Hope Lies Script


Looks like the goat’s okay. The Giant must’ve taken good care of her. It’s too bad we had to take care of him.







Howdy stranger, take a seat by the campfire. It’s a long way from here to town.

What’s your name?
The name’s Hope. Hope Lies. Funny name, I know. German, I think. The lying part, not the hope.

Well, does it?
Does what?

Does “hope lie?”
I don’t know. You’ve been traveling these wastes. Why don’t you tell me?

Who’s the big guy?
Al? Don’t pay him no mind. He ain’t much for talkin’. But if you make trouble, he’ll put two in your skull.

Hope holds up two fingers – as in the number 2 – then proceeds to tap the side of her brain with them like a gun. Would be awesome if this animation is possible, but I doubt it.

Why two bullets?
One to kill you, and one to make sure.

Is he a mute?
It’d certainly explain a lot. But no, I reckon he’s just the silent type.

I’d like to see him try.
Well, there’s the problem. You wouldn’t see much of anything either way. If he don’t get you, the man upstairs will.

In any case, this is his camp, and that lovely piece of tin over there is his trailer. Me, I’m just passing through.

What are you doing so far from town?
I’m looking for something, maybe you know it. It’s a plant. An orchid, I think.
They say it grows out where the dust is thick, but you know how that is.
Places like that, you can’t take more ‘an two steps before the radiation soups your insides.

What’s so important about this plant?
Well, girl’s gotta have her secrets. But I tell you what, you help me find it, and I’ll spill it all. Beans, pork, you name it.
Until then, let’s just say it’s worth your weight in caps to find it.

You can follow me. I’ll help you look for it, if you watch my back.
Hm, wouldn’t hurt to have another set of eyes. All right, you got yourself a deal.

Follow me. I could use your help.
No use letting the tail wag the dog. You go on an lead the way.
Thought you’d never ask.
Let’s hit that trail then.

I think it’s time we part ways.
Already? If I done messed up somehow, you’d tell me right? Well, I guess a better get going then.
All right then. You need me again, you know where to find me.

Let’s trade.
What’s mine is yours.
All right, let’s trade.
Sure, might have something you can use.
Just think of me as your personal pack brahmin.
No problem. I was never one for traveling light.
Picked up some spare shells if you need ’em.
Sure. Might wanna turn that flashlight on though, don’t wanna grab the wrong thing.
You hungry? I’m fixin’ to fry up some iguana if you are.
Got some taters if you need ’em. Bullets too.
You’re living in high cotton by the looks of it. Got more caps than a pop store.
Sure. I got some bread if you’re hungry. Don’t eat the tips before the middle though, you’ll have trouble making ends meet.


Range attack
Okay. I’ll keep my distance.

Short range
Got it. I’ll stay close.

No can do.
That ain’t something I can do.
Anything else?
Whatcha need?


Out here, a good night’s sleep is as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Every dog’s got a few fleas, even you and me.

We heading out?

Rise and shine, bright eyes, early bird gets the worm.

Getting dark out, what’s the plan?

Never was much for sightseeing. Best I go where you take me.

Strong as oak, sweet as honeysuckle.

Hope and faith will see you through. I guess all that’s left now is to figure out who Faith is.

Pa always said you gotta keep the Lord in your heart and a smile in your mouth. Otherwise, it’s just teeth.

I always say, a good day starts with a healthy smile. And maybe a side of bacon if you got it.

Chin up, sugar. You’ll never reach the sky if you’re always looking down.

Keep an eye on that Pip Boy. The more radiation there is, the closer we are to finding that plant.

You’re the sheriff, and I’m the deputy.

You hear what the chatty cat said to the tongue? “I just don’t get you.”

Some days you feel like doing nothing. But that’ll just leave ya feeling empty.

Where to next, partner?

Keep your peepers peeled.

I’m right behind ya.

All right then.

Catch ya later.

Every day’s gonna be like lollipops and roses, so long as we got each other’s backs.

Life’s all about breaks. You gotta know when to make ’em and know when to take ’em.

You fall, and I’ll catch ya. So you pretty much know where I stand.

Haven’t seen you in a coon’s age. You fixing for a companion?

Long time no see partner. You going solo this time, or do you want to head out together?

Pa always said to kill ’em with kindness. Ma though, she preferred bullets.

I don’t need a knight in shining armor. A cowboy in a duster will do just fine.

(alternate) A cowgirl in a duster will do just fine.

Whatever you’re fixing to do, I’m with you.

I know sometimes I act like I ain’t got no sense. Lucky for me, you got enough for the both of us.

Just remember to keep Hope alive, haha. Aw come on, you don’t think that was funny?

My motto is, if you ain’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Some folks will tell you “I was wrong.” Others will tell you, “I’m willing to admit I was wrong.”
Way I see it, one’s being humble. The other’s just a pat on the back.

I don’t know if you noticed, but when I put on my boots, I always start with the left one.
Don’t have a good reason why, just feels right.

If you ever wanna trap the devil, you just put a mirror on your porch and you’ll catch him staring.

I like to keep a rabbit’s foot in my pocket. They say it’s good luck. Although I’m not sure the rabbit would agree.

I don’t like getting into arguments. The tension makes the air so heavy it’ll break your back.

Strong shoulders are good for lifting spirits.

Keep your arms wide and your spirits high.


We’ve been traveling for a while, haven’t we? My soles are so worn not even Jesus can save ’em.

Pa always said I lacked direction.
Not sure if he was talking about my toes or my heart, but either way, I never could walk a straight line.

Better get the lanterns out, shadows are getting so long they’re halfway to Vegas.

I ain’t much for bar fights. Ma though, she once punched a guy so hard he couldn’t tell night from day on account of all the stars he was seeing.

I always wanted to grow up a southern belle. Problem is out here, the only thing you’re gonna dress is a bullet wound.

Some old crooner tried to hit on me once. Sweet fella, but wouldn’t take no for an answer.
I don’t know if he was high on chems or drunk on a dare, but he lost it in the end. The dare, and his lunch.

Sometimes you run so long, you forget what it is was chasing you.
But I know what’s after me. And the past’ll catch up to me sooner or later, if I don’t find a way to shake it.

You know, the quieter it gets, the better we can hear. There ain’t much in this world louder than silence.

Ain’t never met a vault dweller before. Is it true they eat their own dead?
Can’t say that’s right, but these days, who’s to say what is?

Damn, it’s hot as the devil out here. I’m fixed to empty my water into a tub and go skinny dip.

I know I ain’t as big and strong as most folks, but hopefully what I lack in strength I make up for in pep.

This place is noisier than a cabin full of cazadors. Ya’ll better keep your peepers open.

This place is browner than a Brahmin. And I ain’t entirely sure it’s dirt.

Pa always warned me about bars like this. Said there was a lot of back seat bingo going on, whatever that means.

Some people say city folk ain’t really clean. Just squeaky. But everyone I’ve met seems nice enough.

I wish I could brag about the things we done, but it’d be like bragging about a silver medal in a two-man race.
Truth is, I ain’t running fast. I’m just following your lead.

I asked Al once what the difference is between ignorance and apathy. He says, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

AI used to have dog named Miles. But he was too lazy to walk ’em.

Man, the dirt around here might as well be a devil, the way it kicks up a storm. (as in dirt devil)

Sometimes I wonder if it’s wrong to hope.
Doesn’t matter what you’re hoping for. A better life, a cold beer, or a second chance.
Some people say it takes real strength to let go. Others say you gotta keep holding on.
I don’t know. I just keep moving, and keep hoping that today’s the day. Today I’m gonna make it right.

I heard them Brotherhood of Steel folks are more machine than men. Only god knows if they still have souls.

I always say treat people how you wanna be treated.
So if the Enclave hates mutants, then I guess they want people to hate them too.

You got any guilty pleasures? For me, it’s gotta be Spring Valley Crisps.
When I was young, I used to collect the little bar codes, so I could send ’em in for a moon map.
Never got it though. I imagine these days Spring Valley’s going through a nuclear winter.

Once met a guy mad for bobble-heads. Would’ve traded a thousand caps for just one.
I thought he was crazy. But damn if I ain’t on the same wild goose chase.

Folks have been dropping like bloatflies in these parts. But I got faith in the Lord he’ll see us through.

It can get as hot as blue blazes in this town. Saw a guy fry a squirrel on the pavement, no joke.

These raiders are fit to be tied. Best be careful.

Ma used to say a shotgun was like a sheriff’s badge. It gives you authority.

Getting dark out. But good lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we can make it town by sundown.

When the radiation gets bad, folks can be nuttier than a squirrel’s you know what. So best to go in guns a’ blazin.

These folks are madder than a wet hen. I say we dry ’em off.

You sure you want to head this way? Heard there’s deathclaws around these parts.
Best we don’t get too big for our britches.

It’s raining radscorpions out here. And here I am without an umbrella.

The more bad things people say, the uglier they look, and the uglier things get.
But if you say good things, then you can leave the make-up at home.

A friend of mine used to lay a pile a caps outside the campfire at night.
He said it was to ward of raiders.
So I ask him, “How in Jesus’ name are a dozen caps gonna stop a raider?” And he says ,”Because they can’t count past eleven.”

They say spit three times and you ward off evil. Just watch where you aim. Don’t wanna ward off your friends too.

Lot more junk around here. Down south, it’s almost like folks were never there.
But every now and then you’ll see something that’ll remind of you that ain’t so.
Like a hat on a cactus. Or a car sticking out where there ain’t no business being a road.
But it’s enough to make you wonder if this is all part of the plan.
Maybe God just got tired of all the fighting and grandstanding, and being the big, bad lion.
Maybe he just wants to be a butterfly, dancing on the Texas wind.



What kind of skills do you have?
I learned most of what I know from my Ma and Pa.
Ma was a real Annie Oakley. Give her a shot-gun and a shot glass and she was a happy camper.
Pa was a preacher. Soon as Ma was done sinning he was there to wash ’em clean.

Seems like there’d be some dysfunction there.
I think we got along well enough. I don’t know if opposites attract, but they sure as hell stick together.
You need two things to survive out here in the wastes. A quick draw and a strong faith. I was blessed with both.

It’s like a family of contradictions. I guess that would explain your name.
Maybe. Pa always said he would’ve died if it weren’t for the good book.
Ma always told me you’re one bad shot from digging your own grave. I think they were both right, in their own way.

And who taught you to be insufferable? Your cousin? 
Hahaha, I reckon I learned that all by myself.

I’ve always said opposites attract. 
I believe that too. Can’t save a man if there ain’t one dying. Can’t wash a sin if you ain’t made a mistake.

You still haven’t told me what you can do.
I reckon I haven’t. Like Ma, I mostly use a shotgun. Got bad eyes, so the spray helps.
Pa used to say the blurry vision’s a blessing. Some days I can’t tell a ghoul from a gecko, and that’s why I treat everyone the same.


I want to know more about you.
You writing a book, darling? Well, if you are, I guess it’s smart to peek under the cover.
What do you want to know?

All right, what do you wanna know?

What’s your favorite song?
Well, most songs I know are church ones. Amazing Grace, for instance.
But if you’re talking about the radio, I’ve always had a soft spot for Marty Robbins.
I like that he always gots a story to tell.

I prefer Rock ‘n Roll myself.
You and everyone under thirty. But I ain’t much for dancing. My feet get drunker than a bottle of Jack whenever there’s a beat.

Marty Robbins is great.
So you’re a fan too? I always say there’s no better music to play by the campfire.
But truth is, I can listen to Marty just about anywhere.

Folk music is fine, but I like Sinatra and Dean Martin.
A lot of people like crooners. They’re handsome, that’s for sure, and their music’s as clean as their look.
But I don’t know, I guess everyone’s different. I just like folk and trail music better.

I don’t know. You want a story, read a book. Music is about emotion.
Are you saying words don’t have emotion? Cause I’ll give you an earful if you keep saying bad things about Marty.

Personally, I like all sorts of music.
Well then, that means you like Marty Robbins too. Guess I know what we’ll be listening to from now on!

I don’t really care much for music.
Great! Then you won’t mind if I pick the songs we play when we’re out wandering.

What’s your favorite Marty Robbins song?
My favorite’s “The Master’s Call.” It’s got a lot of sin, but it’s also got soul.
I can even sing it for you, so long as you promise to keep the matches from your ears. Be a shame if I burned ’em.


(NOTE: the lyrics are quite long, but if you can sing it all I’ll make cuts where appropriate)


What sort of things do you find funny?
Well, I got a real plain sense of humor. Most of the jokes I like are the kind that make other folks cringe.

Really? Give me an example.
Okay, how’s this. “What’s a brahmin’s favorite drink?”

(For this joke, Nuka Cola is a drink in Fallout, brahmins are mutated cows and cows go moo)

Don’t know.
Mooooo-ka cola.

Ha, that’s a good one.
Yeah, can’t say it’s original though. Most jokes I know were stuff that got passed around the campfire.
We may not have had food in our bellies, but all that laughter was food for the soul.

Ugh. Promise me you will never tell a joke again.
Ha, and that ain’t even the worst one I got. But all right, I’ll try not to say anymore, although I can’t make any promises.
At least none I aim to keep.

Great joke. All it was missing was the drum and the snare. 
Well, you could always slap your knees, that usually gets the point across. Or you could just, you know, laugh.

If you like that, you’ll love this. Why did the farmer feed his brahmin caps?
Why else? Cause he wanted rich milk! Haha, you’re gonna have to do better if you wanna get a bad joke past me.
But I appreciate you trying.

What sort of things do you not find funny?
That’s an easy one. I don’t like jokes that are mean.
The world would be a lot better place if we stopped picking on people and learned to laugh at ourselves.

I agree. Good thing I’m an easy target.
Well, I’m blind as a bat, slow as a snail, and I can’t say two words before stepping on my tongue.
So you ain’t the only one with a big red circle on their back.

So I should wallow in a prison of self-loathing. Got it.
Ha, well, I wouldn’t go that far, and I’d say the last thing you’re lacking is self-esteem.

Some would argue that’s the best kind of humor.
Well, I’d say the best kind is whatever makes you laugh. Being mean just makes things awkward, don’t you think?
Although I guess it’s okay if it’s all in good fun.

I guess I better put away this book of racist jokes then.
Ha, if you actually had something like that, I reckon both it and this little partnership would be going up in flames.

But if I stopped picking on people, how will I feel better about myself?
Oh, now you’re just teasin’. All you wanderer types are the same, just always hankerin’ for some mischief.

It’s hard to laugh about yourself when you’re pretty much perfect.
Ha, well, that proves you ain’t. Cause if you were really perfect, you’d figure out a way.

But that’s what I like about you. We both got our ways. And while we may be two caps short of a six pack, somehow we manage to make change.

(Alternate) After all, we both got our ways.

Tell me a joke.
All right. Why weren’t the kids allowed to hang out at the toxic waste dump?
They just weren’t ghoul enough.

How’s this. A dwarf, a farmer, and a super mutant walk into a bar. Well, the farmer walks into the bar. The dwarf walks under it, and the super mutant ducks.

So a guy walks into his lawyer’s office. He tells ’em his momma died and he wants to collect on the life insurance.
The lawyer asks him, “Does your policy contain an accidental death clause?”
And the guy says, “there were deathclaws, but it wasn’t no accident.”

Okay, so a yao guai and a brahmin get into an argument. The yao guai says, “I’m gonna choke you with my bear hands!”
The brahmin says, “Don’t you mean your paws?”
And the yao guai says, “You know damn well my Pa’s dead.”
And the brahmin goes, “Bull.”

Last night I couldn’t figure out where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.

Crows ain’t got noses, so how do they smell? Pretty good, if you season ’em right.



What would you be doing if you weren’t hunting this plant?
Well, I’ve always loved working with kids. I reckon I’d be a teacher.

You’d be a good one.
Aren’t you sweet. My folks used to say flattery will get you to hell and back, although I don’t know if that’s a good thing.
Depends on who was saying it, I suppose.

I haven’t seen too many schoolhouses out in the wastes.
You make do with what you got. This one town I passed through, they were using the bar as a schoolhouse.
Kids were learning math by counting beers on the wall.

Teaching is a noble profession. 
That’s right. The way I see it, nobody lives forever, but knowledge never dies. Might as well pass it on.

Most kids are home schooled. Might as well say you want to be an astronaut.
Ha, maybe you’re right. But Ma always said to shoot for the stars, and if you miss, don’t get mad. Just reload.

Do you have any pet peeves?
Can’t say I do. I try not to let the little stuff get to me.
Cause if you’re paying attention to the little stuff, something big’s gonna come around and kick you in the rear.
What about you? What sort of things that grind your gears?

I’m the same. Small stuff doesn’t bother me.
Good. We got enough things to worry about in these wastes, can’t be crying over hard beds and spoiled milk.
Or was it spilled milk? See? That’s the kind of thing that would bother some people – saying things wrong and stuff.
But you just take it in stride. That’s why I like you.

I get annoyed pretty easy, actually.
Ha, you would’ve hated my Ma then.
Like a lot of southerners, the only thing bigger than her smile was her feet.
So even though she talked all friendly like, she was always stepping on your toes.

People with bad grammar really piss me off.
Ha, if that were true, then you’re probably not gonna like me too much.
But my thinking is, we ain’t so different. So long as we understand each other, then we must be speaking the same language.

(text will say – Ha, if that were true, than your probably not gonna like me two much.)

Bad habits. Chewing with your mouth open, that sort of thing.
Ha, they used to call them table manners. But then all the tables went away, and I guess they took the manners with ’em.

Poor listeners. People who talk over you, or try to top your story. That bugs me.
I know what you mean. You want to tell those people it ain’t a contest.
First place is the same as last. But I guess that’s why it don’t bother me none. I just let ’em win.

I don’t know. Nothing really comes to mind.
Is that your way of saying you don’t wanna tell me?
Ha, I knew a fella like that – I’m sure the things I did drove him nuts, but he never told me what. Just too much of a gentleman to say it.


Anything you won’t do?
Well, you got a promise not to laugh but….I rather not get in a tussle with one of them tin men.

Why not?
Well, when I was an ankle biter, me and some of the other kids used to shoot cans off Old Lady Maven’s fence.

Isn’t that dangerous? You could’ve shot this Maven person.
Wouldn’t have done no harm, seeing as she was up there with the angels.

Did you do it for fun, or to help improve your aim? 
Little of both, I guess. Not that it helped much. I probably hit more dry wall than anything.
Maybe even hit Maven too, and she was up there with the angels.

I used to do the same. Except we’d shoot bottles after drinking them.
Ma would’ve liked you. She always said she was part Indian, because she didn’t waste any part of the bottle.
I doubt Maven would’ve approved though, but she wasn’t around to set us right.

What happened to Maven?
Don’t know. Must’ve been the cholesterol that got her, cause the whole house was full of ’em. Cans.
Course, most of us were too scared to go down the basement.
But my cousin Bobby – bless his foolish heart – he just ran in like it was nothing.


He’d just go in and come out with like a dozen or so cans.
And every day we kept waiting for him to say there ain’t no more, but we’d always run out of bullets first.

So one day I ask him, just how many cans were in that basement? Then he shrugs his shoulders and tells me, “Hell if I know. They just pop out that metal box like they was her baby.”

I don’t know why but, after he said that, I got a harder time shooting tin cans than I do people.


I’ve got an answer to your question on whether hope lies.
Oh yeah? And what’s that?

I’ve found hope lies within.
Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine. I like your optimism though. There ain’t enough of it around these parts.

I’ve seen too much shit. These wastes, this whole country is more or less hopeless.
Well, in that case, we better cling to it, before it slips away.

Actually, I have no idea. I just know it’s your name.
That it is. Maybe I’m the only Hope you’ve got. But hell, you could do worse.

It can’t be a lie. Because if we don’t have hope, we lose everything.
I agree. That’s what I’ve been telling Al all these years, but he seems to think the world’s better off without me.
That’s a joke, by the way. Kudos to you for not laughing.
Takes guts not to given I’m holding a shotgun.

Any leads on that orchid?
Yeah, good timing. I was talking to the bartender just now and got something good.
Said some fellow came here the other day talking about this old cave, dark as death.
But if you keep walking, you’ll find this one spot, where the light comes through like a kiss from heaven.
And beneath it is a field of plants whiter than angel wings.

What makes these plants so valuable?
Well, I guess I can trust you. It’s not the plants so much as what’s in them.
Doc says they feed on rads like bees to honey. You get sick, and a plant like that’ll flush it right out of your system.
And that’s what I need it for. A friend of mine, his wife…she’s dying.

Why not use RadAway or other medication?
They tried that already. Even got her in one of those suits, in case the air was bad.
Doc said the plant’s the only thing that’ll save her.

Why is this plant so rare?
People don’t got any sense is why. When they found out what it could do, everyone and their sister plucked it out of the ground.
You ask people now, they say it’s gone forever. Can’t find what ain’t there. But Pa always told me, “can’t never could.”
So long as you have faith, God’ll show you the way.

A friend’s wife? How well do you know this person?
I know him, and that’s all that matters. The rest, well, it’s complicated.

I imagine a cure for heavy radiation sickness would net a lot of caps.
Yeah, there’s profit in it. Enough to make people kill for it. So this ain’t exactly gonna be a picnic.
In fact, if word gets out, I’d say it’d be more like a tornado in a trailer park, so we best put on our bibs if we wanna eat.

All right, let’s go find this plant.
Thanks for helping. I ain’t good at this sort of thing but…I just wanna say I owe you one.

they track down orchid, turns out it’s a false lead.


Something I can help you with, hombre?

Yeah, your name Gomez?

Depends who’s asking.

Well, we ain’t hear to cause trouble. A friend of mine told me you might know about this plant.

Plants? You mean like flowers? You’re in the wrong place lady, and the wrong time. There’s nothing growing out there but poison.

Well, they say this plant’s different. The way I hear it, it was born from a nuke, like a seed planted right in the ground.
They call it the “Rising Angel.” Petals as white as wings.

You don’t say. In that case, maybe I do know something.

Is that so.

Well, I may not know shit from Sherlock, but I make it my business to know what puts caps in my pocket.
So yeah, that’s what I know. As for what I say, well, again…it depends on who’s asking.

If it helps, we ain’t in it for profit. I just wanna help a sick friend, is all.

That’s what they all say. And even if you’re telling the truth, you can’t tug on my heart strings and expect to hear a song.

Now if you got caps, that’s a different story.

I got caps.
Good. One thousand ought to do.

(after declining once) So, you change your mind? You got the caps?

Or I could just beat the shit out of you.
You could, but if I let every Tom, Dick and Deathclaw threaten me into talking, there’d be no point charging you.
And besides, you do it that way, there’s no telling where I send you.
But if I give you a receipt, then you might wanna do business again.

Sorry, no deal.
Sad to hear it. But I reckon your lady friend will be even sadder when you tell her the news.

Looks like you’re a little short, amigo. Come back when you got the caps.

Pleasure doing business with you. If you’ll hand me a pen, I’ll mark the spot on your map.
Fair warning though. The radiation in there is thicker than a yao guai’s culo.  
But that makes it all the more likely your angel’s gonna bloom.

So you’re sure we’ll find it?

Oh I’m sure. Last time it was this bad, there was a whole field of them, brighter than sunshine.
Only got my sack half full before I had to bail. Almost makes me wish I was a ghoul.

Well, we only need one, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

In that case, you should be fine.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I better get going. I’d wish you luck, but the truth is, I just don’t care.

go to location, it’s empty

Damn. He said it’d be here. A whole field of them…bright as sunshine…
But look at this place. It ain’t a prairie. It’s a grave.

I thought if I found it, I could fix things. I thought…Jesus, was it all a lie?

Was what a lie? What’s this all about?
When I left home, Pa made me promise to do right.
Don’t matter if I kept the good book with me, don’t matter if I remembered the words, so long as I stayed true to their spirit.
And for the most part I did, until the day I met Cole.

Who’s Cole?
A soldier I met out in the wastes. When I found him he was halfway up God’s interstate, but damn if I didn’t manage to reel him back.
It took him about a week to get on his feet.
When I asked him what happened, he said he got separated from his troop, and more importantly, his wife.

Did you stay with him?
Yeah. We traveled together for months after, looking for his troop.
After a while, we stopped looking and just started wandering.
I’m not making excuses but…we didn’t even know if we’d last the day, and well, the better emotions…they were in short supply.

It’s his fault as much as it is yours.
Yeah, and he knew it right away. Problem is, I didn’t.
Even when we found that radio, I was praying to God we’d hear nothing but static.
But when he turned it on and that voice came through the other side, my heart sunk.

Pretty girls can be foolish, but more often make fools of men.
I ain’t exactly pretty, but I am most certainly a fool.

So you’re the other woman. 
That I am. Didn’t see it that way at the time though.

Sounds like a pretty poor excuse to me.
You got me there. A bad excuse is like putting lipstick on a pig. And I was one soggy piece of bacon.

Did you love him?
I don’t know. But I do know I was fool enough to wish his wife ill.
And truth is, when it happened I almost looked up at the sky and thanked the Lord almighty.
It wasn’t until I went to see her and looked into that poor woman’s eyes that I knew I done broke a vow.
Everything I do now…it’s to make sure that man and his wife fix theirs.

That Gomez fella didn’t seem too trustworthy, but you know what they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Just gotta hope it’s his hand at work here.

Be sure to stack up on RadAway. We’re gonna need it.
Scene (WIP) Hope and player surrounded.
Well, well well. What do we have here? Well, well well. What do we have here?

Don’t know boss. Looks like a couple of poachers here to take our spoils. Don’t know boss. Looks like a couple of poachers here to take our spoils.

Is that right? You poachers? Is that right? You poachers?

We ain’t nothing of the sort. We’re just honest folk, trying to do right by a friend.
Well, seeing as you’re on my land, I think you’re mistaken, little lady. Well, seeing as you’re on my land, I think you’re mistaken, little lady.
I think you’re just about the most dishonest motherfuckers I ever done seen. I think you’re just about the most dishonest motherfuckers I ever done seen.
And now, me an my pal here are gonna send you back where you came.

And now, me an my pal here are gonna send you back whence you came.

after poachers killed
(sigh) Didn’t want to kill them, but they didn’t give us much choice.
They were poachers probably, by the looks of it. Let’s check the bodies, see if we can find anything.

find information on plant
I found this journal.
Let me see that. There ain’t a lot I understand here, but it almost sounds like they’re fixing to grow these plants on their own.
Which means there might be a farm somewhere.
I think you may be right. Never heard of a flower farm, but at this point I don’t care if it’s growing out a pig’s ear.
Only thing that matters is we find it.
Is that even possible?
I doubt it. I reckon you’ll find lips on a bloatfly before you figure out how to grow an angel out the ground.
But I don’t know, maybe this is God’s way of telling us to keep pushing.
That might explain why this place is barren.
Yeah, you may be on to something.
Pa always said God ain’t the type to speak to you straight, but he’ll always steer you right.
Just give up. God clearly wants you to fail.
About ten minutes ago I was about to agree with you. Then these fellas showed up.
Sure, they done pointed their guns at us, but somewhere behind them was God pointing the way.
I’m fixing to take a bath in a tub full of RadAway.
If you’re sick, then finding that farm should be the A number 1 priority.
I bet they got a whole freezer full of RadAway, fuller than a tick on a coon dog.
In any case, looks like it ain’t too far from here.
I say we dress up as these poachers and see if we can get some fish to bite.


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