Encounter Lost Valkygg
Locations Lost Valkygg, Sovngarde
Race Draugr Gender Female
Level 10 Class EncClassDraugrMelee
RefID XX08850C BaseID XX087EFA
Health 140 Magicka 0
Stamina 125
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Heavy Armor
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Ancient Nord Amulet
Voice Draugr Iorel – Jay33721, Queen Iorel – Uncast

At first glance, Iorel is nothing more than another Draugr haunting the halls of Labyrinthian. However, speaking to her reveals she is not only sentient, but retains memories of her former life as a Queen of Mereth. She asks the Dragonborn for one final favor, and if that wish is granted, she may meet him/her once more in Sovngarde.

– In addition to voicing her Draugr form, the original concept for Iorel and the dialogue regarding the dragon shouts was written by Jay33721
– The suggestion to add her to Sovngarde was provided by Madcat221

5 thoughts on “Iorel”

  1. Oh wow! I was expecting to find Queen Iorel under the UESPI skyrim wiki or something, but never imagined it would be under the Interesting NPCs mod I installed. I was very intrigued by her back story and was even saddened at the end of her quest, the voice acting was also very good :)

  2. What an unusual circumstance this turned out to be. Had I entered from the usual set point of fast-travel, I might’ve noticed her below and struck without question. But I entered the wrong by accident. On a curious whim I was baffled she didn’t immediately attack me.
    I’m glad my curiostiy was rewarded by approaching her. This character you’ve made really struck me to the heart. I was so intrigued to listen to Iorel. Her backstory and voice acting is phenominal. I find it damning Bethesda didn’t do better work with ncs they could’ve added.
    As I listened to her, I felt increasingly bad for her circumstances and was greatly torn at the end. But when you end up like a draugr and still have a mind…
    I’m glad I hadn’t finished the main quest. It made it so much more memorable to see her again. Thank-you for such a wonderfully developed character.

  3. I have just encountered and spoken with Iorel. What a fantastic character. As I play as an Elf, a female Bosmer, her words and deeds in attempting to assist the Snow Elves touch me deeply and I was very torn at the end of our conversation in giving her the peace she desired. Still I did, and now look forward to meeting her again when I reach the end of the main quest line.

    Thanks to all concerned for this fascinating, wonderful and enlightening character. Superb voice acting. :)

  4. Oh god, I killed her and didn’t even think anything of it. When I entered Lost Valkygg, she was right there so I sneak-attacked her. I was curious about her being named but thought it was just Bethesda’s attempt at spicing things up…

    Can I resurrect her using the console somehow? Would that break her quest?

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