Jessica Osborne Roles

missing lines for Gina

Why do you say that?
Because he’s making them soft. Kids like that, the wastes will chew ’em up and spit ’em out.

What is it?
Just something I cooked up in my spare time.
It’s a BB gun that shoots live rounds. Figure it’ll be easier to learn with.

Have you ever considered training those children yourself?
Sure, I’ve thought about it, but I can’t.




So much for the fucking jarheads who lived here. Let’s go find the armory, that’s where the good shit is.

Hmph. That’s it? You’ll find more guns in a Megaton drain pipe than this dump. No wonder this country went to shit.

“The Republic of Dave” is basically a fucking slaver camp. The only difference is the collar’s wrapped around their brains.

Rookie camps like these are like putting on a wet sock. Makes you want to bleed them dry.

I got respect for slaves who get out. Even more for the kind that stay alive.

This place is too clean for a raider hideout. Any dipshit rook who lives here probably eats cake and caviar.

God, it must’ve sucked to live in a Pre-War town like this. Bombs did ’em a favor.

Fuck Mister Burke and fuck his bomb. Seems to me you’d make more money killing these assholes one by one and looting the corpses.

Glad you fixed the water leaks. The more these settlers drink, the more blood squirts out when we pop them.

hooker hired
Going upstairs with Nova, huh. Ain’t no shame in getting a taste. Just let me know when you’re done.

Tenpenny Tower. Just a bunch of pissmuppets jerking off to the size of their wallets. We ought to kill the lot of them.

Megaton. Just another town full of shitstains and cuntroaches. We should fit right in.

The Canterbury Cumrag. The sooner we get out of this shitweasel of a town, the better.

Cans, corn flakes, and cocksuckers. Just your typical grocery list, I’m sure.

Judging by the size of her gun, I bet Grandma Sparkle could fuck shit up if she wanted to.

Fucking lurks are just a bunch of oversized crabs. Soft as mush under those shells.

It looks like the people here ignored the first rule of the wastes. Don’t get killed by your own dinner.

These fuckwit scabs don’t have a right to call themselves raiders. Not if they’re letting molerats take them down.

Surprised there’s still whiskey on those shelves. You’d think it’d be the first thing to go.

So this zombie makes Ultrajet, huh. A skill like that might be pretty valuable to the right gang.

[Essential] Don’t take any unnecessary risks.
Ha, are you saying you want me around? Sure, you’re the boss.

[Non-Essential] Do whatever you can to win a fight.
I always do.

These ratfuck bastards won’t know what hit ’em.


Is it true your old man’s gonna bring clean water to the wastes? About time somebody did something about that shit.


I don’t give a shit about Red, and I don’t give a shit about this town. But I’ll kill muties for free.


You call that a bodyguard? Hmph. I could take him.

There’s only one thing Moira needs to write in that survival guide of hers. Stay the fuck out of my way.


Ghouls, hookers, and drinks. The only difference between this bar and a raider hole is the smell.

This assclown is holding down a mansion and two whores all by himself. I don’t know whether to be offended or stand and clap.

Not sure why you’re bothering to help Sugartits over here. She won’t make it to Rivet City in anything but a bodybag.


10 Find Bryan Wilks’s father.
Fire-breathing ants? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

20 Deliver the bad news to Bryan Wilks
Fuck, you gotta respect a guy who takes down a horde of ants before kicking the bucket. Too bad his kid is such a fucking pussy.

30 Remove the source of the Fire Ants.
35 Investigate Marigold Metro Station and remove the source of the Fire Ants.
40 Eliminate all five Nest Guardians from the Ant Queen’s Hatchery.
42 (Optional) Do not harm the Ant Queen.
43 Send the Inhibitor Pulse from Lesko’s portable terminal or Kill the Ant Queen.

Goddamn I hate bugs. I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks after this shit.

45 Return to Doctor Lesko.
50 Return to Bryan Wilks.
52 Find Bryan Wilks in Grayditch.
60 Icon check Find a home for Bryan Wilks.

Well I’m glad that shit’s done. Still don’t know if we got ’em all though. This whole town needs to get fucking nuked.

10 Deliver Lucy’s message to Arefu.
What are you, a fucking courier now? If this bitch wants a message sent to Arefu(Ar-ah-foo), she can do it her damn self.

15 Discover what the Family did in Arefu.

20 Check the West Residence.(see blood and guts everywhere)
Ho-lee shit. I stand corrected. This little detour might be some fun after all.

21 Check the Schenzy Residence.
22 Check the Schenzy Residence.
25 Report to Evan King.

Fucking townies man. Biggest whackjobs in the wastes.

30 Locate The Family.

These shitbirds think they’re vampires? Like, sucking blood and Count Dracula and all that shit? Ha-ha-ha, what a bunch of tools.

40 Locate Ian West.

Seems to me these people are just run of the mill killers, and this West kid is no different. After all, it takes one to no one.

50 Speak to Vance about Ian’s decision.
60 Icon check Return to Evan King.

Can’t say that wasn’t a hoot. Fucking-a. Vampires. Get a bunch of crazy fucking ass-drinkers together and who knows what they’ll come up with.




Rads is like “Radical”

A doctor’s office. How else was I going to save your life?
Well, I certainly feel sick. Not sure if it’s from the rads or the chems. But I appreciate what you did all the same.


Detection/start fighting

Come on, let’s send these boys packing!

I got your back!

Guess it’s time to sort out the saints and the sinners.

Protect us Lord, and keep us safe.

Get ready for a fight!

Hostiles, twelve o’clock!

Get hit



You’re gonna need a bigger gun, pal!

Agh! Ain’t nothing Jesus can’t fix!


Like fish in a barrel!

Hot damn!

You ain’t gonna win this!

I got this one!

You’re gonna need a stimpak for that!

I’ll shoot, you flank ’em!

I got you covered!

You’re gonna fall down flatter than a cat on the road!


Look out for the flamethrower!

Back to normal

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