Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Jade

Encounter Temple of Mara
Locations Temple of Mara, Riften Marketplace, Bee and Barb
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC×1 Class TrainerLockpickMaster
RefID XX02bb74 BaseID XX02BB70
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Lockpicking, One-Handed, Sneak, Light Armor,
Morality No Crime Confidence Cautious
Inventory ClothesMonkBoots, ClothesMonkRobesHooded, Steel Dagger
Voice Lindsey Lorraine

Jade can be found at the Temple of Riften and belongs to that faction. She is involved in one quest, To Warm Sands, where the player can have her perform the ceremony at the risk of cursing the couple forever. Like Hjoromir, Jade is a follower based on personality as opposed to being useful in a fight, as her cowardice will result in her fleeing more often than not.

To Warm Sands (Kjoliquest)
Stage Information
0 When taking the road south past Shor’s Stone on the way to Riften, Kjoli can be found just to the east among the trees.
10 After conversing with Kjoli, his wife Inari will appear behind him, and after a scene the two will leave for Riften.
30 If the player enters the Bee and Barb after the couple arrive, he/she will find them arguing over Kjoli’s desire to adopt. Inari will rush upstairs in anger.
50 Kjoli asks the PC to talk to Inari, who reveals she believes she is already dead, and is living on borrowed time.
60 After overhearing the conversation, Kjoli apologizes for the misunderstanding and proposes to Inari.
80 Kjoli asks the PC to arrange the marriage. The player has the choice of either having Maramal or Jade perform the rites.
85 (Optional) Jade awkwardly conducts the ceremony.
100 With the ceremony complete, Kjoli and Inari thank the PC and depart.

NoteCurrently Inari will go to the Bee and Barb on the weekends and to Shor’s Stone during the weekdays upon completion of the quest. Kjoli will trail behind her as a linked reference.

15 thoughts on “Jade”

    1. hmm…she’s a combatrogue, so she should have high lockpicking, but she’s also morally against stealing. so that should prevent her from doing property crime, but not from opening a chest in a ruins, but i haven’t tested that so i’m not entirely sure.

      edit: It appears lockpicking is not a skill of combat rogues, maybe changing her to trainerlockpickmaster will help. trainerlockpickexpert boosts heavy armor, which is why i went with master because it boosts light armor skill.

  1. I met Jade at the Bee and Barb recently, and after a little chat she was ready to follow me. I think she said we should “go out and spread the word of Mara”. It sounded rather sultry though ;-) I think she really likes big, strong, hulky Nord men ;-) I had to laugh when she asked whether I would go on any dangerous trips, or anything like that. If only she knew….

    She looks extremely attractive!! (just using UNP body and armor sets, and Mature Skin textures. No skimpy or see-through mods or anything Hentai) I really like her and her voice and texts. I read she is not be most courageous fighter which probably fits her character and appearance completely fine. But I’m sure she has other qualities, comforting me post-battle…. I also read she is not marriable which is maybe a bit sad. I still have to explore many of her dialogue branches. She is definitely a hottie.

  2. Jade is currently following me around as if she were a follower, but I don’t get any of the expected follower dialog options when I talk to her. I have used both of the “follow me” conversation options with her and she responds as if she is going to join me, but her dialog options never change. I don’t have any quests in my log that pertain to her. I’m using AFT with the appropriate patch. Any suggestions?

    1. Never mind. I don’t know what I did, but she stopped following me and went back to Riften. When I used the console to move her back to my location I was able to recruit her normally.

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