Fervaysi Script

Councilor Zannfar! What a pleasant surprise!

Enough with the smalltalk. Do you have the poisons I asked you to make or not.

My, my aren’t we testy. You know, I could prescribe you something for those wrinkles in your forehead.

The poisons, woman. Now.

All right, all right, they’re over there on the shelf.

Scene with Nephalata

Nepha, when are you going to invite me into your little guild?

There are standards, I’m afraid, which you do not meet.

But next to Elenea, I’m the most powerful mage here.

Those aren’t the kind of standards I’m talking about.


Inn hellos

Normally, I don’t really like coming to the tavern. Too much sweat in the air. But its the only place to observe mortals in their…natural habitat.

I don’t really drink, to be honest. It only dulls the senses.

Council meeting

At council meeting

I’ve got a question for the council. Why are my taxes so much higher than everyone else’s?

How dare you complain, fetcher! You’re lucky you even have the gold to pay them.

Now, now Zannfar. Let’s try and be civil. Citizen, you have to remember you’re paying for your protection.
Not to mention as a vendor, you owe taxes for renting the market stall. Don’t forget it’s the city who gave you your little fruit stand.

new line for older scene

Are you telling me he killed my Avrusa for political gain?

I’m afraid so Councilor. Zannfar was ruthless. No doubt that’s why he got close to her.
He asked her to stand watch with him, and when the two were alone, he took his chance.

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