Faces and Names

QUEST GIVER Zora Fair-Child
LOCATIONS Riverwood, Nilheim, Bilegulch Tower
PREREQUISITES From the Blood of Kings
RELATED QUESTS The Bloodsmith, Harbinger of Us All
NPCS Zora Fair-Child, Uldvar, Olfrim

The quest Faces and Names is automatically started when its prerequisite quest, From the Blood of Kings, ends. It is done concurrently with the quest The Bloodsmith. The Soldier’s Journal you read during that quest mentioned a girl with a burn mark on her face making an appearance. Now while the journal’s author may not know her identity, the Dovahkiin knows her quite well.

Travel to Riverwood, where the Player will witness a rather humorous scene involving Zora and some of the residents of Riverwood. Once it is finished, Zora will engage the Player in conversation. Asking her about Orphan Rock will prompt Zora to recount her encounter with a group of Nords, explaining that one of them, a mage wearing a wolf ring wanted to kill her, but his leader, described by Zora as ‘a tall dashing Nord’ let her go instead.

A man named Uldvar will then interrupt, asking Zora if the mage walked with a limp. She says that he did, and the man comments on how she is lucky to be alive.

Uldvar then reveals that those who attacked the inn were of tainted blood- specifically that of the wolf blood. The group the Blood of Skyrim is made up of werewolves, though, as we’ve seen, not every member is a werewolf.

Uldvar suggests that he and the player work together to, as he puts it, ‘bring down this prey’. Zora mentions that when the group of Nords left Orphan Rock, the dashing Nord went east, while the mage went west. Uldvar say that he is going to pursue the mage, while Zora says that she wants to go track down the dashing Nord. Uldvar suggests that she go to Nilheim, as the Blood of Skyrim has been spotted there recently.

Zora then asks the Player which direction they want to go, which man they want to pursue. Note that this will minorly change the outcome of the quest, so choose carefully.


If one chooses to go west, the player and Zora must follow Uldvar to Bilegulch Tower. Once there, Zora will try and obtain more information from Uldvar as to his connection with the mage he seems so intent on hunting, but he brushes the queries off, refusing to tell us anything.

Inside the tower there will be (predictably) more Blood of Skyrim members out for your blood. As you get father in, you will also encounter werewolves as well.

Eventually, you will find the reason why Uldvar has such a vested interest in this mage- his wife, Anja, is a werewolf. She asks him to kill her, saying that the beast within her has her mind. Uldvar refuses at first, but eventually Anja persuades him, and he kills her.

He reveals that he and his wife were both members of the Blood of Skyrim, but they grew dissatisfied when their leader, Gren, started taking counsel from Mr. Creepy-Mage-Dude. He then asks the Player to leave him to his grief.

Go on ahead, where you will find a room, presumably the mage’s room. You will also finally find out his name, Eldritch, and a journal addressed to the Player which reveals Eldritch’s belief that it is not the young girl Larsdon spoke of who is the heir, but Gren, the leader of the Blood of Skyrim. Head into the other room, where you will encounter more werewolves, as well as a shortcut to the tower’s entrance.

Zora then suggests you head to Nilheim. Upon arriving at Nilheim, the Player will find a dead guard, along with another dead man named Olfrim. Searching his corpse, the Dovahkiin will find a ‘Letter to Self’ mentioning that his research notes have been stolen by a familiar and taken to Snapleg Cave.

Go there and retrieve Olfrim’s research notes. After making your way through the dungeon and retrieving the notes, talk to Zora (who will name you an honorary member of the Heroes of Riverwood) in order to complete the quest.


If the Player chooses to go east, take Uldvar’s advice and head to Nilheim. There, the Dovahkiin will meet the historian Olfrim, who will reveal the dashing Nord’s purpose. The Nord, a man named Gren, believes himself to be the bastard blood of Ysgramor. Thus, he too seeks the Axe of Kings and the location of the beast that cannot be slain. Olfrim will then mention that he has had his research notes stolen by his familiar, whom he summoned in order to retrieve things for him. Olfrim believes that the animal is in Snapleg Cave, and asks you to take him there.

Working your way through the cave, the Player will find Olfrim’s notes at the very end of it. A grateful Olfrim will thank the player, but tell him/her to keep them, as they have caused him nothing but trouble.

Zora then suggest they go west to find Uldvar and see if he has learned anything.

Upon making your way to Bilegulch Tower, the Player will discover that Uldvar will be dead, killed by a werewolf. Zora comments how she hopes he found peace before he died. Moving towards the end of the dungeon, you will find a room, presumably the mage’s room. You will also finally find out his name, Eldritch, and a journal addressed to the Player which reveals Eldritch’s belief that it is not the young girl Larsdon spoke of who is the heir, but Gren. After reading the journal, talk to Zora (who will name you an honorary member of the Heroes of Riverwood) in order to complete the quest. To get out of the dungeon quickly, head into the other room, where you will find a shortcut to the tower’s entrance.

Stage Information
1 Uldvar enabled
5 Trigger box outside Riverwood moves Zora and vanilla NPCs into position during the day, starts scene
10 Falatild disabled
20 Scene with Uldvar, Nilheim objects enabled
40 Player given choice of going east or west, hostiles enabled
45 Player goes west to Bilegulch Tower, Uldvar teleported near player, Olfrim killed
50 Player goes east, Uldvar killed, Werewolf enabled
55 Uldvar set as teammate
60 Olfrim’s Familiar enabled
65 Anja enabled, scene with Uldvar starts
70 Olfrim set as teammate and follower
75 Anja killed, Uldvar removed as follower
80 Player retrieves Olfrim’s journal, speaks to Olfrim
90 Player gets objective to go to Bilegulch Tower
200 Zora is removed as teammate, Uldvar disabled
250 Quest is complete

Stages 30, 35, 85, 100, 105, 110 are set during dialogue or scenes.


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