will be part of the next update but won’t be voiced just yet. I made this video using audition samples and the recording devices I put in everyone’s showers. Don’t worry actors, it’s just audio.