The Boreal Journals of Lathgwen Evenheart

The Boreal Journals of Lathgwen Evenheart
Name Location Console ID Form ID
v1 Greywater Grotto XX0E35E6
v2 Riverwood – Sleeping Giant Inn XX0E3B62
v3 The Reach – Beatrice’s Camp XX0E4BA5
v4 Corpulus – Winking Skeever (Radiant Dark Quest) XX0E4BA6
v5 The Chill XX0E4BA7
v6 The Ratway Warrens XX0E4BA8

Volume 1
Lathgwen travels across the Jerall Mountains to Skyrim in search of a cure for her failing memory. She meets Zora‘s sister, Joselyn, attempting to escape as part of the events in The Children Fair, but confuses her for a mage from the college. When she asks Joselyn where she received her training, she mentions the witch Anise. Taking shelter in Greywater Grotto, Lathgwen misplaces the first of her journals.

Volume 2
With the name Anise on the tip of her tongue, she arrives in Riverwood where a young porter by the name of Hjoromir offers to help her with directions to Anise’s cabin. As a result of Hjoromir’s awful directions, Lathgwen never arrived at the cabin, and instead drifted far off toward the Reach.

Volume 3
Lost in part thanks to Hjoromir’s map, Lathgwen finds herself at a small camp north of the river, where two troubadours regale show her the true meaning of madness. After following the river back east, she runs into Edwayne’s former servant, who ultimately ends up on Ytharil’s table. She follows his advice and reaches Solitude, where she spends the night at the Winking Skeever.

Volume 4
At the Winking Skeever, Lathgwen meets a Dunmer named Drelas. She takes a liking to the Dark Elf, while simultaneously noticing a Khajiit has been shadowing him during his stay at the inn. The Khajiit is none other than Jadro’Ra, and Lathgwen’s journal stumbles upon two truths. The Dunmer is the one who slew Olivia’s apprentice, and Drelas and Nelos are one in the same.

Volume 5
Lathgwen, who on the advice of Drelas headed for Winterhold, has found herself imprisoned in part due to the wild accusations of a Nord named Vigram. Lost in a cold, bleak prison, Lathgwen tries to maintain her sanity by continuing to pen her journal.

Volume 6
Lathgwen’s sixth and final journal shows she has adopted a completely different persona, a thief living in the Ratways, one that allowed her to escape the prison in Winterhold. It is left ambiguous as to what sort of affliction Lathgwen truly suffers from, and who the person in the previous five journals is. In other words, it is unclear whether she lost true herself during the course of this journey or if that person was just one of a series of fabricated personas.

5 thoughts on “The Boreal Journals of Lathgwen Evenheart”

  1. just a quick thing dont know if it’s been sorted or anything but im having an issue with vol 5 i can see it on the floor near the skeleton in the cage but theres no option to pick it up its just part of the scenery, common problem or just me?

    1. yeah, can’t pick it up. bizarre. just add via the console for now i guess. I’ll see if I can put it elsewhere in the area.

      edit: moving on top of a barrel worked, i guess there was something about the placement that was preventing you from clicking on it(snow mound, maybe?)

      1. Tried via console but I cant figure out the whole xx thing it baffles me ive tried every number from 1 to 70 but it wont do it

        1. It’s the number of the mod in your load order. “Coc riverwood” and click on something from the mod, like Hjoromir. Mine’s “1e” for instance so it could be a letter.

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