Mogo’s Mead

Mogos Mead

Mogo’s Mead
Quest Giver Beatrice, at the camp north of Druadach Redoubt in the Reach hold
Locations Camp north of Druadach Redoubt, Black-Briar Meadery, Black-Briar Manor
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level None Class  None
Quest ID BeatriceQuest Editor ID 0215A1BD
NPCs Beatrice, Urzub, Devran, Maven Black-Briar, Hemming, Vulwulf Snow-Shod, Asgeir, Indaryn
Reward 10 gold and 5 bottles of Mogo’s Mead

When word reaches Beatrice that Maven Black-Briar is planning to hold a party celebrating the introduction of Mogo’s Mead to her range, she asks the Dragonborn to exchange the bottles for an alternative recipe. Beatrice and Urzub’s camp can be found in the Reach Hold, east of Druadach Redoubt, and south of the Orc stronghold Mor Khazgur.

Take a Flask and Take a Seat
Beatrice extends a warm welcome to the player when they approach her camp, inviting them to join her and Urzub for a dinner of rat and a recitation of the Poetic Edda. When asked about the meal, it quickly becomes apparent that they are skooma addicts, the food hallucinated and the Poetic Edda largely impromptu. Accepting the offer of a drink from the nearby barrel, the player will discover large quantities of skooma and moon sugar.

Beatrice and Urzub

When Beatrice was thrown out of a Forsworn camp for being a skooma addict, she chanced upon Urzub, another addict, fleeing from the nearby Orc stronghold after killing his skooma dealer. Falling into the river, her leg was trapped between two rocks, where she found a powerful speechcraft amulet in the hand of a similarly trapped corpse. Spotting bottles of skooma in her pockets, Urzub rescued her and they set up camp, Beatrice styling them troubadours and supplying them both with skooma. Beatrice relates the story of a merchant from Elsweyr, who concealed skooma in Mogo’s Mead bottles to smuggle it into Skyrim. He was apprehended by guards who seized the contraband and shared it out, leading to a night of revelry that formed the basis of the bards’ sond “Mogo’s Mead”. Wishing to return the mead to the formula that inspired the song and enlighten the masses on the pleasures of skooma, she tries to elicit the player’s help. She has word that Maven Black-Briar is planning to enterprise on its renown and incorporate it into her mead range, celebrating the introduction with a party at her manor, and asks the player to switch the case of mead earmarked for the soirée for one containing bottles of relabelled skooma. Emphasising the importance of her mission, she shares her hopes of inspiring poets and bards of the future.

Switching the Cases
The crate of Mogo’s Mead can be found in the cellar of Riften’s Black-Briar Meadery. After picking it up, Devran will appear and assume the player is the porter, delivering mead for the party. Taking the case of disguised skooma, he explains that the party is running late, though the appearance of two troubadours who claim to know the Poetic Edda has bought him a little more time to prepare. He ushers the player to Black-Briar Manor, explaining that one of his ancestors owned the original Mogo’s Mead brewery, highly popular in its time. He confides that he was invited to a party as a tribute to Mogo, but doubts that person ever existed.



This Might Be Skooma
At Black-Briar Manor, the player discovers that the troubadours are Beatrice and Urzub. Devran suggests making conversation with them while he gives a small speech to the assembled guests, to serve as a prelude to the mead-tasting. During the tasting, accompanied by a rendition of “Mogo’s Mead”, Devran realises that the drinks have been switched for skooma, and assumes the fleeing troubadours are responsible. He asks everyone to stop drinking, but is too late with Vulwulf, who talks gibberish and draws his sword. Devran tells the player that the mead won’t go into production.

Beatrice and Urzub

The Only Drink We’ll Ever Need
Returning to the camp in the Reach, Beatrice will be relieved that Maven’s production of the mead has been halted, allowing her to distribute the version she produces without competition. She rewards the player with 10 gold and 5 bottles of Mogo’s Mead.

– The Boreal Journal of Lathgwen Evenheart – Vol. 3, can be found on top of the barrel containing skooma and moon sugar.
– Though Beatrice refers to her necklace as an Amulet of Articulation, it’s really an amulet with a powerful speechcraft enchantment.
– Daenlyn Oakhollow mentions skooma addicts interpreting Mogo’s Mead as a song about legalising skooma.
– A guest at Viola’s party, during the Darkened Steel questline, will jest about skooma in Mogo’s Mead.

Mogo’s Mead (BeatriceQuest)
Stage Information
 0 Talk to Beatrice at her camp in the Reach.
 5 Remove the Mogo’s Mead case from the Black-Briar Meadery.
 30 Follow Devran and attend Maven’s soirée. Discover Beatrice and Urzub there.
 40 Talk to Beatrice.
 50 Beatrice and Urzub play “Mogo’s Mead”.
 85 Speak to Devran.
90 Return to Beatrice in the Reach.
100 Devran is disabled, and Urzub’s essential status is removed.


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