Hunter’s Quarry

QUEST GIVER Keerava – Bee and Barb
LOCATIONS Hunter’s Rest, Sacellum of Boethiah, Bee and Barb, Faldar’s Tooth
PREREQUISITES Spoken to Brakh at Hunter’s Rest and Shrine of Boethiah
QUEST ID DialogueBrakh EDITOR ID xx0C2D72
NPCS Brakh, Keerava, Lagdu
REWARD Optional enchanted bow (leveled)

Hunter’s Quarry is a short quest about a hunter’s singular goal to avenge the death of his best friend and the relationships destroyed by betrayal.

Those were the days, my friends
Brakh can be met north of Knifepoint Ridge under some rocky prominence near two feral wolves. Speak to him and he will complement on the player’s skill in killing the wolves. A man of few words, he reveals he is hunting a former comrade named Lagdu. Question him about his motivation and he will tell the player that she is responsible for the death of a mutual friend, Sevaris. Although he does not know the reason behind her apparent betrayal, he cares only to find her and kill her. Brakh will need to be recruited as a follower in order to trigger the two location-specific dialogue that will enable the quest.

Take Brakh to Hunter’s Rest a bit northeast of where he is initially met to activate one of his unique dialogues. Here he will tell the player that Lagdu, Sevaris, and him grew up together and were close friends who hunted together. Lagdu is an exceptional archer, and like true family, someone Brakh would quarrel with that occasionally required mediation from Sevaris. Follow the dialogue branch to hear him recount Sevaris’ death at Hunter’s Rest. He will also remark that Lagdu and Sevaris were lovers.

Brakh’s other unique dialogue can be activated by bringing him to Sacellum of Boethiah in the mountains east of Windhelm. He will express his distaste for the Prince of Betrayal and divulges his continued grief over losing Sevaris, who was not only his best friend and his “voice”, but also Lagdu’s “heart”.

Hunting the hunter
After both location-specific dialogues are completed, the quest is primed and ready. To start the quest, ask Keerava in Riften’s Bee and Barb if there’s anything the player should be aware of while traveling in the Rift. She will hand over a notice that warns the player about a highly capable bandit archer at Faldar’s Tooth. Show the note to Brakh and head over to find his quarry at Faldar’s Tooth.

Fight through the bandits at Faldar’s Tooth and make it up towards the highest tower in the fort. True to her reputation, Lagdu will snipe at the player from up above. Defeat the Bandit Chief that is found with her at the top of the tower and whittle down her health. She will then go into a downed state while Brakh approaches. Attempt to talk to her will trigger a scene between the two orcs.

She informs Brakh and the player that she killed Sevaris because he had betrayed the group of hunters by striking a deal with the East Empire Trading Company and a baron named Gabania (whom the player may be all too familiar with). Unwilling to believe her claims, Brakh will fulfill his hunt by killing Lagdu with the arrow he has been saving for her, completing the quest. A leveled enchanted bow can be looted from Lagdu’s body.

– The player does not actually have to kill the wolves when meeting Brakh initially, he will comment on it regardless
– The player does not need to complete the vanilla Boethiah’s quest, simply taking Brakh to the shrine will allow the dialogue to appear
– Lagdu carries a note addressed to Sevaris from a man named Florentus Ivenucci (a play on Proventus Avenicci) requesting that he fulfill his deal to convince the hunters to work for the East Empire Trading Co. and Gabania, confirming that Lagdu did indeed tell the truth
– Killing Gabania in Brother and Keeper does not affect the quest
– The quest fails if Brakh dies as of v3.05.1

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