LLondon Script


Where did you get the name for your store?
You know how they say junk is treasure? Well, that’s what I sell.
The amazing but ordinary. The obvious gem. The generic wonders of the world.

So you sell crap, is what you’re telling me.
Not just any crap – the most spellbinding, magnificent, astonishing crap you’ve ever laid your hands on.

It’s a shopowner’s creed. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
A shopowner’s greed? I’m not greedy. I just like gold, and gold likes me. Fifty years we’ve been together, and I loved her from the start.

It sounds like you’re trying to polish a pile of pig waste.
What? Pig paste? No, you got it wrong, sera. It’s horses they use to make paste, not pigs. In any case it’s five septims for a bottle.

Well said. There are gems to be found even in the filthiest of hovels.
(snore) Huh, what? Were you saying something? Sorry, I dozed off there for a second.

What do you do in your free time?
Free time? What’s that? I’ve never heard those two words used in the same sentence.
When I’m not working the shop, I’m serving as one of the council attendants.
That’s right, I may be old and crippled, but I’m still working two jobs! Hahaha, they’ll never put me out to pasture!

How did you get into the trade?
Well, I worked as a peddler all my life, traveling from the big city to the small ones.
But walking’s hard on my knees, so now I just peddle from here.

Fervaysi Scenes

So Llondon, how’s life as a shopkeeper? Is it sufficiently tedious?

What do you mean?

Well, if your life is too exciting, you may aspire to advance your station.
Too dull, and well, we all know how you shopkeepers like to slit your wrists.

The only thing I slash is my prices! Now hurry up and buy something before I add you to that list!

Aldryn scenes

Councilor Aldryn! It’s always a pleasure to have you in my shop! I assure you, everything you buy will come with a discount.

There’s no need for that Llondon, I’m just another customer.

Nonsense! You’re a profit! You’ve made us all rich!

I think you’re slightly confused. They say I’m a prophet, which is different from making one.

Tell that to my coin purse, Councilor.

Aldryn scenes 2

Are you getting your wares on time, Llondon?
Your store is the fulcrum for the entire marketplace, and delays can disrupt the entire economy.

What? Wares? Yes, we have wares, Councilor. You’re welcome to browse them.
Although lately I’ve heard bandits have been sacking the caravans. It’s bad for business.

Well, then those caravans will have to hire better mercenaries. We can’t be responsible for their security.
We have enough problems dealing with Falmer attacks. 

Zannfar scenes

Oh, Councilor Zannfar! Come, browse my goods. I’d give you a discount, but times are tough. You understand.
I can’t even give myself a discount, and I get everything for free!

Don’t worry. Once we secure the upper ruins, you’ll be overstocked with goods.
Everything we need to survive can be found in this ruin.

Okay, but if you see any forks and spoons, can you not melt them down this time? Some of us don’t like eating with our hands.


Ah, a customer. We’ve got just about everything in here. Well, when it comes to Dwarven goods, anyway.

Take a look.

Are you here to buy some metal?

Scene with Ylgyne
Hey, Legion boy! Why don’t you shed that Imperial armor for some sleek Dwarven metal!

I don’t know…it looks kind of heavy.

Nonsense! It’s light as a feather! Just ask anyone! I’ll even throw in the boots for two hundred septims more!

Hm…that’s a good offer. I’ll think about it.

We got lots of it.

What? You want to order 43 pairs of woman’s shoes? I don’t think I can fill an order that big. Why don’t you look at what I have here.

Everything’s for sale. Well, except for me. Slavery’s illegal, you know.

I lost my hearing in one ear after a Falmer attack. So be sure to say your order clearly, and in my good ear.
It’s the right one, I think. Your right. No, you’re right, it’s your left, my right.

What’s that? Did you say something?

What did you say? You want to buy some belts? Well, sure, we got belts. I think.

I’m sorry, we’re all out of Potion of the Stallion. That’s what you’re here for, right? Or was it that other fella who was impotent?

(female) I’m sorry, we’re all out of Potion of the Stallion. That’s what you’re here for, right? Or was it your other husband that was impotent?

I used to live with this cousin…had the brain rot. You ever had that? The brain rot?
It’s a nasty disease. Makes you forget things. Things like having the brain rot.

What do you want?
How can I help you?
All right then.
Do come back.
Make sure to come back and buy more stuff.

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