11 thoughts on “Fanshots”

  1. For now, just leave your screenshot links in the comments section either here on on the individual pages. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to have you upload them yourself.

    Clicking on an image will send you to the carousel, where you can comment on the individual pictures. The “X” in the corner will close the carousel.

    The individual pages will also feature galleries. Just click on the image at the top and it’ll send you there.

        1. Sorry ’bout that. Didn’t know you could get the image from my Nexus so I just posted the Flickr link in case.
          -NOOB ALERT-

  2. I have no idea if gifs can be uploaded, but this one’s a pretty big one ^^;; if not, then disregard it.

    Small description: Vaughn *my DB* teaches Rumarin to use Oakflesh as a parting gift. The gang voice their worries and say their goodbyes, and Zora and Vaughn finally admit their feelings for one another with the help of a vampire friend.

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