A pure psychopath.   A sick puppy.  Derives enjoyment from murder, yet in a cold, logical way.  He escaped from a prison in Daggerfall and is now hiding in plain sight in the Warrens, because no one would ever suspect he was hiding near the infamous Cidhna Mine prison.  He is able to detect fear in people, and becomes curious about the Dragonborn who shows none.  He basically offers to reveal himself and his story in exchange for the Dragonborn’s true identity.  Further dialogue reveals he kills women and children.  He alludes to flaying skin and using them on the local tanning racks.  There are 2 leather strips in his inventory.

Why are you sitting in the corner?
1. There’s always safety in the shadows for those who embrace it.

Embracing the shadows mean embracing the dark.
2. True enough. And is the dark a friend to you? I can’t read you as well as the others.

Safety? Are you in danger?
3.  No, stranger. A mortal doesn’t retreat to the shadows. He’s drawn to them. But you, you I’m not so sure.

What do you mean by that?
4.  Your heart beats with neither pity nor malice. Your bones speak in an unfamiliar tongue.
Typically the warrens only beckon those who seek death. Can you hear it?  Such sweet music.

Yes, it’s quite lovely.
5. Many who reside here would not share such sentiments. For them, the music eats away at their insides.

I’m just exploring.
6.  Then don’t let me stop you.  Explore away, and sate your hunger.

What music?
7.  The sound of darkness. The echoes in the void. The rhythm of bones. They all play as one.

I can spare gold, if you need it.
8.  I don’t need your charity. Neither do the people.  It only serves to delay their suffering.

The conditions in the Warrens are rather bleak.
6.  Yes. Take the sick one, Cairine. She lies all day in her own filth, gripping her stomach in pain.
7.  Of course, there’s a way out.  The girl lacks the courage to do it on her own.  You can help her.
8. Her body yearns for your steel, to feel its fiery kiss.

I suppose you would rather I let them die.
9.  Sure, that’s one way to go about it.  Another way is to be the instrument of their death.

How can I allay their suffering if not with gold?
10. There’s only one solution that’s permanent. Death.

I don’t give to feel good about myself.
11. Ah, but you do. Selflessness is a lie. Even charity is for your own benefit.
12. Yet you can still help these people and sate your own guilt. But only through death will your actions have meaning.

Then you won’t mind if I spend these septims at the tavern instead.
13. You misunderstand my words.  I said your efforts were futile.  I never said you should stop.
14. If charity brings you pleasure, who am I to deny you that fruit? Give the poor fools your alms, and ease the burden of your guilt.
15. Yet if your aim is to help these people, then death is the most generous act of all.

Are you implying that murder is the ethical solution?
16. Yes, but I don’t mean that has to be your motivation. It certainly isn’t mine.
17.  Pity or desire, good or evil, why you kill isn’t important.  Just that you savor it, the way she will savor the void.

You don’t strike me as a beggar or a laborer.
18.  An astute observation.  Most are too quick to trust the eyes, even as their blood curdles inside.
19.  Others don’t trust their eyes enough.  It’s how I hide in plain sight, outside the very walls they seek to trap me in.

Who are you really?
20.  I would ask you the same.  Your body is unlike the others.  It doesn’t betray your thoughts.  I’m curious as to why.

Enough riddles, pondscum.  Tell me who you are.
21.  You’re quick to anger, but smell of confidence, not fear. Interesting.  Alright, I’ll tell you who I am, if you’re willing to return the favor.

I’m just an adventurer.
22. A dagger is just a tool. It can mean many things depending on who wields it.
23. What you say is true. You’re an adventurer. But I can tell that word means more coming out of your mouth than mine.

It’s none of your business.
24.  You’re right, but that anger tells me everything I need to know.

I’m the Dragonborn.
25.  That you are, and the dragons are your prey.

All right, you know who I am. Now it’s your turn.
26.  Agreed. I will tell you what I am, and you can respond as you see fit.
27.  To put it bluntly, I’m a killer.  Just as mothers nurse their young, or a thief is compelled steal, I crave the kill.

The Dark Brotherhood is looking for new recruits.
28.  Theirs is not my way.  I don’t like to have my victims chosen for me, nor do I prescribe to the tenets of Sithis.
29.  What I do is for my own pleasure, and to do it any other way would spoil the kill.

Murder is unnatural.
30.  When a pack of wolves grows too large for the forest, the pack must devour their young or risk starvation.
31.  The wolves die, the rabbits return.  This is how death protects life.

Sounds like a pathetic justification for murder.
32.  The example I gave was merely to make a point.  It’s not the reason why I kill.
33. I kill to smell the hot odor of sweat on my victim.  To see their eyes paralyzed with fear.
34.  I kill to touch my knife to their flesh, to listen to the sonnet of tremoring bodies.
35.  I kill for my own enjoyment.  That is my justification.

I see your point. Is that your motivation for killing?
36. No, far from it. It was just an example.

Truth be told, I share a similar need.
37.  And how may I ask do you deliver these souls to the void?  No, don’t tell me.  Some things are best left to the imagination.

Do you have any rules or victims you prefer to kill?
38. None. Mortals are like instruments, and they all make their own sound.
39. Whether it’s the creak of an old man, or the squeal of a young child, their throes of panic are sweet, their cries to the Gods, divine.

Still, you must have some preference.
40.  You’re right. There is an age that plays sweeter than most – a time when a person can contemplate fear, yet isn’t old enough to manage it.
41.  All of this works to titillate the palate before the kill.

Killing children is disgusting.
42.  What gives one life more value than another?  The bones of a thousand corpses lay behind you, but you gawk at the suggestion that I harm a child.

Children are innocent.  There’s a difference.
43.  An innocent child is like a glass of unspoiled milk.  Only in the void can they be preserved.

I guess I’m not opposed to killing children. It depends on the child.
44.  To each his own.

Men kill and men die, but it’s rarely for such grotesque pleasure.
45.  Pleasure takes many forms.  Men kill for power, for lust, and for greed.  I simply remove the middle man.

I can’t let a monster like you live.
46.  And yet the music your bones play, it sounds just like mine.

You speak like a wanted man.
49.  True, there are many who pursue me, some of whom don’t even know the face of their quarry. But as of this moment, it’s sellswords that chase me.

Why are sellswords targeting you?
50.  I was near a small hamlet south of Farrun when the skin of a man, mottled with bruises and calluses, called for my blade.
51.  The sound directed my eyes to the local blacksmith.  A Redguard, very stout, but his bones sang with fear.
52.  I turned to leave, when I stumbled into a street urchin. He was a pickpocket, but a clumsy one.
53. He missed my purse strings and cut the leather. That was a problem.

Why is that? 
54. Because the purse wasn’t filled with septims, but the hand of a Bosmer.
55.  The few villagers who didn’t see the hand were quick to smell it.  The others just followed the screams.
56.  The town guard and local sellswords surrounded me.  Even the farmers drew their daggers.

How did you escape?
57.  By submitting.  I planted the idea I was worth more alive than dead.  And the smaller the company, the bigger the share.
58.  It didn’t take an oracle to see what would happen next.
59. The sellswords were quick to turn on the guards, and even quicker to turn on themselves.  The ones that remained were easy prey.

Are you familiar with the Shadowscales?
60. Yes. I’ve heard tales that the order is extinct.  Still, if lives are left to flourish, then death will flourish, and the Shadowscales will return.

Is there a particular ritual you have for your work?
61. I keep the body parts that play the sweetest music.
62. Although some require some fine tuning. You might see me at the tanning rack, but it isn’t leather I’m crafting.

63.  They say the most painful way to die is also the fastest way to die.  That’s a shame.

64.  They say the drowned don’t suffer.  That’s unfortunate, given the layout of this city.

65. The fear that comes from Illusion magic offers no sound.

66.  Shadows may cover, but light conceals.

67.  The Breton girl at the Hag’s Cure. Her neck screams for my mercy.

68.  The miners bring me food and drink.  What I give in exchange needs not be said.

69.  Mmm…your eyes play such beautiful music.

70.  Shadow hide you.

71. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the sound.

72. Ask your questions, unless you fear the answers.

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