Doc Covington Script


radio message

If you’re hearing this transmission, then at the very least you have a stake in my survival. Hopefully after hearing this message, you’ll take measures to ensure it.

My name is Doctor Adlai Covington. I’m a theoretical physicist.

For years I’ve been tracking this journal – equations written by a graduate student – said to finally unite relativity with quantum mechanics.

It’s the holy grail of scientific knowledge, but when I try to explain this to Carver, he accuses me of deception.

I thought our goals were the same, but now it’s obvious we no longer see eye to eye.

You must realize that I can’t be blamed for what happened. I was so close to a breakthrough, I just needed more time! And since Carver was unwilling, I turned to his men.

In my haste to protect my research, I managed to convince them that quantum gravity was a chemical stimulant of some sort.
With the understanding that they could sell this product, they’ve allowed me to continue my research.
Yet it’s only a matter of time before my ruse falls apart.
They’ve taken me to the abandoned suburbs east of where you found this frequency. It shouldn’t be more than a few miles hike.
I can only hope this transmission finds you in time.

find Covington

What are you doing here, I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed!
Wait, you’re not one of them. Is it too much to hope you received my transmission?

That’s right. I found the frequency in an old Pre-War book.
Ah yes, the Tolstoy novel. You found it! Well done!

(if followed)
I see. It’s too bad you couldn’t also find a way to come here alone.
But, if you were going to bring one of them with you, at least you chose the one with the lowest aptitude.
If we speak fast and use plenty of syllables, it’s possible he won’t understand a word we say.

Actually, I’m just here for the journal.
As do I. Hopefully we can share this discovery and save ourselves in the process.  

Oh I don’t know about that. Why should I help you? What’s in it for me?
W-Well, you’d be helping to advance the cause of science! There is no nobler goal in all the world. 

Fair enough. Where is it?
It’s in a safe place, believe me. But that’s not our most pressing issue.

Good news! I don’t need saving. You, on the other hand…well, bad news…
Wait! At least hear me out. You’v come this far already, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Where are the chems? I was told you were making batches of quantum gravity.
Chems? Oh no, did you not listen to my transmission?
There are no drugs here. Quantum Gravity is a scientific theory.

So…I can’t get high off it?
Unless you’re speaking of the high of knowing how our universe operates, then unfortunately, no.

If it isn’t chems, then what good are you?
W-Well I do know a bit about theoretical physics. But I’m afraid that might not be the answer you or the people in that house are looking for.

Oh, my mistake. I guess it was too good to be true.
There’s nothing good about chems, I’m afraid. But I fear it will take more than words – or even scientific evidence – to convince my captors otherwise.

If you aren’t a dealer, then we have no issues. I’ve seen the damage chems can do. 
As have I. It’s a terrible pollutant of both the body and mind.

Let’s just get you out of here. We can exchange pleasantries later.
Wait. While I’m thankful for the rescue, I’m not sure what your motivations are. 

My only motivation is to help you.
Then in that case, let’s reason this out together.

I want to get your theory out to the world.
Good. Then our goals are one and the same.

I’m actually working on behalf of the Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood? This is a bit troubling, to be honest.

Are you aware Carver’s dead?
I surmised as much. I swear to you I never meant for things to turn out this way.

You have to understand that had I not turned to his men, I would have never acquired the missing pages of the journal!
And without those pages, there would be no theory. 

What was the theory of everything doing in an office?
Great men are often asked to do things below their station. Einstein himself was once a patent clerk.
However, the journal I uncovered was merely the framework for the theory.
We will still need time to bring it to completion.

The Brotherhood of Steel might help with your research.
I sincerely doubt it. Like all technological advances, their goal is to deprive the public of its use. 
Knowledge is worthless if minds are not allowed to apply it.
If my guess is correct and you’re here on their behalf, I’d ask that you reconsider your goals.

What would you do with this knowledge?
I would put it to the airwaves. Let it spread from station to station across the continental United States. 
After all, with a simple radio anyone has the power to broadcast knowledge, provided the listener knows the right frequency.

If you do that, then the Brotherhood will get access to this knowledge too.
Correct. In other words, if you wish to deliver the theory to the Brotherhood, all you need to do is hand them my radio frequency.
However, if I die here, then the Brotherhood will bury that knowledge along with my corpse.

So what’s your plan for escape?
I can’t leave. Not now when I’m so close. I can’t risk the travel no more than I can risk defying those mercenaries.
At least if I remain here, I have the illusion that we’re working together.
What I need is for you to do is…remove them.
I know what I ask isn’t easy, but if we lose this opportunity, this knowledge may be lost forever.

What if we didn’t defy them? Why not make the chems and do your research?
W-well I don’t know. I’m a physicist. I don’t know a thing about chemistry.
There’s also the moral implications to consider.

Lucky for you, I have no morals.
(Sigh) Truth be told, I did consider making some sort of placebo, but I worried it wouldn’t be enough.

But….we could give them a slightly irradiated soft drink. Nothing too harmful mind you, but enough to make them believe it’s working.
Take the bottle on the desk over there. It’s the one that gave me the original idea.
Hopefully the glow alone will be enough to convince them it’s real.

We feed them sugar water.
I fear that won’t be enough to sway them.

Just mix something up. Let their imagination take care of the rest.
Hm…we could give them a slightly irradiated soft drink. 

I hope you know what you’re doing.

come back 

You’re back. What happened? Did you give them the bottle? Did they believe you?

It’s done. But all you’ve bought yourself is time.
Time is all I need right now. Once the theory is tested and confirmed, I care not what happens to me.

They’ll be getting people high on sugar water for some time.
Yes. While my goal is to prove the theory, it helps knowing we may have done some good as well.

This is raider territory. Even if I clear this place, it might not be safe here.
Is anywhere safe? I’ve heard stories of Super Mutants raiding villages, and parents murdered in their sleep.

There are cities even built around atomic bombs for heaven’s sake!
No, this is the only way. I know it’s an ugly business, but it has to be done. 

I don’t have to do shit. It’s easier to find the journal and leave you here.
Do you even realize what you’re saying? This isn’t just any scientific theory!

You refuse to kill these men, and you’re setting back society by hundreds, no, thousands of years!
I beg you to do what’s right. I know it’s an ugly business, but it has to be done. 

Actually, they’re already dead.
They’re what? But how? Never mind, I don’t want to know. All that matters now is that I finish my work.

I’m so close. There are still some missing sections in the journal. Please, I beg you, do me this favor. I need more time.

You must hurry. The longer we wait the more suspicious they’ll get.


if player takes research

No! What are you doing! Put that back!

Make me, asshole.
I see. So you would give that journal to the Brotherhood, and set us all back a millennium. 

I’m sorry, but I made a promise.
I am sorry as well. You know not what your actions mean.

Sure. I just need to borrow it for a bit. You understand.
We both know that if you walk out that door, I will never see that journal again.

Whoops. Didn’t think you saw that. Awkward…
I would never let that journal out of my sight. Unfortunately, I can do little else but serve witness to this folly.

On second thought, here. Take it. I didn’t really want it anyway.
Thank you. I realize this was a difficult decision. But in the end, you made the right one.

I won’t try to stop you. But your actions today will change the course of human civilization. And I’m afraid it’s for the worse.

Please. You’ve made your decision. Leave me.
You’ve set mankind’s progress back by centuries. And worse yet, I feel I may have had a hand in its demise.

if mercs killed

You’re back. Have you done as I’ve asked?

All the mercenaries are dead.
Really? All of them? Then it’s finally over.
I thank you friend. You’ve completed your part of the bargain. Now it’s time I complete mine.

Let’s just say they won’t be a problem anymore.
I’m not sure what you mean, but if you’ve bought me even a moment’s worth of time, then I am in your debt. 


Tell whoever sent you that the theory of quantum gravity will be broadcast on my frequency as soon as I can verify it in the field.

I don’t know if this will satisfy your handlers, but it will have to do. 


I believe you have a delivery to make.
Ah, it’s you. Don’t worry, the raiders have been keeping their distance.
Some of the raider gangs believe this house is haunted. I admit, you make for a frightening ghost.
I’m currently cross-checking the data from the equations with experiments in the real world. So far the two are compatible.
I’m close. Very, very close. I just need more time.
A chalkboard would’ve been nice. Something to write on.

Yes, I think it’s best you leave.
Take care.
Good luck.

Scene if Butch is present

Hey Doc, what’s this?

It’s nothing. You needn’t concern yourself with it.

“Prelimmuna-rary research on quan-tum gravity.” Hey, is this what I think it is? Is this your cookbook for the chems?

(fearful) Of course not! I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Sorry Doc, but the way I see it, if we got the recipe for quantum, then we sure as hell don’t need you.

butcher killed

Oh my! You…you killed him! I didn’t expect so much…so much blood!
But now’s not the time to lose our heads.
I’d wager his friends outside heard you fighting. I’ll wait here while you finish them off.

doc killed

Ha, what a dumb fuck, writing all this shit down. Now all we got to do is find someone who can cook it.

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