follower combat etc

Generic Combat lines

1.  I can take you!
2.  Why won’t you die already!
3.  You’re outmatched!
4.  You won’t get away!
5.  You don’t stand a chance!
6.  Think you can take me, Orc?
7.  You’ll make a nice rug, cat!
8.  Say hello to Ysmir for me, Nord!
9. Easily blocked!
10. That the best you can do?!?
11. Hyagh!
12. Eeeeeyargh!
13. Ugh!
14. You win! I submit!
15. I yield, I yield!
16. Flee! Save yourself!
17. Come on, is that all you’ve got?
18.  Do your worst!
19.  Agh!  Bastard!
20.  Ugh, you fiend!
21.  You need to do better than that!
22.  I’m stronger than I look!
23.  It’ll take more than that!
24.  You’re going to look good mounted on my wall!
25.  You haven’t won yet!
26. Enough! This ends now!
27. Like the bite of a flea!
28. Do me a favor, and stand still!
29. Die, damn you!
You’re nothing!
31. I’ve had enough of you!
32. Give up while you still can!
33. Yield, or die!
34. Is this what you want?
35. Take that you fiend!
36.  I’ll have your head!
37. Didn’t feel a thing!
38. Is that it? Is that your best?
39. It’s going to take more than that to best me!
40. Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic!
41. Take that you fiend!
42. Curse you!
43. Can’t wait to count out your coin!
44. You’re dead! Dead!
45. I’ll see you in pieces!
46. Show me what you’ve got!
47. Arkay take you!
48. Pray to Stendarr while you can!
49. I’ll skin you alive!
50. I’ll cut right through your scales, monster!
51. You picked the wrong dinner, animal!
52. Come on, let’s dance!
53. You made the wrong choice today!
54. You’re dead meat!
55. It’s time for your nap!
56.  Fall to me, Giant!
57. I’ll cut you down to size!
58.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
59.  I’ll turn you into scrap metal!
60.  You’re bleeding oil, machine!
61. Die you metal monster!
62. Damn these crawlies!
63.  Blasted spiders!
64. I’ll tear you apart!
65. I’ll skin you alive, wolf!
66. You fight as bad as you smell, troll!
67. Gods I hate trolls!
68. You can’t hide from me, archer!
69. You’re going to need a bigger weapon than that!
70. Watch for their spit!
71. Don’t let them flank you!





Ice Wraith





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