Duraz Script

a little too much clipping

Don’t make me laugh!

Let’s see how hard you bite when I bash your skull in!


Weapon specific



Ice Wraith








17 thoughts on “Duraz Script”

  1. Just a thought, if the Dragonborn is an orc, then shouldn’t she have some different lines that would first show her doubt about speaking/being hired by an orc? Of course, if this is too much of a difficulty to implement, please don’t waste any time on it when you could be doing something more productive. It’s just kind of weird if she says exactly the same comments in front of an orc who would likely be from one of the strongholds.

    1. duraz is one of the original npcs, from before i even knew how to condition lines, but the fact that she hasn’t been cast makes editing easy.

      which line do you think is out of place? haven’t really perused the script, but from what I recall it’s mostly about using her stronghold past as a reason to hire her, which would be even more validation to a fellow stronghold orc.

      1. I think the dialogue is great, I just think that you should perhaps put maybe a couple extra lines of dialogue with her insulting or at least getting frustrated at the player (as an orc) because of her hating the orcs and their ways so much, e.g. “You should know very well of their traditions. Or maybe your brain is just as small as your stronghold brethren.”

        1. Also for the kissing part, perhaps change the dialogue as well, since if the player is an orc, he/she would probably not have experienced it either. But maybe you could take the kissing part out altogether in the case the dragonborn really is an orc, for convenience in programming/voice acting. I just felt it was slightly odd that she would say the exact same thing to a nord/elf as she would to an orc. Thanks for the quick reply by the way.

        2. Sure, a line like 50 can be slightly altered like so:

          “Well, that’s the thing. Orcs have these tusks, and well, it’s just not possible, not the way the humans do it.”

          “Well, that’s the thing. We have these tusks, and well, it’s just not possible, not the way the humans do it.”

    2. Well, the conversation has to flow a certain way, I thought maybe there was a particular response you wanted changed in the event the PC is an Orc.

      I don’t think there’s an issue if the responses are the same, it’s only a problem if a response doesn’t make sense. And Duraz isn’t the type to hide her opinions of the Stronghold to anyone.

      There’s also no guarantee an Orc is from the Stronghold – and the PC isn’t tied to any stronghold in Skyrim. So any response by Duraz would have to be triggered by the PC specifically stating they are a Stronghold Orc, because the race condition is meaningless in this case.

      1. I suppose that would make sense, seeing that in Skyrim there are many orcs that do not belong to the strongholds. However I think that most orcs were probably raised or descended from the tribal orcs, and are also kin of Malacath and thus share their culture. But I suppose the role of the dragonborn is chosen by the player, and there is no gaurantee that the orc is from the strongholds.

        So maybe you could add a starting line if the player is the orc (or maybe any race) such as:
        “If you’re looking to drag me back to those filthy strongholds the next thing being dragged around will be you.”

        This would not require significant editing nor any changes in the main conversation.

        To be honest I think all these characters are very intriguing. I still remember when I saw this fledgling mod on VAA and it has grown to be, in my opinion, one of the best and more ambitious mods created for Skyrim.

        1. Awesome, I can definitely use that line as part of her follower hellos, or replies to “where should we go next?” I can’t put it in her initial dialogue tree, as the responses that follow won’t jive.

        2. Oh I meant “next thing being dragged along will be your head” to make it sound more like a threat but apparently it reverted back to my previous edit. But please don’t bother if you don’t want to. I feel so bad asking you to do all of this lol.

          Well anyway I’ll see if I can find somebody to voice for you, kind of a waste if these fully fleshed out characters have to remain silent.

  2. Just a thought. This character would make for an interesting spouse in terms of dialogue if you could marry her. just a thought.

  3. Hello, I’m thinking of auditioning for Duraz, but I was first wondering about how many lines you think would be good to send you, and if there was any specific vocal direction you’d like to give besides ‘female orc’.

  4. Pardon me if this seems like a stupid question.. but I’m guessing her dialogue isn’t done yet, correct?

    Duraz isn’t initiating conversation…

    1. She isn’t voiced. You can enable her dialogue by typing “setstage 3dnpcenable 1” but fair warning this enables ALL silent content in the mod.

      The hellos you hear were from an earlier actress who quit.

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