Chapel Script

If you’re looking to buy a plot, it’s fifty caps for the grave, one hundred for a headstone.
You can have any open spot save the one under my feet.

Why not this one?
It’s taken.

Is this your home?
Yeah. Some people might think it’s morbid.
But no matter where you go, there’s bodies in the ground. The only difference is the sign.

You’re right, but people who think that way are extremely depressing.
Maybe. I’ve heard ignorance is bliss. But that’s assuming the truth will never find you.

That’s not true. The world is piecing itself back together.
You can try, but it won’t matter. Every single building is a house of cards.

I agree. At least the graveyard tells the truth about what it is.
Right. A grave, if nothing else, is honest.

If that’s the case, we better not have a zombie apocalypse.
You make it sound like we have something to lose.
Look around you. Zombies couldn’t make it any worse.

Does anyone else live in the chapel?
Raiders. But when I found this place, I sent them on their way.
And where they’re going, they couldn’t take the beds.

How do you find work this far out?
I’m an undertaker. You kill a lot of men, and you’ll find a lot of work.

Why bury the dead?
Because corpses don’t smell like daisies.

What on earth is a daisy?
Beats me. It’s just an expression.

Well, that’s why you eat them first.
I don’t think so. You find a dead man with half his face blown off, the last thing you are is hungry.

You could burn them.
Smoke brings attention from all sides. It’s better if the raiders stumble onto this place. Makes them easier to shoot.

Won’t you run out of space?
Doubt it. Some of these graves go ten feet deep. If they die together, they lie together.

Why give them headstones?
Not sure. Maybe a part of me thinks every man deserves a place to rest.
Then again, it could be I just like keeping a tally.

I’m in need of a gun. Ever consider traveling the wastes?
Never have, until now. Maybe the wind’s changing.
All right, I’ll do it. But my guess is you want a gun and not a gravedigger. Whatever bodies we leave, the crows will get.

That’s fine. Let’s go.
Right behind you.

On second thought, it’s best you stay here.
Yeah. You’re probably right.

Wait here.
I’ll stand guard then.

Let’s discuss your tactics.
All right.

Of course.
I’ll see what I can do.

Okay. I’ll stay close.
All right, I’ll keep my distance.

That’s enough about tactics.

It’s time for us to part ways.
Fine. I’ll be at the church if you need me.

(Arefu is Ar-ah-foo)
Then I’ll be in Arefu. I need to see a merchant about some supplies.

All right. I’m heading over to the Mason Dixon Salvage. There’s graves that need digging.

Follow me.
All right. Let’s go.

I have to go now.
All right.
Of course.

All right. Take what you need.
Sure. Here’s what I got.

What do you need?
What is it?


find Caravan merchant

So you’re still alive.

You stole my line. I thought you’d be neck deep in one of your own graves by now.

You’ll need more than a single guard to outlive me. Got my supplies?

Sorry, I had to ditch my last haul. Ran into some raiders south of Mason Dixon. It’ll be another month before I restock.

We had a deal. And I expect you to honor it.

“It’s good to see you Carah. I’m glad you didn’t get your ass blown off by raiders Carah.” Jesus, who gives a shit about your supplies?

Fine. But next time, I suggest you hire another guard.


I guess we better go check it out. I don’t give a shit about the town, but I can’t have merchants getting scared to come north.

What do you have against Mason Dixon?
It’s just another corpse that won’t stay buried. As far as I’m concerned, the raiders are doing them a favor.
It’s only right we return it.

Honestly, it’s best if we just let the raiders have it.
I agree. But when they’re done, we kill them too. We give them all graves to sleep in.

Do you even need the supplies? You can just travel with me.
Yeah, I could. But who knows how long that will last.
Someday you’ll move on, and I’ll go back to digging graves.
But before that happens, let’s bury this gang of raiders first.

Saving people may be dull, but killing raiders is always fun.
Yeah. Mason Dixon can go to hell, but I wouldn’t mind digging a few graves along the way.
Come on, let’s go. Better get there before someone else takes our kills.

Raiders n town killed, Chapel walks over to a prisoner

if player clicks on him

Follow me. I’m gonna have a chat with the prisoner.

releases Molerat from his bonds

Oh god Chapel, am I glad to see you.

Is that all of them?


I’m asking if that’s all of them! I’m not gonna walk around the corner and run into a madman with minigun, am I?

Yeah, that’s all of them, I think. I mean, there were nine of them when you got here, so I’m pretty sure you got ’em all.

All right. What happened here?

The raiders came into town one night and locked us up in one of the sheds. Didn’t really say much as to why.

They’re raiders. What did you expect? A warning?

Well, that would’ve been nice. I get what you mean though.

And the wagon full of bodies? Care to explain that?

Yeah…that’s sort of my fault. See, yesterday I convinced some of the others that we should try to escape, but we didn’t make it past the guard.

Molerat talks to player, upon exiting dialogue scene 2 starts

What about the others?

Locked in the shed behind you. 

to player

Okay, you check on the others. I’ll see if I can’t put out this fire before the corpses turn to ash.

Go on. I’ll be here.

player frees the prisoners, Mayor Cooper comes out to talk to Chapel

I always knew you’d come back. In a way, it’s like you never left.

This is the last time Cooper. I don’t live here any more. You need to protect yourself.

But this is your home. You and Susie practically grew up here. 

And she’ll die here, along with everyone else, so long as you stay.

I disagree. Yes, it’s dangerous, but you know as well as I that it’s the same wherever you go.

I don’t wanna dig your grave, Cooper.

Then stay. Help us defend this place.

No. Like I said, this is the last time. Find someone else to do your dirty work.

Chapel enters his old home. Player finds him looking at his old bed. 

Hmph. So they didn’t even bother to clean up his blood.
I used to dread our turn in the shed. Every night I’d curl up in this chair and pray my father wouldn’t come near me.
Until one day I finally got the nerve to make sure he never did.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know.
Yeah. Now you do. And now you know why I had to leave.

If he abused you, then he got what he deserved.
Yeah. I’m not sorry for what I did. I’m angry I didn’t do it sooner.

Why wouldn’t you want your father to come near you?
It’s not important. All you need to know is, he got what was coming to him.

Are you saying you killed your father?
Yeah. That’s why I had to leave. And that’s why I can never come back.

How did you kill your father?
I don’t want to talk about the details. It happened. I don’t regret it.

What did you do with the body?
I took it with me. I didn’t know where I was going, I just kept walking.
That whole night I didn’t catch flak from anyone. No raiders, radscorpions, nothing. It’s like they could smell the death on me.
I kept walking and walking until the sun rose up behind me, and there it was. A chapel, and a grave.
That’s where I buried him. The same place we met. A place without a tombstone.
So when I told you that spot was taken, I meant every word.

Do you need some time alone?
No. I put those demons to rest the moment I filled his grave.
My job now is to help you with yours.

You should’ve left him to the crows.
I thought about it. I spent hours thinking of new ways to piss on his corpse.
In the end though, burying him felt right.

What will you do now?
Same thing I’ve been doing. I laid my demons to rest a long time ago. Now I’m here to help you with yours.

Then let’s go.
Right behind you.

I don’t need your help, but fine, whatever.
Fair enough. Let’s go.


Kill a raider, feed a crow.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I like the air in the mornings. Smells fresh. But by the afternoon, it’s already rotten.

Feels like a good day to dig a grave.

There’s not much difference between a cross and a gun. Both are weapons. Both have preachers.

The waking man is a traveler. But wherever life takes him, there’s only one place he sleeps.

Sometimes I hear whispers. Not sure if it’s the dead or the dying. Best not to listen to either.

You hear a lot about ghosts in the wastes, and even the walking dead. But my corpses stay buried.

Wind’s picking up. Bad omen.

This place stinks of death. Watch your back.

You walk a dark path. But every road leads to a headstone.

(alternate) You walk a bright path.

[Essential] Don’t take any unnecessary risks.
Fine. I’ll lay low when I have to.

[Non-Essential] Do whatever you can to win a fight.
Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.


Mason Dixon’s a small town. Just a few shacks and a train car. It’s easy to miss, but that’s how they stay safe.

I like to bury a corpse a good eight feet down, in a strong piece of oak. It’s not a coffin so much as a prison. And there’s no getting out.

The air’s different here. Smells cleaner. Like it’s way too easy to breathe.

What did I tell you. It doesn’t matter how nice it is topside. Dig deep enough and you’ll find the bodies.

There’s dark forces at play here. You can hear the whispers.
The longer we stay, the more they’ll make sense. And that’s not a good thing.

Death is everywhere. It’s that trail of wind passing through your body. The shadow lying flat across the road.
You don’t think it’ll ever find you, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to. It’s already here.

I don’t know much about music. Most of it got buried with the war. As for the rest, well, just because it survived doesn’t mean it was any good.

I like the smell of this town. Same as it looks. Full of rust and bone.

So this is Tenpenny Tower. Can’t say I care much for the lifestyle, but a man has a right to choose his own coffin.

Looks like these Talon mercs have a taste for high end tech. Turrents, sentry bots, shit like that.
We go into that building, there won’t be much cover. Best to shoot first and sort the bodies later.

Talon Company’s like any other merc. They’re a tool. The real killer’s the one holding the gun.

The ghouls keep this place clean. Compare it to Megaton, or Mason Dixon, and you wonder who’s the real zombie.

This building’s in bad shape. Pillars knocked down, walls crumbling…best make sure nothing comes crashing on top of you.

Vaults…huh. You know the bombs were bad when people start burying themselves alive to dodge them.

The inside of this building is like some alien world. Hard to believe it’s ours.

I imagine Dickerson used to be like this. A place where people leave their hopes and prayers, and nobody bothers to answer.

Whoever started this town put it in the wrong place. The rules in this era are the same as ancient times. No walls, no safety.

I’ve heard of Reilly’s Rangers. What they don’t have in numbers, they make up for in guts.

Damn muties are everywhere. But keep your eyes on the ground too. The mines will kill you just as quick.

The Rangers are tough, but they’re running out of time. And more importantly, they’re running out of bullets.

Let Talon and the mutants kill each other off. When the dust settles, pick off whoever’s left.

That preacher’s mind is already gone. Too bad his mouth doesn’t know it.

These assholes probably thought it was funny to put a name like “Greener Pastures” on a dump site. Wasn’t funny then. Isn’t funny now.

Corpses should be buried. Raiders don’t have any respect for the dead. Even less for the living.

These ghouls didn’t even give themselves a chance to live. Hmph, maybe they wanted it that way.

Be careful spending the night in places like this. You start a fire, you attract an army. But if you want, I’ll stand watch.

It looks like these soldiers shut the door and sealed off the air. Sometimes death is the only escape.

It’s a tough choice crossing this river. Caravans have to choose between raiders up at the fort, or mirelurks down below.

Some of these estates might’ve survived the bombing. But not the looting that came after.

I never understood the appeal of drinks like quantum. You want something with bite, take a shot of gin.

If it weren’t for those machines, this place would be crawling with raiders. Maybe they kept the armory safe too.

This place reminds me of Mason Dixon. It may seem peaceful, but if you look in the shadows, you’ll find darkness.

All the corpses mark this as raider territory. Doesn’t matter if we kill them. No one decent will ever touch it.

Hannibal’s a brave man to stay in one place. But he cares more about helping people than helping himself.

We should check the rooms of this hotel. Make sure there aren’t any prisoners being held hostage.

Pretty much everything in this town is a grave marker, and they all tell their own story. The only thing missing is the body.

Note to self: This is for quest MS11 stage 10
Disarming that bomb should be done with care. You’ve got time. Use it.

This saloon is a pile of filth, but at least it’s honest. The other one downstairs feels like it’s hiding something.

It’s funny. Everyone in this town is afraid of the bomb. But it’s the leaks in the piping and the dirt in the water that should scare them.

Nova hired
I’d be careful around prostitutes. There’s about a hundred different ways they can screw you.

Super duper Mart
These old markets are a good place to find supplies. Problem is, the raiders feel the same way.

Wilhelm’s wharf
This looks like a good spot to relax. Just try not to think of all the bodies in that river, and the lurks that are feasting on them.

Anchorage War memorial
They turned the war memorial into a meat farming facility. There’s no room for sentimentality in the wastes.

Tepid sewer
This place stinks of raiders and molerats. Can’t decide which one smells worse.

dukov’s place
Sex, drugs…this guy is on borrowed time. But at least he knows it.

seneca grocer
We might get more food out of the roaches than on the shelves. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look.

Murphy’s Ultrajet
It’s no surprise these ghouls want a more powerful Jet. Chems have no effect on the dead.


Needless to say, my father and I never saw eye to eye. So I can’t really give you any advice when you look for yours.




You may have saved Red, but how much longer until she’s taken again. This town needs more than a mayor if it wants to survive.

MS03 – Wasteland Survival Guide

The shopkeeper here’s a little strange, but she tells it straight. Sometimes, those things go hand in hand.

A survival guide is a waste of time. There are some things you have to live to understand.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but that guide you helped write is a waste of time. All you’ve given people is a false sense of security.

Raiders probably set up here to sack the caravans heading to Megaton. We should make sure to clear this place out.


10 Find Bryan Wilks’s father.
Grayditch. Even the name sounds like a cemetery. Doesn’t bode well.

20 Deliver the bad news to Bryan Wilks
We should bury the body. That Wilks boy doesn’t need to see it.

30 Remove the source of the Fire Ants.
35 Investigate Marigold Metro Station and remove the source of the Fire Ants.
40 Eliminate all five Nest Guardians from the Ant Queen’s Hatchery.
42 (Optional) Do not harm the Ant Queen.
43 Send the Inhibitor Pulse from Lesko’s portable terminal or Kill the Ant Queen.

We should exterminate these ants. Nothing good can come out of letting them live.

45 Return to Doctor Lesko.
50 Return to Bryan Wilks.
52 Find Bryan Wilks in Grayditch.
60 Icon check Find a home for Bryan Wilks.

The Wilks boy will be fine. Reminds me a little of myself. Let him carve out his own path.

10 Deliver Lucy’s message to Arefu.
Arefu (Ar-ah-foo) is a real small town, smaller than Mason-Dixon. Should be safe from outsiders given its on top of a freeway. Odd the West boy hasn’t responded to Lucy’s letters.

15 Discover what the Family did in Arefu.

20 Check the West Residence.(see blood and guts everywhere)
Disgusting. Whoever killed these people had no respect for the dead.

21 Check the Schenzy Residence.
22 Check the Schenzy Residence.
25 Report to Evan King.
30 Locate the Family

40 Locate Ian West.

Vampires, hmph. All I see is people making excuses for the crimes they’ve committed. We should bury every last one of these killers.

50 Speak to Vance about Ian’s decision.
60 Icon check Return to Evan King.

I don’t think we should let that West boy live. He’s the most dangerous one in that whole group.

Glad you decided to kill the West boy. His mind went bad. And murderers don’t fix.


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