Dot’s Diner


Version  0.01 Alpha – Download
Quest Start Dot’s Diner – North of the Dunwich Building
Locations Dot’s Diner
Enemy Level 9 Class N/A
Quest ID x3dnpcdotsdiner Editor ID xx000EB9
NPCs Dot – Marian Toro
Carnegie – Elijah Lucien
Vernon – James Highfield
Music Human Heartbeat Sample
RefID/BaseID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward Caps, Food, Supplies


– Tension music is a sample of actual human heartbeat
– Jessica’s “Wilhelm” scream is a random sample taken from the internet
– Ghouls may sometimes spawn inside campers or get stuck in the air

ROOM  202 [x3dnpc101]
Stage Information
10 Vernon tells player about the phone
20 Player enters trigger box around phone between 2am and 3am causing it to ring
30 Dot asks Carnegie about scream
40 Carnegie and Dot run to Jessica’s camper
50 Player gets optional objective to talk to Carnegie and Dot in the morning and objective to wait for the next phone call
55 Dot has AI package to walk to Carnegie at 1am, upon entering a trigger box she will start a conversation
60 Phone rings interrupting conversation, tense music added, Carnegie and Vernon approach phone
80 Carnegie picks up phone, conversation with Dot ensues
90 Carnegie asks player to lead group to the diner
95 Player asks Carnegie to take lead
100 Player hits trigger box in diner, Dot and Vernon comment, Carnegie warns of incoming attack
110 Ghouls are enabled, Dot and Vernon restrained and added to ghoul faction to prevent getting attacked
111-120 One stage per ghoul death, upon all deaths, stage set to 120
130 Carnegie walks back to diner
135 Player finds Dot and Vernon discussing message written in blood
140 Group decides to stay, objective to check dumpster added
150 Player steals Dot’s key and opens dumpster, finds corpse, Carnegie teleported to player and forcegreets
155 Check dumpster objective completed
160 Objective to talk to or kill Dot added
165 Player threatens Dot, Carnegie and Dot turned hostile
170 Speak to Dot objective complete
180 Dot or Carnegie killed, player added to enemy faction
190 Both Dot and Carnegie killed, phone rings
195 Player picks up phone, quest completes
200 Player speaks to Dot and resolves the quest, or player has killed Dot and speaks to Vernon

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