Jaspar Gaerston


Jasper Gaerston
Encounter Dawnstar
Locations Dawnstar Lighthouse, Windpeak Inn
Quests The Loudest Whisper
Race Breton Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class Citizen
RefID XX025754 BaseID XX025753
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Archery, Smithing, Light Armor, Sneak, Alchemy, Speech, Enchanting
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory The Wolf Queen v2, Olaf and the Dragon, Nord Mead, Gold(10)
Voice Christian Gaughf (Aranas)

Jaspar Gaerston is an aspiring writer living in Dawnstar. He can often be found at the lighthouse, staring out at the boundless ocean known as the Sea of Ghosts. Pessimistic and forlorn, Jaspar’s depression only worsens when his manuscript is rejected by the acclaimed novelist, Adonato Leotelli.  Jaspar keeps Adonato’s book, Olaf and the Dragon, on his person. He is also the first gay male to be included in the mod.

32 thoughts on “Jaspar Gaerston”

  1. A comment: it’s not obvious that you actually have to have his book in his inventory in order to speak to him about it, if you had started his quest by reading it off Al’Hassan’s table (good job on integrating the latter to the game world, BTW. I didn’t even realize he’s a 3DNPC character initially),

  2. I’ve not looked yet with v3.04 but as of v3.03 the book from this quest is still flagged as a quest item for me after the quest is completed. As a result, it’s stuck in my inventory and can’t be traded or stored in a container. I don’t want to post spoilers by providing any more exact information as to the item in question.

  3. Hello! I’m having a bit of a problem with Jaspar. I’ve completed his quest yet no option comes up for marriage when I speak to him with an amulet of Mara on? Am I missing something or is this a bug?

    1. make sure you’re using the most recent version, and your PC must be male

      I actually did find a problem, but it’s the opposite of what you think. There’s no condition to check if you beat the quest, which is obviously a mistake, that should come first. All other conditions are vanilla.

      1. Thank you for your reply!
        I am at the most recent version and my PC is male. It might be because I own a Hearthfire house only? For some reason if I try to buy any other vanilla home my game crashes but I think that is unrelated to your mod.

        1. same thing, make sure you’ve done vanilla prerequisites. More often than not, that’s the reason. Everything checks out in terms of conditions.

          The only problem i found was that previously you could marry him b4 doing the quest, but that’s been corrected.

        2. I’ve already spoken to Maramal and am wearing an amulet of Mara, and other NPCs are interested in me so I have no trouble marrying them. Are there any other prerequisites?

  4. I’ve spoken to Maramal, gotten the amulet of Mara, completed Jaspar’s quest, and no marriage option. I don’t have a house, I’m a male Orc, and I have version 3_04 with the Heartfire compatibly and Dawnguard Meshes for Vampire.

    1. There’s nothing to be sorry about. Aranas is a really good actor, and one of the more beloved voices in the mod, but that doesn’t mean his voice is some magical sound that cures cancer. Even the most popular, critcally-acclaimed things have their detractors. Go to any youtube video of your favorite music and there will be dislikes.

      Meaning, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. People will hate voices that you love, and love voices you hate. When you have close to 100 actors, that’s going to happen.

      But lucky for you, no one’s forcing you to talk to him. Just press tab and go on your merry way. Let the people who enjoy him enjoy him, and the people who want to ignore, kill, or disable him can do so.

      However, I also want to say this. The actors here aren’t some nameless celebrity who never reads the comments. They do what they do for free, and the least you can do is be appreciative of that effort. Christian doesn’t need to come here and read how you find Jaspar’s voice annoying. He just doesn’t need that shit. It’d be different if you’re being constructive, but you aren’t. So my suggestion is to be helpful in your criticism or just don’t comment at all.

      So I should correct myself, there is something to be sorry for, and that’s being pointlessly rude.

      1. Also his voice just fits the character he has. He’s a hopeless fella who lost the will of living. He just has the perfect voice and I started to copy his way of talking unintentionally, I literally speak like him.

  5. So I finally got to marry Jaspar, he’s so sweet and sappy, I love him. Half of the time he makes me “Aww… Let me hug you!” He’s such a fitting husband for my Dragonborn, having in count how hes a writer (aspiring) and my Dragonborn is a book hoarding bookworm, and he’s all sappy and lovable like a sad puppy and my Dragonborn just has a thing for puppy eyes…
    There’s just one problem…
    Why does he keep going to Dawnstar?! I have gotten to the point I had to console teleport him back home because I got home and he was gone…
    And even when I teleport him back home he just walked out the door..
    I tried repeating the wedding but the behavior returns, he always goes back to Dawnstar despite the fact that I own a home and have sent him there, repeatedly.
    I don’t know if its a mod that is conflicting.
    I got no problems with Veralene when I was married with her…
    I’m going to try the spouses can live anywhere mod to see if that forces Jaspar to stay home instead of making me go to Dawnstar whenever i want to go all “Aww…”

    1. the mod uses the vanilla system, scripts, and packages, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

      Tested on my end and moved him to Honeyside with no issues. Can you name the actual house you are trying to send him to?


      1. Breezehome. I also have Lakeside but for some reason it doesn’t even appear as an option (even though i finished building it…).
        Another thing that is odd is that even though i talked with him in the temple of Mara, the “Talk with Jaspar during the reception” quest appears incomplete even though I talked with him.
        I also tried the spouses can live anywhere mod but it doesn’t seem to affect him.
        I’m going to see if I’m having the same problem with other characters in the mod. I wasn’t before, but I also married Veralene before the new update, so I don’t know. Maybe I have a corrupted file somewhere… Maybe I’ll have to reinstall the mod.

        1. For lakeside, you need to use the HF patch.

          It does appear that the script for Breezehome is incorrect for a lot of the new followers, they’re set to go to SpouseHouse instead of WhiterunHouse – I must have copied it off the Spouse dialogue for some reason instead of the Breezehome dialogue – will fix for next version.

      2. So i discovered what was keeping Jaspar from going to my home, but I also found out another bug…

        I’m going to write a fanfiction out this all ordeal… “Our bugged wedding” it shall be named XD…

        So… I got the patch, Lakeview finally showed up, tried again, same thing about him not leaving Dawnstar happens.

        I went to check my mods and found an old mod that messes with the marriage options, so i deactivated it, returned to the game and tried to move him to Lakeview, this time he left Dawnstar.

        So i went to breezehome, he’s not there… I wait a whole day, he’s still not there. Go back to Dawnstar, he’s also not there… My husband just vanished…

        Reload the game, moves him to Lakeview, go to Lakeview, wait a day, he’s also not there…
        … What the?…
        I decide to try and teleport to him, maybe that way I will find him. He’s back at the temple of Mara… Jaspar are you trying to get an annulment on the wedding?

        I ask him to move (again) to Lakeview. I go back to Lakeview and wait… One day later… no Jaspar…

        I teleport to Jaspar again… He’s now wandering around Riften… I find that odd and start stalking him, he wanders around the stables and the outskirts of Riften, then goes into Riften, wanders the market and goes to the temple of Mara and just stays there…
        What in the name of Talos?

        Could it be that he’s trying to go to Honneyside and because I don’t have that house yet, he just wanders around Riften all day?

        1. Well, like I said, breezehome I can confirm I made a mistake. I used the the vanilla SPOUSEHOUSE script which would send him to Dawnstar in stead of WhiterunHouse.

          Lakeview appears set up correctly, however. There’s no package where he wanders around Riften, so that’s just weird. Could be related to a mod conflict, but the package for Lakeview is the vanilla package. Now, it’s possible I could have copied the wrong script like with Breezehome, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

          width 400

        2. Maybe it’s just a conflicting mod… He doesn’t seem to be the only interesting NPC who’s taken a likeing into… going out of his routine…
          Either Jaspar doesn’t want to live with my Dragonborn or he grew a pair and decided to take on my advice and explore the world… Because when I teleported to him again because he wasn’t in Riften anymore, he was now in Darkwater Crossing fist fighting spiders…
          Yet, when I ran boss, my mods seem to be working fine, there’s no dirty edits on the 3DNPC and i cleaned my save. Gah, that should teach me not to keep so many mods on…
          I’m going to try and install this mod again, maybe if i reset it, it’ll work again, only bugs me because I’ll have to do the Proving Honor quest again, and look for Valgus… and Rumarin…

    2. You must find me annoying… I’m so sorry V.V… But i really wanted to marry him to my dragonborn.
      Well, i tried to reinstall the mod… didn’t work, Jaspar still walks out of my house (Lakeview namely) and goes to the temple of Mara.
      I’m going to give up for now and try either with someone else or later, when i have another house to try. Since i reseted the mod, i can go try and marry Veralene, since she’s alive now :) (I did not kill her, a dragon did…)…

      That aside, I really like this character. He’s so loveable. I’m used to having Valgus chasing me everywhere (he really has no vote in the question), so it’s good to see that Jaspar and Valgus sound different from one another, and that’s good (like Karas and Garret). Valgus sounds mature and confident, like this Obi-Wan (i’m so exaggerated XD and dramatic) of Skyrim and Jaspar just sounds like this hopeless abandoned puppy who just wants to belong somewhere and maybe find love… he’s so… Aaagh! If I had the free-hug mod I’d hug him every time! I have to say, great job writing Jaspar and making him sound like… Jaspar. Good work…

  6. The quest functioned without problems but something happened.
    I proposed to him and we got married. He says something after the wedding and walks out of the temple before I could talk to him.

    This is where the problem begins: I looked for him everywhere :( I looked for him in riften, my modded and vanilla homes, in solitude, and finally in dawnstar. He completely disappeared, as if he never existed.

    So I looked up a console command to summon him. Prid “his ref ID” moveto player (I think) and it didn’t work. It said that his ref id doesn’t exist which means what I thought was true–the game deleted him somehow. I double checked by doing the help “Jaspar Gaerston” 4 console command to bring up his base ID or ref ID and it didn’t recognized it.

    I made a new copy of him using player.placeat me “his base id” 1 and I GOT HIM BACK! <3 and his quest is in tact. He keeps on saying the line about how happy he is to see his book in a shelf and finally be an author. But… he doesn't recognize me as his husband.. I wear an amulet of mara and nothing happens. How do I make him recognize me as his husband? :( I'm thinking about resetting the marriage quest (resetquest relationshipmarriage) and hoping it'll work… but it case it doesn't, what do you suggest?

    Also, skyrim keeps on deleting him when I make a copy of him. o____o For example, if I make copy of him in solitude, after a few seconds of not looking at him, he would disappear with his ref id becoming non-existent (meaning he never existed).

  7. Hi Kris so I am very confused I have been trying to figure out if jaspar is a character from a mod or if he’s part of the original actual game and if he is part of a mod can you tell me the name and if it is available for PS4

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