Encounter Greywater Grotto
Locations Greywater Grotto, Riften
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC×1 Class CombatScout
RefID XX096951 BaseID XX0958FA
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Archery, Light Armor, Alternation, Restration
Morality No Crime Confidence  Average
Inventory Imperial Bow, Skyforge Steel Dagger, Iron Arrow
Voice Alice Bell

Fjona is a former member of the Companions who now travels around Skyrim as a hunter and a bard. Despite being a ranger she is dressed in heavy armor, due to her trauma as a child and her fear of close range combat. Having been unable to defend herself for much of her life, her only goal is to become stronger, and has been slowly shedding the various “crutches” which she has previously depended on. One such crutch is her familiar, a ghost she summoned as a child when her village was attacked by Falmer.

– Versions prior to 3.05 were voiced by Arisen1

Sleeping Giant
The Sleeping Giant quest will alter Fjona’s armor from heavy to light, a change that is both practical and symbolic. She assists Rumarin in his quest to slay the Sleeping Giant and find the promised treasure at the bottom of the lake.

6 thoughts on “Fjona”

  1. A small bug: when I met her in the grotto, before I even had the chance even to see Rumarin (I still don’t know who he is, since I still hadn’t encountered him) and asked he about her current plans, she spoke as she were in Riften.

  2. Encountered her in the Grotto last night. Wow, her song was so beautiful. Had a mournful, almost spooky quality.

  3. I totally agree! Very beautiful moment! Tried to find it on the internet but no success. Does by chance anyone have the sound files or a video or something? Would be very appreciated!

    1. Sounds like a scene firing (exiting dialogue so she can talk while walking, like in the video) as opposed to a bug, but you would have to mention the specific line in question.

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