Scene with Nephalata

Jenabel, do you have any experience with magic?

Well, my husband once said “Your smile can light up a room.” But then I realized he was talking to the tavern wench.

I’m talking about spells, incantations, that sort of thing.

Oh I know. But I’m sorry, I can’t help you. There’s about as much magic in these fingers as there was in my marriage.


It may be Loredas, but we’re still working.

Inn Hellos

A good wine at the end of the day makes you forget all the bad stuff that happened before it.

I need another drink.

Food’s no worse here than in the Gray Quarter, I suppose.

If you ask me, I think Nevyn works too hard. He just needs to learn it’s okay to drink on the job.


Nevyn, I want you to give me your strongest, cheapest drink.

Sure, coming right up.

player murder investigation

What do you really think happened to Elenea’s daughter?
Well, I was off looking for my husband when the Falmer attacked. Given what happened, maybe I should be thanking him for being such a fetcher.
But if you want my opinion on Avrusa, she was like any other young woman. Didn’t know what she wanted, but was way too eager to get it.
Do I believe the Falmer killed her? I guess it makes sense. I can see her charging ahead on her own.

Do I believe Zannfar killed her? Well, he certainly had the opportunity. She was practically in love with him.



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