Welcome to Mason Dixon, friend. How can I help you?

Are you the one in charge?
Unofficially, yes. I founded the town back when my daughter was a wee little girl.
But we don’t have much in the way of law. When there’s a dispute, we get together and try to iron things out.

What can you tell me about the living arrangements?
We rotate the housing every few months, so everyone gets a chance to have a house of their own.
I know it’s a sore spot with some folks, and I realize it can get cold out there.
But the fact of the matter is, it’s the best thing for this town.

Why would sharing the spaces cause problems?
Well, you’ve seen the size of these sheds. They aren’t fit for more than a few people. But it’s really about privacy.
If we can give our people a moment to themselves, even if it’s just for a few months, I feel like it’d make a world of difference.

Why not expand?
We’re not builders, and we don’t have much in the way of materials. But yeah, I’ve considered it.
You have to remember though, the bigger the town, the harder it is to maintain.
In terms of supplies, safety, and well being, we’re about as big as we can get.

How did you come up with the idea for the rotation?
From one of the residents, actually. He used to live here with his son before he passed.
It was important for him to have a private space for him and his boy, and I realized I needed the same for my daughter.

I want to go back to my earlier questions.
Of course.

What can you tell me about the other settlers?
Pretty much all of them were wanderers like you. Lost children in need of a home.
We started out with four, and then grew to six. A few weeks back Molerat joined the fold.
The others have been slow to warm up to him, but I have a feeling they’ll come around.

They’re probably unhappy about having to share their time in the shack.
I imagine so. But one person doesn’t amount to much. If everyone gives him a few weeks, he’ll have almost as much as the rest of us.

Your town is full of disgusting hobos and vagrants. I think he fits right in.
Ha, you’ve got a point. I think some of the folks around here forget we were all molerats once upon a time.

I’m sure they will, and your community will be stronger for it.
I appreciate the support. Sometimes when people have so little, they find it hard to give.
But it’s the act of giving and helping others that keeps a town strong.

Can I move in as well?
It’s a little too soon for a new resident. People are still getting used to the idea of seven people, eight would be too much.
Besides, you don’t seem like the type to settle down.

Why is this place called Mason Dixon Salvage?
Well, the old Mason Dixon line separated the North from the South.
For some people, it was a difference between slavery and freedom.
While nobody here is a former slave, we’ve all been through hard times. This town here is our chance at living free.

You’re welcome back anytime.
Make sure to stop by Betty Lou’s if you need a bite to eat.

town saved from raiders

Oh thank god. We heard the shooting outside and assumed the worst. But you’re no raider, that’s for sure. Is everyone okay?

Molerat says three people are dead.
Damn! I should’ve never let them leave here. It was too risky.
(Sigh) But at least Molerat managed to survive.

They’re in a better place. Although that’s not really saying much.
Then they’re dead. (Sigh) It’s all my fault. I never should’ve let them leave.

I’m sorry. Chet, Randy, and Marie are gone.
Damn. They were good people, and braver than I ever could be.

It’s probably best you come outside and see.
No, I can tell just by looking at you. They didn’t make it, did they. And it’s all my fault.

How did the raiders get control of the town?
Bad luck, really. I told Molerat he needed to make nice with Randy, so he bought him some whiskey as a peace offering.
But the drink stone cold knocked him out, so we were defenseless when the raiders came through.

What was the plan for escape?
The raiders thought we were unarmed, but Randy had a hidden stash none of the others even knew about.
Marie was gonna distract the guard while Molerat, Chet and Randy went for the weapons.
When they didn’t come back, we knew something went wrong.

Why didn’t you all try to escape together?
Randy thought it was best the three of us stayed behind.
Truth be told, we would’ve only got in his way.

That’s all the questions I have. Chapel is outside if you want to speak with him.
Chapel’s here? I always knew he wouldn’t let us down. I’ll go have a word with him. And thank you both.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done.

scene with Chapel

I always knew you’d come back. In a way, it’s like you never left.

This is the last time Cooper. I don’t live here any more. You need to protect yourself.

But this is your home. You and Susie practically grew up here.

And she’ll die here, along with everyone else, so long as you stay.

I disagree. Yes, it’s dangerous, but you know as well as I that it’s the same wherever you go.

I don’t wanna dig your grave, Cooper. 

Then stay. Help us defend this place.

No. Like I said, this is the last time. Find someone else to do your dirty work.

forcegreet player

I’m sorry you had to see that. Chapel hasn’t been the same since his father died.

Who was Chapel’s father?
Church was the one who founded the town with me. It started with four, although Chapel was still a kid and Susie could barely crawl.

What happened to his father?
None of us really know. You see, it was Church’s turn inside one of the sheds.
Most of us didn’t even notice when it was he stopped coming out.
It wasn’t until someone knocked on his door that we realized he’d passed.

How did Chapel react?
He took the body and left. Didn’t say a word. Poor boy was probably sick with grief.

I’ll got talk to him.
Thanks. I’m glad to see he’s made a friend.

Go ahead and talk with Chapel. I’ll see you when you’re done.

back to Cooper

I just want to thank you once more for all you’ve done.
I probably can’t convince either of you to stay, but I want you to know you’ll always be welcome here.

Glad I could help.
Look at the manners on you! Whoever raised you, raised you right. Which is more than I can say for myself, but we all have our cross to bear.

Chapel did all of the work.
I’m sure you did just fine. But modesty is never a bad thing.

Actually, I’d stay if you let me.
Of course. Being new you’ll have to be okay with using the trailer car, at least to start.
But you’re an honorary citizen either way.

I’ll only stay if you do something about the smell. Specifically, the one coming from you.
You really like to tell it straight, don’t you. I suppose honesty is a virtue, although in some cases I’m not so sure.
But I think you’ve earned the right to say what you please.

How will things change now that the town has been reduced to four?
It’ll mean everyone will have to pull it a little more weight. Losing Randy was the big blow. He was our protection.
But at least we’ll all have more time inside. That should keep everyone happy for the time being.
We just have to make sure we keep our doors locked tight.



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