Dark Elf Bounty Hunter

Need something?

What brings you to this city?
I’m looking for someone. Maybe you might know him. Dark Elf, medium height, medium build.

Sounds like just about everyone here.
Well, I did leave out one important detail. He’s dangerous. But I guess that doesn’t really tell you much either.

Yeah, I’ve seen someone like that. He’s right in front of me.
I suppose you’re right. Pretty much everyone here fits that description.
Makes sense. If a guar wants a safe place to hide, he goes to a guar farm.

Well, then I guess we can rule out the butcher.
Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the mask people wear isn’t on their face.

How do you expect to find this person?
By paying attention to the details. A lot of things give people away. It could be a battle scar, an old habit, or a loose tongue.
In the end, people can’t help but show you who they really are.

What will help you identify him?
Two things. First, he has a taste for Argonian Bloodwine. Second, he used to run with a bandit group in Daggerfall.
Of course, there’s a lot more I don’t know. In fact, I can’t tell you for sure if we’re looking for a man or a woman. It’s just a guess, really.

Are you a bounty hunter?
I’ve been called that. Others say I’m a gravedigger. But I don’t really care what you call me, so long as I get paid.

Why are you searching for this person?
He’s a murderer. Then again, so am I.
But some smart guy, way back when, decided some murder was okay, and some wasn’t.
That’s not for me to judge. To me, it’s just business. The man’s got a price on his head. I aim to claim it.

Who has he killed?
Young women. Always the same way. A stab in the back.
That’s why I think it’s a man we’re dealing with. But there’s no law saying it has to be.

Scene with Nevyn

This guy you’re looking for. He from High Rock?


And he’s real sneaky, right?

That’s my guess.

Well, there was a guy here, Breton as a matter of fact, came in for a drink. Had a finger painted black.

Interesting. Did he say what he was here for?

Sorry. Didn’t ask too many questions. Just came and went. Thought you should know.

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