Idle Dreams


Idle Dreams
Quest Giver Amicus
Locations Haelga’s Bunkhouse, Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead, Amicus’ Dreamworld
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level PC x 3 Class EncClassAnimalPredator
Quest ID AmicusDialogue/FicusDialogue Editor ID 021EDD76/021E9D28
NPCs Amicus, Ficus, Sadrin Reloro, Haelga
Reward Gold Ruby Necklace

In Idle Dreams, the player assists a sleep addict with overcoming his recurring nightmare by entering the nightmare and guiding him out.

Being Awake is so Dull
Amicus is initially encountered sleeping in one of the beds in Haelga’s Bunkhouse at Riften. On waking, he will assume the Player is Haelga pestering him and display annoyance. Once he has come round a little and discovered a stranger has disturbed him, he will compose himself and explain that he spends most of his life sleeping as he’s addicted to his particularly vivid dreams, the only situation in which he really feels alive. This lifestyle is not without its drawbacks however, as he now rarely washes, barely eats, and steals to fund his lifestyle. A prolific but light sleeper, he considers the amount of noise at the Bunkhouse and how any disturbance or measure of awareness breaks the dream, which is unrepeatable. He concludes that he would be better off paying a little extra for a quiet place to sleep and resolves to move to the Vilemyr Inn at Ivarstead.

I Haven’t Slept in Weeks
On arriving at Ivarstead, Amicus’ plans are thwarted when he finds the vivid dreams he so loves have transformed into a vivid recurring nightmare set in a Dwemer ruin. When the player expresses surprise at his waking state, Amicus presents them with a plan; at Riften he discovered that he possessed the ability to share his dreams with the other residents. If they could sleep in close proximity, perhaps the player could enter his nightmare and kill his tormentors. He suggests the abandoned shack across the river to ensure only the player joins him in the dream.

Hopefully This Will Work. Otherwise, I Don’t Think I Can Ever Sleep Again
Having solicited help, Amicus heads to the Abandoned Shack where he invites the player to sleep in the bedroll on the left, transporting them into his dream.

On arrival, the Dragonborn will find an adventurer fighting two falmer, and discover that all the inhabitants of this dream world take the form of Amicus. While expressing his gratitude, the archetypal adventurer will exhibit some confusion about the presence of the player. Pushing those thoughts aside, he will quickly enlist their service to aid him in rescuing a beautiful princess before her chastity is taken.

As he follows the player through the ruin, it becomes apparent that he is unable to discern that all the inhabitants share a single identity. He also confesses that the princess is his bride to be. Fighting through falmer, the player will reach the atrium and discover the corpses of several researchers, and near them a research journal containing gibberish. A little further along is a torture chamber, a rack standing in the centre and Amicus cast as a frail and injured princess sitting beside it, cowering from the adventurer’s advances. Initially confused, he quickly discerns the situation and implores the player to kill the adventurer and end the nightmare.

Amicus Princess

The adventurer thanks the player, who is then faced with two options:

Ignoring the princess’ pleas will fail the quest, forcing the player back to Ivarstead, where they will find a trembling Amicus lying on his bedroll and begging to be killed.

Conversely, attempting to introduce an element of lucidity to the adventurer will cause him to start to doubt the veracity of the situation, bringing on a headache and causing him to cower next to a lever.

Amicus will seize his chance and instruct the player to pull the lever to deploy spikes and kill the adventurer, and will quickly grow frustrated and do it himself if there is any hesitation. He then urges the player to search the corpse for a key. If asked what he thinks the dream means, he will muse about the solipsistic nature of his dreams but form no conclusion.

An Unfamiliar Face
With the correct door located, the player enters the second part of the dream. Conscious of the implied narcissism in the first, Amicus turns his attention outwards and imagines a Jarl’s long house, with Sadrin Reloro as the Jarl and Haelga his steward.

Jarl Sadrin

Amicus approaches the throne and requests assistance from Sadrin, who reasons that his existence is dependant on keeping him asleep. He concedes for the collection of statues of Dibella, which will allow him to consummate his marriage to Haelga. The statues delivered, he will present the choice of two routes out of the long house; a room with twenty skeever-sized Centurions, or another with one Centurion-sized skeever. He equips Amicus with a set of thieves guild armour before retiring to bed.

Knights and Knaves
On selecting a door, the player enters another Dwarven ruin. When the fight concludes, a clown and a jester in the form of Amicus appear. Amicus will talk about his childhood and explain that the jester and clown give the player a puzzle, the solution to which has always eluded him.

Amicus Clown

To choose the right door, the player must ask the clown whether the jester would say “yes” when asked if the clown is guarding the correct door. If the clown answers “no”, his door leads to the exit, if “yes” then the jester’s (or vice versa).

Alternatively, on selecting the wrong door twice, Amicus will suggest he and the player simply kill the jester and clown and loot both keys, turning them hostile.

On discerning the correct doorway, the player will find a room with a stone bed. A relieved Amicus will tell the Dragonborn that sleeping in it will return them both to Ivarstead.

Being Awake is so Dull
On waking at Ivarstead, Amicus can be found sleeping on his bedroll. Talking to him will reveal he remembers nothing of the dream. He will reward the player with a stolen gold ruby necklace and make his way to the Windpeak Inn at Dawnstar where he will enjoy his vivid dreams once more.

– Amicus’ essential status is removed from here on

Idle Dreams (AmicusDialogue/FicusDialogue)
Stage Information
0 Talk to Amicus at Haelga’s Bunkhouse in Riften.
2 Visit Amicus at the Vilemyr Inn at Ivarstead.
30 Meet Amicus at the Abandoned Shack in Ivarstead.
70 Save the princess.
95 Escape the Dwemer ruin.
96 Retrieve the statue of Dibella.
97 Return to Jarl Sadrin.
98 Retrieve 2 statues of Dibella.
99 Return to Jarl Sadrin.
100 Retrieve 3 statues of Dibella.
101 Return to Jarl Sadrin.
110 Fight 20 skeever-sized Centurions or 1 Centurion-sized skeever.
190 Reward necklace. Amicus’ essential status removed. Amicus moves to Dawnstar.

13 thoughts on “Idle Dreams”

  1. This had a quest-breaking bug for me. Within the dream, Amicus stopped following me for a while and just started running around randomly and standing in corners. When I found him again, he would follow for a bit, but then run off randomly again. I went on without him and found the princess. But then both the princess and Amicus were “busy,” could not be interacted with. I have found this to be common in “Interesting NPCs” quests–dialogues that don’t work and followers or quest-givers that run off inexplicably.

    1. Found a way to continue by sleeping in a bedroll, which got princess and Amicus to talk. But then more bugs from irritating to severe. In jarl section, could not select any dialogue options unless I reloaded a save each time. And when I exited the dreamworld back to Ivarstead, my character was stuck in a sleeping animation pose with no way out, movement would make it clip through the ground, etc. Terrible bugs.

      1. 1. Could not select dialogue options
        You do realize that the dialogue selection is not something I control? If it’s buggy, it’s the Skyrim game, not the mod. You’ll notice it more simply because this mod has more dialogue. Try the mod “better dialogue controls” or other mods that fix the dialogue menu. It has nothing to do with this mod.

        2. Sleeping animation
        Just press E and you wake up. I’ve found movement is disabled until you do. Probably not obvious since most waking up is done by movement, so I’ll add a message to spell it out for you.

      2. I had these bugs too. Thankfully the sleeping in a bedroll also fixed this, as well as saving then loading fixed the dialogue. A minor inconvenience for a generally overall wonderful mod filled with wonderful characters. But also, when I woke from the dream, I woke for a split second in ivarstead, then actually woke up in a field between Whiterun and the Western Watchtower. Thought it was part of the mod until I read the desc of this quest above.

    2. The follow AI package is part of the game engine. I haven’t experienced any problems except for one area where I used a teleport. He teleports to you at the end as well. The scene can be held up by the Warrior not reaching the princess.

      “I have found this problem to be common”

      If something seems buggy, just report the specifics. No one else seems to be having “common” issues, but in modding, I can’t account for conflicts and other things that can’t be replicated under normal circumstances. That doesn’t mean some kind of failsafe can’t be implemented, but it starts with naming the issue.

    3. All right, and here is a video of the first part of the quest with all the terrible, game-breaking bugs. Somehow, through grit and determination, I still managed to soldier through.

      Basically, if I put on my investigative hat, I’m guessing what you mean “by randomly running off,” is that you’re referring to his penchant for checking corpses, which can stop his follow package temporarily. That I can override, as well as put another teleport toward the end if I haven’t already(might be done based on distance). But while he takes detours to corpse fondle, it’s working fine. There’s nothing random about anything, really. There’s always a logical explanation.

      But like I said, putting failsafes is always a good idea, in case people misinterpret things as bugs. But they normally don’t make it in to the first iteration because I can’t account for all the myriad of things a player will do, or in some cases, believe (as you thought his corpse checking was a bug), even testing 100x.

      So, to recap, the insinuation that the quest is buggy? I would disagree, especially when the pretty much all the behavior you mentioned weren’t even bugs, particularly the ones you found most severe. The dialogue being unclickable – which isn’t the fault of the mod, and the sleeping animation, where it’s not a bug, you just didn’t press E. Try not to jump to conclusions. Just asking me for help is less contentious.

  2. I’ve discovered a game-breaking bug that hasn’t been mentioned before, and cannot possibly be explained away.

    Every time I pass the jesters at the end and sleep in the bed, I wake up right where I went to bed, still stuck in the dream. My keys get taken away, and no amount of sleeping ever brings me to Ivarstead. Even saving and reloading doesn’t fix it, like it did for the dialog problem with the jarl. The only thing I could do was reload a hard-save that I’m very glad I made right before starting the quest.

    And just to make matters worse, my Nexus Mod Manager is broken and totally refuses to download anything any more, so I don’t know how to update my Interesting NPCs mod.

    1. Not a bug. You just need to press E (or whatever the action button is if you use a controller) which gets you out of sleep animation. I’m adding a message that tells you to press it next version.

      Here is the video of me pressing E:

      1. I don’t even get that far. Like I said, I’m still *stuck in the dream*. I’m not back in Amicus’ house, I’m still in the dwarven ruin from the dream world.

  3. My issue is after doing the killing of the giant skeever when the jarl goes to bed then I cant talk to him when it tells me to and can not progress to the part with the jesters or anything and anyone else have similar issues or anything like this and were able to fix them?

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