1.  Urag, may I ask you question? What measures do you take to ensure the volumes are up to date?

The Arcanaeum is always accepting new volumes. Hundreds of years have gone into assembling this collection.

2.  And yet it takes all of one day for everything to unravel. Books have been stolen, and the library is a mess.
3.  The Arch-Mage will not be pleased with your lack of effort.

scene 2

4.  Colette, I’ve heard there’s been some tension between you and the other wizards. Is this true?

Well, it’s been suggested that resources used for my study of Restoration could be put to better use. Any other use in fact.
It can make life difficult when one fails to recognize the research one engages in.

5.  There is only one way to ensure restoration remains a respected part of the curriculum. By teaching it to your students.
6.  Your obsession with research is precisely the kind of behavior that will lead to its extinction.

Scene 3

7.  Urag, every day I come to this library, and all I see are wizards. Why aren’t there more novices coming here to study?

I would be fine if they didn’t.

8.  Don’t tell me you’re afraid they will damage the books. By Julianos, have you even bothered to instruct them on proper care?

Calm down, why are you overreacting!

9.  I am reacting this way because the stewards of this College care only for personal accolades.
10. Because a librarian’s responsibility is to be a provider of knowledge, not a hoarder of it.
You would do well to remember that.

Scene 5

Welcome. Let me know if you want anything.
11.  Yes, I’ll have a salmon steak, glazed with salt, ginger, and honey. And a brandy.
12. Not right now, thank you.
13.  Some tea will do just fine. Boil it hot, but not scalding. A small fire and a careful eye is best.


Missing Asteria Line

(Laughs) And you believed such a claim? The song is difficult, but by no means magic. It has a melody and a rhythm like any other.

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