Mister Grant Script

Player walks into the club for the first time, Carmen is performing on stage. At the bar, Mister Grant is arguing with the bartender, Jack.

Opening scene with Jack

Any word on my request?

 Sorry sir, but he’s a private man…

Aren’t you the least bit worried? What if something happened to him?

Buddy, I’m terrified. With him gone, I’m in charge. I give us another month before the entire place collapses.

Well, if he does show up, let him know I’m here.

I’ll be sure to pass it along.


Can I ask you something? Have you ever met the owner of this nightclub?

Can’t say I have.
Yes. Strange isn’t it? I didn’t expect this whole thing to be so troublesome.

Yeah, he’s over there somewhere. Beat it.
Over…where? If you could just point me in his direction. Oh, you’re being facetious. Ahem. Well then.

It’s a mystery to everyone.
Me most of all. I’ve been at this for nearly a week, mind you.

You’re looking at him/her. In case you haven’t heard, I pretty much own all of Vegas.
In that case, you’re just the person…oh, wait…you’re talking about muscle, aren’t you?

Ahem…well…while I appreciate your skillset, I’m looking for the person with the deed, not the gun.

Why are you looking for the owner?
I’m interested in buying this nightclub.
I’ve been meaning to make the owner an offer for some time, but every time I ask about his whereabouts I get rebuffed.
At first I thought it was the staff playing coy, but I now I wonder if they really are in the dark.

How long have you been waiting here?
Nearly an entire week. 
In that time, I’ve seen patrons and workers alike shuffle in and out of this establishment and not one of them seems to pay each other any mind.
So either this man is a fantastically good sneak, or he’s gone altogether.

Can you stay here that long? Do you have other business to attend to?
True, but I never pass up a bargain, and outside of the location, this place is incredibly undervalued. 
I think it has to do with the atmosphere. It’s incredibly depressing. No wonder it has trouble attracting customers.
But it’s nothing I can’t overcome with a little bit of patience. And if I get tired of waiting, I’ll just drink.

Maybe I can help you find him.
Hm…It would help to have a second set of eyes.
While I wait for him here and…ahem…turn on a few lights…what if you were to contact one of his associates?
Not people who work with him, but actual friends and family. Or even better yet, a lover.

Do you know anyone like that?
I suppose I don’t. But I’m sure someone as affable as yourself will figure it out.

I think I know just the person.
Really? But you just got here! Hm, maybe you are the right person for the job. Well then, don’t let me stand in your way.

What if he has no loved ones?
Everyone has loved ones, don’t they? Even raiders need someone to confide in.
I refuse to believe the world has gone that far down the gutter.

So you’re just going to sit here and drink while I do all the work?
I think we’re both better suited to the tasks we have.   

What’s in it for me?
A finder’s fee is fairly standard, I think, although the percentage will depend on how well you do, and how much I’ve had to drink.
But don’t worry, if its caps you’re after, you’ll be well compensated for your efforts.

Good luck.

Damn, why must it be so dark in here? I nearly hit my knee on that chair.
You might want to try the singer, at least when she’s not on stage. I heard her cousin knew the owner quite well.

I’ll stay here and keep an eye out for any wealthy looking patrons.


post-quest, if casino is chosen

Are you sure the lighting is bright enough? We want people to feel safe enough to lose their money.

Ah, there you are! I was wondering when you would return! What do you think of the renovation!

It looks great.
Doesn’t it? I have to say the designer I brought in from back east did a tremendous job. Well worth the fee.
Here you are. One thousand caps. Don’t spend it all in one place, unless that place is here! Ha-ha-ha!

Not my cup of tea, but what does it matter? I fucking hate tea.
Exactly. You’re in it for the wealth, as am I. It doesn’t matter what you or I think. We’re not the ones who are going to live here!

But enough about that. I believe I owe you a finder’s fee!

It’s exactly what I expected from you.
I do take pride in my work. And from what I understand, so do you.

Here, for your trouble.

It’s terrible and I feel terrible about helping you.
Oh, I’m sure you’ll feel a whole lot better when I give you your finder’s fee.

Whatever, when can I start gambling?
Soon, soon my friend!
But first things first. I believe I owe you a finder’s fee!

Where’s Carmen?
Who? Oh, you mean the singer. I’m sure she’ll find her way.
But don’t worry I’ve brought in one of the best comedians in all of Barstow to take her place!

When’s the Grand Opening?
Well, I’d open up today if I felt the security was adequate, but we still need to build a place to store the money.
I probably should’ve accounted for that when I bought this club.
I’ve even had to retain the former owner’s guardsman, uncouth as they are.
(Sigh)But I suppose they’re not without their charm.

Where did you get all the employees?
I poached them from the Strip, of course. We have dancers from Gomorrah and dealers from the Tops.

Turns out their loyalty went only as far as their employers were willing to pay them.
This is only a temporary solution of course, until I can bring in my own people.

Post quest Hellos/goodbyes

Of course. Remember, you’re always welcome here.

Good to see you.

Renovations are going splendidly.

Be sure to take in one of our shows. Technically they’re just rehearsals, but it’s no different than the real thing.



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