Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Dirassi

Encounter Riften Mistveil Keep
Locations Mistveil Keep, Temple of Mara
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC x 1 Class Citizen
RefID XX0d0dac BaseID 020D0DAB
Health PC Leveled x 1 Magicka PC Leveled x 1
Stamina PC Leveled x 1
Primary Skills Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Sneak
No Crime Confidence Cowardly
Inventory Farm Clothes Random, LItemPotionCureHMS, Dirassi’s Note
Voice Cassandra Wladyslava

Dirassi is a hypochondriac working as a maid in Mistveil Keep. She has a fear of illness and the court wizard Wylandriah, whose experiments cause her no shortage of grief.

Pickpocketing the note from her will reveal that she is a spy working for Maven Black-Briar. This is further emphasized by a scene involving Maven and Jarl Laila’s housecarl.

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