Junkie Script

Hey, you! Come here!

You hear about this place too?

Yeah, you got that look. You need a fix.

I bet you’re here to score some Quantum G, right? Think you can get me some? I’m totally good for it.

Young man, judging by the looks of you, I don’t think you’re good for anything.
Aw, don’t say that! I may not be able to get you caps, but I can get other stuff….
I mean come on, just a taste, I’m not greedy!

Quantum G?
You mean you haven’t heard? Man, it’s like, the grooviest high you’ll ever have.
One sip, and you’ll be touching planets and seeing atoms. It’s literally out of this world!
That’s why you gotta help me out. (Lying to player) I used to uh…be a slave, yeah, so I ain’t much for caps.

Yes, I am here to score this thing you refer to.
I knew it! Well, you’ve come to the right place cousin. This isn’t just the river where the quantum flows. It’s the source.
I was gonna get some too, but then my uh…grandma got this nasty scorpion bite and like, I had to buy a stimpak instead.

I’m just passing through. Excuse me.
Oh, I hear ya. Just going to get yourself a drink, right?
I was too, but then I got robbed, yeah, robbed, and now I don’t have enough caps to get the good stuff!

So you gonna help me score or what?
Seriously, I just need a taste.
Did you get me anything? You got me something, right? Tell me you got something!

How can you be sure Quantum Gravity even exists?
How can it not? It’s all anyone’s been talking about for the past three weeks!
My buddy down in Rivet City said he basically swore off Jet and Psycho once he got a taste.

How did you hear about his place?
Word’s out all over the Wastes. Big Town, Megaton, any trader east of the Mississippi will tell you all about Quantum G.

What’s it like inside?
Lot of beef, which makes sense cause they gotta protect their product, you know?
Guy in the kitchen is selling the weak stuff. You know, psycho, jet. But you want the quantum, you gotta talk to the boss I think.

What’s in the garage?
Ah, now we’re talking. I’m thinking that’s the main supply. Not that it matters. It’s locked tighter than a black hole.
But thing is, around midnight, one of the guards goes down and checks on the chef.
Problem is, it’s too dark to see where he’s going.
My guess though? You follow the guard, you find the key.

I have to go.
All right, but remember, sharing is caring!

(optional objective, steal key)

post quest

Do you feel it? Because I totally do…

Whoa…are those stars real?

Quantum gravity man…I told you this stuff is legit.

Enter Carver’s safehouse, greeted by two raiders, Butcher and Eightball 

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