Encounter Falkreath
Locations Falkreath Lod’s House, Dead Man’s Drink
Quests The Bloodsmith
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level PC×1 Class CombatAssassin
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Block, Smithing, Sneak, Speech
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Key to Lod’s House, Iron Dagger
Voice Anna Castiglioni Audio Files Download

Isobel is a blacksmith apprentice from Kvatch. She works the forge with Lod and also plays a part in the Blood of Kings Questline.

Whereas other followers had their marriage related dialogue added as a bonus, Isobel was designed to be a marriage candidate from the start. As a result, she has a number of romance related conversations in addition to her base dialogue. The prerequisites for proposing are as follows:

– Taken Isobel on a date and expressed interest (Stage 50 or higher of the quest DialogueIsobel)
– Become Thane of Falkreath
– Fulfilled all vanilla prerequisites for marriage

During the date, a number of decisions can result in it ending prematurely, such as expressing a preference for men or hinting she would be better off with Lod. If the first part of the date is a success, Isobel will begin to ask the player questions about his/her history.


52 thoughts on “Isobel”

  1. Great character, incredible voice acting, as usual with 3dnpc. A lil prob tho, i did the right talking, got her on a date, got the right responses (i think), and despite the waiting and waiting (doing stuff all around the world ofc, just waiting outdoor isn’t RP ;) ) i can’t marry her.
    Is it because i was Thane of Falkreath before talking to her ?

      1. I don’t, only got regular amulet of mara. Having done the quest from riften doesn’t show up in the prerequesites though.

  2. Hi im somehow trying to figure out how to marry her, but seems i cant… im Thane of Falkreath and a Vampire Dunmer. Oh and i visited the Riften priest too.
    I even raised my relationshiprank to her to 4 (for testing) and i still cant marry her…

  3. I have a problem with her too, i cant marry her, whatever i do. Im already Thane of Falkreath and a Vampire Dunmer. I cant get the dialoge to go with her for a date. I even tried it with setting relationshiprank to 4 and i still cant marry her. …

    1. The dialogue for the date is available once you ask her the question “You don’t sound all that enthusiastic about inheriting the forge.” under the “You come from a family of blacksmiths?” dialogue tree.

      1. Same problem.. But I’ve also met all the requirements. I just have the 5 dialogue options to respond to her saying she’d be an artist rather than a blacksmith.

        1. If you’re above stage 50 of “DialogueIsobel” the date was a success. The only other mod prereq is being Thane.

          Outside of that, the rest are vanilla prereqs. Make sure you’ve talked to Maramal. Make sure you’re wearing an amulet. Try adding her to the “potentialmarriagefaction” via the console, in case somehow she isn’t in it, or doing the same with her relationship rank.

          Basically, if you’ve done the 2 mod prereqs, you just have to try vanilla stuff. Works for me every time, but I always test with a clean save. Old saves can get wonky, especially for NPCs who get the faction stuff added later on(although Isobel was marry-able from the start).

      2. Hi Kris, I had the same problem and did some fiddling around:

        Following your instructions from a fresh save makes the ‘Do you ever get bored of Falkreath?” dialogue tree appear, which then allows you to suggest a date. However, selecting any other dialogue choice (e.g. the ‘I was at Helgen’ line) removes the ‘Do you ever get bored of Falkreath ?’ option afterwards, rendering it impossible for players to go back and start the date.

        Unless if it’s intentional, is there any chance of fixing that in the next update? I tried making a temporary patch but the Creation Kit seems to be crashing on me tonight.

        A temporary fix for players that have locked themselves out of the date but still want to marry Isobel:

        – Open Console (~ key on most keyboards)
        – Select Isobel by left clicking (or Prid XX0DC322)
        – Type ‘setstage DialogueIsobel 50’, hit Enter
        – Type ‘addfac 19809 1’, hit Enter
        – Type ‘setrelationshiprank player 4’, hit Enter.
        – Speak to Isobel – a new dialogue option should be available if you’re wearing an Amulet of Mara and have spoken to Maramal in Riften (additionally, Isobel should make a remark about your amulet when speaking to her). This will start the marriage quest, skipping the date.

        While I’ve got the opportunity to say it, the work you and the Interesting NPC’s team has done is absolutely amazing, thank you for keeping it as lore-friendly as possible!

        1. It’s intentional. No matter what option you choose, she still goes to the inn. (Stage 20 of DialogueIsobel)

          The only difference is if you don’t ask her on a date, the meeting at the inn is more happenstance than a set date. She’ll say something to the effect of “Didn’t expect to run into you here.” and then you resume the date as normal.

  4. I’m having a hard time moving her into a custom home, I use this mod which allows children and spouses to move into custom homes but for her the dialog to move into the custom home doesn’t show up. I’m all patched up, and I can’t use the mod “spouses can live anywhere” because it conflicts with the mod above. Any suggestions?

  5. Sorry if this is being posted twice :(. Anyway I’m having a hard time moving this npc into a custom home after marriage. I use this mod which allows children and spouses to move into a custom home. Except for this npc after marriage the option to move into the new home never shows up. Any suggestions? I am all patched up with the hearthfire patch and I’m up to date on the mod.

  6. Having a bit of trouble moving this npc into lakeview manor after marriage, the dialog shows up to move to lakeview manor once she gets married to the character, but she never actually goes there, always ends back at Lod’s house. I do have the hearthfire patch up to date, anything I’m doing wrong?

    1. It’s set up correctly, and works fine when I test. You can check “sqv relationshipmarriagefin” and see if her refID is in the “FalkreathHouse” alias. If it is, then another package could be overriding the marriage one if it’s set to a higher priority, but I doubt it since she’s not involved in any quest that would force her to Lod’s house.

      If it isn’t filled, then perhaps another mod is altering the vanilla “relationshipmarriagefin” quest, perhaps even removing “FalkreathHOuse” alias completely.

      Because it works just fine for me with no other mods installed, see pic:

      1. thanks for the swift reply, I think I have an idea of what mod is causing this, would making 3dnpc load after this mod help with the problem at all?

        1. i’m not sure, as I believe 3dnpc doesn’t register as “modifying” the vanilla quest, meaning it might not matter where in the load order it is, because it’s relying on the vanilla Hearthfire.ESM to be unchanged.

          In other words, if another mod removes the alias, 3dnpc probably won’t bring it back.

        2. ah okay I will keep that in mind. It’s just so odd since I can move her into a vanilla house no problem, thanks again for your time, and for making one kick ass mod.

        3. Yeah i think i just have the hf patch installed wrong, I can’t get any spouse to move into a hearthfire home, I am i doing something wrong? I’m using NMM

  7. This may sound like a horribly dumb question, but is there a way to make this npc (or any other non-follower marriage candidate) a follower via the CK so there is custom home support via the mod “my home is your home”? I’ve tested that mod with some of the regular marriage-candidate followers and it works well. Thank you for your time.

    1. With vanilla, because they share voice types they have built in follower dialogue. Adding her to the follower factions will do nothing because she doesn’t have any recruit dialogue. There might be a mod though that makes anyone a follower, but even then it could be tied to vanilla voice types.

  8. Loving the mod so far, but ran into an issue. Managed to marry Isobel, all the way through the wedding ceremony, but immediately after she disappeared. Found her again at Lod’s smithy, but the only dialogue options are the vendor menu and the “You come from a family of blacksmiths?” tree. No option to tell her to move anywhere or anything like that. Did I mess up somewhere?

    1. Well, the marriage part uses the vanilla system. While the mod has different criteria to get the proposal dialogue, the proposal itself, the wedding, and the moving to a new house all use the vanilla script/quest. You can type “sqv relationshipmarriageFIN” to see if her refID is in there, if not, none of the vanilla marriage dialogue will work(The mod stuff will still be there because it’s separate).

      Basically, if something bugged out, it bugged out in vanilla. I haven’t replicated the issue myself in testing, but it may be something people have experienced in the vanilla game with vanilla marriage candidates, so perhaps there’s a solution or a way to force her into the alias. Otherwise I suppose try again? The first thing she should say to you after the wedding is “We’re married blah blah where should we live?”

      1. Alright, I checked that in the console, and her reference ID is there under LoveInterest, which I’m assuming is correct. I’m not using any mods that change vanilla marriage or followers, but I never got any dialogue with her after the ceremony. She just walked out and was gone.

        When you say try again, I take it you mean load up a save from before the wedding, and see if it works this time?

        1. Did you talk to her after the ceremony? In any case, if she’s in the alias, there’s no reason that her “move” dialogue shouldn’t show up. The only condition is that she’s a loveinterest and she’s Isobel.

          When I said try again, it was more along the lines of if the alias didn’t fill. You can try moving the mod down in your load order just in case something has removed my edits, but the “Store made any money” and “I’d like to move” dialogue is conditioned to those things.

        2. Well, I did a bit of digging, and it looks like its a bug in vanilla, albeit a rare one, that seems to only be fixed by reverting to an older save. Oh well, no be lose for me.

          Thank you ever so much fo the help though. I wish I could support the fine work that you and everyone else puts into this more.

  9. Hi there! First of all – a great thank you for the mod, and for Isobel in particular. However, I have a little problem with her. At some point in the game, probably a couple of weeks (in-game time) after I’ve had a date with her, I found her wandering in the Temple of Mara in Riften, where she seems to be stuck now. Dialog options are restricted (e.g. no marriage option). If I move her out of the temple (via the moveto console command), she keeps returning there. If I get to marry her (in order to get the required dialog option, I have to get her out of the temple first), she does not move to any house of my choice, but stays in the temple instead (and no marriage-specific dialog options appear). This looks like a bug to me, isn’t it?

    1. Isobel, like all NPCs in the mod, use the vanilla marriage system. Any problems with the AI packages, scripts, etcetera would be vanilla bugs.

      The only thing mod related is the prerequisites I’ve placed on the “Are you interested in me?” question. Isobel, for instance, requires being at a certain stage of her personal quest. There are no mod packages that move her to the Temple, because the vanilla game takes care of all of that. So if you’re having problems, I would look for vanilla bugs/resolutions.

      1. Seems to be some kind of a vanilla marriage system bug, when NPCs invited to your wedding remain in the Temple of Mara after the ceremony (although I don’t remember having a wedding before this bug with Isobel appeared)

  10. Love this mod but it doesn’t give me the option to get to go to lakeveiw manor but works for my vinella houses like proud spire manor or breazehome

  11. Ahh that makes sense, I didn’t even think to check the inn prior to selecting the appropriate dialogue. In that case everything seems to be in working order – Merry Christmas!

  12. Greetings fist off I would like to say thank you so much for one of the best mods ever, inpc add so much more depth to the world of skyrim and colour to its inhabitants. I apologize if this was asked previously but can you ask Isobel about the children after adopting a child?

    1. not yet, but i may add full HF compatibility later on. Right now it just allows spouses to move into homes.

      to be honest, i just haven’t played HF to know what its features are.

  13. Greetings fist off I would like to say thank you so much for one of the best mods ever, inpc add so much more depth to the world of skyrim and colour to its inhabitants. I apologize if this was asked previously but can you ask Isobel about the children after adopting a child?

  14. I did everything leading up to getting married to her, but she doesn’t show up. People show up and walk around. Yet the scripted scene doesn’t start plus isobel doesn’t show uo

  15. I could have missed the answer to this question, but is there a way to make Isobel move into a vanilla Hearthfires house?

  16. Excuse me if this question has been asked before but… How did you manage to make her having actual conversations with Lod? I mean, Lod’s dialogue doesn’t seem to be done with sentence mixing. Did you get his original voice actors to record the lines? Are these left-over lines that never made it into the final game?

    I’d love to get an answer to these questions, as it totally blew my mind when I first heard them talking to each other. Thanks in advance!

  17. I’m encountering an issue when trying to marry Isobel. Namely, that she won’t leave Lod’s House, no matter the time of day. I’ve tried using the console to move her, but the game doesn’t seem to recognize her RefID or BaseID.
    The fact she won’t leave Lod’s House is prohibiting the marriage dialogue option from appearing. She comments on the Amulet of Mara, but that’s it. The one time I got her to leave the house, it showed up. However, I don’t know how I got her to leave the house, and I’m pretty sure she got stuck inside it again when I tried to have the wedding ceremony, because she didn’t show up, and therefore it didn’t start (my game crashed then and I had to go back to a save from before I became engaged to her)
    If anyone is still here… Do any of you have any advice on how to fix this?

  18. Just so I’m certain: do you need to have gone to the Temple of Mara to ask her on the date? If not, then I think it’s not working for me.

  19. I’ve been trying to marry her and I realized you also have to own a home. Not sure why they didn’t mention that. Maybe because just about everyone has breezehome

  20. Hi my only problem is that if i adopt a child than i cant ask Isobel about “How the kids are doing?” because there is no dialogue option for it, is this intentional or does this only work with interesting npcs children?

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