No, he doesn't have a quill

Encounter Riverwood
Locations Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 3 Class Farmer
RefID XX052fea BaseID XX052FE7
Health 66 Magicka 57
Stamina 57
Primary Skills Sweeping, Washing, Pack Mule
No Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory Iron Dagger, Book[The Great War], Random Farm Clothes, Common Loot
Voice Paxson Helgesen

Hjoromir is a follower due to personality type as opposed to skill in battle.  He is extremely aggressive and foolhardy in battle, and is the only follower who does not level with the player. Keeping him alive is designed to be a challenge, albeit his protected status allows him to enter bleedout as opposed to simply turning into a lifeless husk at the first nip of a skeever.

For more information on Hjoromir, check out his character profile here.


18 thoughts on “Hjoromir”

  1. Hjoromir…that cocky idiot :P. Have you thought about making some of type of quest where we either, A. Train Hjoromir to be a better fighter or B. Find somebody or some group (such as The Companions) to train him? Make him less weak.

  2. Hahaha! “Primary Skills Sweeping, Washing, Pack Mule”
    I laughed really hard because of this! (I think that I should just put what I’m about to say on my ctrl + c), I think he’s awesome. All of your NPCs are, and hail to the voice actor!
    A big thank you to everyone involved in this mod!

      1. Hey Kris, Pax here. Funny that I stumbled upon this today – i’d be glad to do more dialogue soon if need be. Just shoot me an email.

        1. well, that’s not the only reason. Steward stuff would be very low priority compared to things everyone can enjoy, including players who don’t own HF.

          Meaning, if you want to record some more, we should start with combat dialogue and more idle banter. You can start with these:


          Although the idea of a bumbling steward would be fun too. The only problem is the vanilla scripts would make him competent at his job.

  3. Oh Hjoromir you poor fool. Seemed like a nice if misguided guy, said I’d think about letting him tag along.

    Go into the Riverwood Trader to sell some stuff.

    Come out to the sight of a dragon burning Hjoromir to a crisp… shortest adventure tale in history.

  4. Hjoromir needs a quest. I feel responsible for him and cannot leave him now( It would be nice to make him useful via quest or to get rid of him like finding him a good job suitable for his “talents”.
    Also voice actor(Pax?) did a great job. I even thought he is a vanilla guy.

    1. Well, I kind of like the idea that he’s who he is and will never get better, as opposed to followers that level up forever and have no realistic ceiling.

      At the same time, he’s a person who will never give up on his dream, and it plays to the notion that being a dreamer – regardless of how impossible – is something to be admired.

      1. I made him unessential and felt the only true way to satisfactorily resolve this character was the somehow heartbreaking moment when, despite all my best efforts, he finally succumbed to a trap.

        1. Yeah, he’s not essential, but he’s protected, which can often mean the same thing because the AI ignores him when he takes a knee.

          Of course, I’ve considered making him “unprotected” simply because it’s his lot in life to die. But I figured protected was an okay compromise given how many people want to use him as a pack mule and don’t mind if he sucks in combat, but would rather not have him die. Either way follower mods should allow you to set him the way you like.

  5. I was wondering if this character had a relationship with the PC regardless of formally meeting the PC. I use Alternate Start – Live Another Life mod and started my character on Solstheim, and never even chanced upon Riverwood until level 40 or so when an Elder Dragon swept through the town claiming Alvor, Hod, Gerdur, Stump and Hjoromir. Hjoromir left my character 300 septims of inheritance, but never interacted with him.

    1. The relationship rank is not hard coded into the game, at least not anymore. I removed it when NPCs started showing up to your wedding. That was about a year ago so it shouldn’t affect newer players.

      Now it’s boosted via a script tied to his initial dialogue. So I dunno. There may be something I’m missing, but it looks set up correctly.

  6. So I come across this boy, and he’s a sweet kid. Dopey, but sweet nonetheless. I go on to talk to him about his life, be his friend(seemed like he needed one) and when I ask him what’s on his mind, he pulls out his dagger and starts telling a story about Snow Elves. I believed it was just for effects and didn’t think about taking a step back till he started swiping me with it! Next thing I know I’m backed up against a wall and he’s in the middle of the street turning circles and swinging like mad under the moonlight.

    Don’t believe we’ll be talking much anymore.

    Aeva V.

  7. I think it would be cool to play a quest where he dies tragically yet heroically. That’s so much of what Skyrim’s about. Maybe H gives his life for Riverwood somehow. It can be a small thing, in the grand scheme, but it would be enough to send him to the eternal adventure of Sovngarde.

  8. I know I’m super late to the game, but I kept wondering why his level was only 3 :(
    I wanted to help train him to become an awesome warrior like he always wanted to be. He was my first follower (on a new character) and now he’s fallen behind! Darn… I guess he will be just another friend.

  9. I know I’m super late to the game, but I kept wondering why his level was only 3 :(
    I wanted to help train him to become an awesome warrior like he always wanted to be. He was my first follower (on a new character) and now he’s fallen behind! Darn… I guess he will be just another friend.

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