Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Dagri’Lon

Encounter Riften Ratways
Locations Ratway Warrens
Race ? Gender Male
Level PC x 1.5
Min: 10
Max: 80
Class CombatMageConjurer
RefID XX0323bc BaseID XX0323B8
Health Levels with PC + 50 Magicka Levels with PC + 100
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Sneak
Morality Any Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Daedric Dagger of Damnation, ArmorAtronachFlameDead, Warlock Robes Hooded
Voice Jay33721 FMC Voice MaleDarkElf

Inspired by Jay33721, Dagri’lon is a corpse whose body is caught in a vortex of slowed time, with the final seconds of his death extending for centuries. However, as the vortex is not uniform, certain parts of his body have succumbed to age faster than others, in particular his head.  Dagri’lon’s headless effect is created by his flame atronach armor, and purely an accident while experimenting with various outfits.

A Spell for Rumarin
Dagri’lon is one of the three unconventional mages in the quest A Spell for Rumarin. Requesting his aid will result in a brief conversation, but he does not engage Rumarin directly like Mugnor and Valgus. Oddly enough, both characters are voiced by Jay33721.

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
Under Saarthal Following the appearance of the Psijic Monks Winterhold or Saarthal
Laid to Rest Upon Completion Morthal
Darkness Returns Upon Completion Outside of Ratway Warrens
Elder Knowledge After meeting Paarthunax Any
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to departing for Sovngarde Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion Any

For more information about Dagri’Lon, check out his character profile here.

13 thoughts on “Dagri’Lon”

  1. He was such a surprise when I stumbled in the Ratway vaults! Love the dark atmosphere he carries and his comments during quests!

  2. Why is it that he and Qa’Dojo have level caps? they both are so awesome. Is the level cap removed by AFT or would i have to mess with them via console every time i level once i reach their caps?

  3. Ever though about getting him to recognize vampire player characters? Not only to stop him from calling me a “mortal” repeatedly (it’s enough that 90% of the deities you can interact with in Skyrim can’t tell you’re undead), but an argument over who is decaying less between him and a vampire dragonborn would be priceless.

      1. Oh, it’s fine. Knowing it’s possible is fine by me. It’s just I see a lot of “undead sorta-buddies arguing over who has the best kind of undeath” potential with him and there’s barely any content (vanilla or not) that references that, or the player character’s condition.

  4. This guy is probably my fave NPC in all Skyrim (including the vanilla ones). He’s dark and ominous but not overly so to the point that its cheesy, love it. He should start with gloves and boots though as the bare hands and feet damage his presence, imo. Great mod!

  5. This npc is great; I enjoy his conversations, especially the bonus ones! I ran into Rumarin in Windhelm a few days later, but I can’t get the conversation to see about tutoring the young high elf. I tried releasing him, and then we went all the way back to the warrens just to see if it was locational…is it a puzzle or a bug? :)

  6. I take it followers from this mod are not fully compatible with UFO or something? He says I already have a follower even though my limit is still set to 15 followers, and I only have 2 right now.

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