From the Blood of Kings


LOCATIONS  The Drunken Huntsman, Hunter’s Rest, Castle Dour, Castle Dour Dungeons, The Winking Skeever, The Sleeping Giant Inn, Orphan Rock, Orphan Rock Cave, Orphan Rock Archway
PREREQUISITES No Followers,Complete Dragon Rising, The Children Fair, Pit Dogs, Honor’s Calling, Spoken to Skjarn and Rumarin
RELATED QUESTS Faces and Names
NPCS  Elrindir, Helcyon, Larsdon, Falatild, Valgus, Morndas, Skjarn, Rumarin
REWARD  Housecarl’s Bow

From the Blood of Kings can be started by talking to Elrindir at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. Asking him if there are any messages, the player will receive an anonymous note containing only the cryptic words look around.

Doing just that, the player will notice an additional patron in the tavern, a soothsayer by the name of Helcyon. For the price of one septim, the diviner will tell the Dragonborn’s fortune, revealing that a meeting will soon take place at Hunter’s Rest- thus becoming our next destination.
Upon arrival, the player will witness a conversation. Once concluded, one of its participants, a man named Larsdon, will approach the player, asking if they are Dragonborn. Whatever your reply, Larsdon will proceed to solicit the player for aid, explaining that he is on a quest to restore the blood of Ysgramor to the throne.

The potential heir, the Dragonborn soon learns, is nothing more than a little girl, a bastard ancestor of King Borgas, the last known descendant of Ysgramor’s line. What’s more, there are many who doubt the validity of the claim. In order to put the question of lineage at rest, an old Atmoran ritual must be performed, bathing the weapon of a forefather in the blood of their progeny. Legend has it that only the blood of an ancestor will restore the weapon to its original edge. The ritual for royalty goes a step further, speaking of a dragon ‘with fangs as hard as stalhrim’ which can only be slain by one with Ysgramor’s valor.

The player may recognize one of the people here- the healer, Valgus, has been enlisted to make sure the potential Queen survives the ritual. Conversing with him, the player has the option to ask for more details on this queen as well as his speculations regarding Falatild and Larsdon.
The Dragonborn is then introduced to Larsdon’s companion Falatild, and sent to investigate the whereabouts of a journal containing information on the burial process of royal bastards, which the duo believes can help them track down an axe forged of Borgas’ bone.

The journal was said to be located at the archives at the College of Winterhold, so the pair hired a thief to steal it. Unfortunately, Falatild explains, the thief double-crossed them, deciding to fence the journal instead. But the thief is now about to be executed, and so the Dragonborn and Falatild are sent to Castle Dour Dungeon in Solitude to interrogate the thief.

When the player and Falatild enter Castle Dour, Falatild will stop you and say that it’s best that you go on alone, seeing as the two of you together would pose too much of a threat.

You have no choice but to agree, so it’s off to the dungeons with you.

Once in the dungeons, the player will be introduced to Morndas, the blind thief who stole the journal. If you want any information from her, though, the player must first help her escape, either by breaking her out of prison, distracting the guard, or giving her a lockpick. The Dragonborn must then follow her through an escape route, marked by a Shadowmark in the cell two doors to the right. After Morndas retrieves her gear from the Prisoners belongings chest, it’s time to follow her to freedom.

Once outside, Morndas will engage you in conversation, revealing that she did, in fact, complete the job as specified, saying that double crossing one’s clients is bad for business.

What’s going on here?

In any case, return with Morndas to Falatild- who is now located in the Winking Skeever. Follow the duo upstairs, where you will find Valgus and Larsdon waiting.

After a conversation, it is revealed that Morndas inadvertently gave the journal to the wrong man. Larsdon and Valgus are going to try and track down this person, while the Player, along with Falatild, is sent to enlist the aid of two fellow adventurers to investigate rumors of a Nordic Ruin located at Orphan Rock.

The adventurers, as it turns out, are none other than Skjarn and Rumarin. Falatild suggests that the group spend the night at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood before heading to Orphan Rock in the morning. So it’s off to Riverwood we go!

Upon arriving in Riverwood , rent a room and sleep in the bed. You’ll then be treated to a dream where you take the place of the cook, Orgnar. You witness Delphine talking to the Dragonborn- who is NOT you. The Dragonborn rents a room from Delphine- the same one you rented, in fact. He/she then proceeds to take a siesta in the bed. Note the anonymous note behind the bar, which reads, To wake up from this dream you must put the Dragonborn to sleep. Put to sleep in this case meaning kill. Luckily, you aren’t actually Orgnar, so you still have all your equipment. Nighty-night, Dragonborn!

Awakening, you will be attacked by a mysterious bunch calling themselves the ‘Blood of Skyrim’. Defeat them, and Falatild will talk to you, revealing that you’re not the only one who’s been having strange dreams. Falatild say that Larsdon believes the dreams are a lesson, that the choices we are asked to make show us the price of success. She will then ask what you think the dreams meant. Whatever your reply, Falatild will then direct the group to Orphan’s Rock, saying that the presence of the assassins proves that they are on the right track.

Travelling to Orphan Rock, one will find a new addition to the landscape- a cave; Orphan Rock Cave, to be precise. Entering it, one will find several dead members of the ‘Blood of Skyrim’ group we encountered earlier. Going in a little deeper, the player finds a camp. Falatild suggest the group investigate it to see if it contains any information on these assassins. Read the soldiers journal on a crate near the campfire to learn that, among other things, there’s a back door of sorts into the graveyard which the player must go through seeing as how the front is inaccessible. Fighting your way through the Draugr, proceed into Orphan rock Archway. There you will find even more undead, as well as the passage to the graveyard, which is filled with even more hostile creatures. Upon defeating them, the player will be directed to a coffin in the far side of the graveyard containing the very axe you’ve been looking for.

Talk to Falatild. She will take the axe from you, rewarding you with the ‘housecarl’s bow’ and completing the quest.


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