Mzinchaleft City Quest PART 1

Aldryn – male, councilor, 

Zanfar – Male, dark elf,  military leader

Fervaysi – Female dark elf, alchemist

Elenea – Female dark elf, councilor

Ylgyne – sveekins

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE FOR NAMES ABOVE, YLGYNE IS ill-guy-n but I don’t think his name is uttered.


We should have been using that metal to forge weapons! Now look at us! Cornered like rats!

I disagree, Zannfar. That metal is the foundation of our economy. Without it, we are nothing more than vagabonds and bandits.
Regardless, it doesn’t matter now. We will have to find another way to deal with the Falmer.

Hold on…it looks like we’ve got guests.

player and ylgyne enter a room, and end up interrupting a town hall meeting in a dwemer city

Halt! Who are you? What are you doing here?

(Draws weapon) That depends on who’s asking.

This is our city, ape. I don’t have to answer your questions. You answer mine.

Oh, sheathe your blade Zannfar! They’re obviously just adventurers. Wouldn’t you agree, Councilor?

It would appear so. And given the circumstances, their timing is rather fortuitous.
Come forward, let me get a look at you.


Ah yes, it’s no coincidence you’ve come. The moonshadow herself must have brought you here.

The moonshadow brought me here?
Oh yes. In my darkest hour, Azura spoke to me.
She told of a great Dwemer ruin cleared by a single adventurer. A cavernous city waiting to be claimed. A city of our own.
So just as the prophet Veloth brought our ancestors to Morrowind, I rounded up my fellow Dunmer and led them here.

Close. It was actually Ylgyne who brought me here.
Your Nord friend, I presume. An Imperial soldier, by the looks of his posture. I assure you, that is no coincidence either.
For you see, it was a vision that led us here. Just as Veloth brought our ancestors to Morrowind, in these ruins, I foresaw a city of our own.

In Windhelm, we spent our lives in fear. It didn’t matter how much wealth you accumulated, or how much goodwill you spread.
Your entire life could be stolen away with a single decree.
Here, we are free to govern our destiny. We are allowed to reap what we sow.

But what about food? You can’t grow crops on stone.

Ha-ha-ha! Maybe not, Nord. But we still have our legs. This ruin has more than enough valuables to sustain us.
With Dawnstar only a day’s journey north, it’s not very difficult to trade for supplies.
The more pressing danger lies not beneath the ground, but behind the walls.

Behind the walls? I’m afraid I don’t understand.

Do you need things spelled out for you, monkey? He’s talking about the Falmer.
No matter how many we kill, more come to take their place. The whole city’s infested.

Nah-uh-uh…that’s where you and I disagree. According to my estimates, the group that drove us out of the city represents the last of their horde.
That’s why they haven’t pursued us. The pretty little things want to rebuild their numbers before they strike again.

In other words, if we attack now, we can eradicate them all.
However, this is not a task Zannfar can do alone. That is why I wish to enlist your help.

You can’t be serious! One of them is a bloody Nord ape!

You can’t be serious! They’re Nords! They can’t be trusted!

I’m sorry, but this is not up for debate. We can either trust them or try bargaining with the Falmer. And I doubt even you are stubborn enough to try that.

If it makes you feel better, you can let us handle it. My companion and I can clear the area on our own.

My love and I can clear the area on our own.

Not on your life, fetcher. I won’t let an outsider, let alone a Nord insult my pride. 

Then it’s agreed. The three of you together will clear the ruin.

But first, I’m sure you have questions regarding our presence here.
You can speak with me or any of the citizens. Just let me know when you’re ready to depart.

if you talk to Zannfar

Tell our blessed leader when you’re ready to leave. My opinion doesn’t seem to matter.

if you talk to Fervaysi

Ah, it’s so nice to get visitors that aren’t trying to lop your head off.

What are your responsibilities here?
I’m the town alchemist, the court wizard, and everyone’s best friend. 
I’m even friendly with the Falmer. Although I’m just using them for their ears.
I bet you’ve got all sorts of useful body parts as well. Shame you’re still using them.

What can you tell me about Aldryn?
Councilor Aldryn is the one who brought us all here. Many of the flock see him as a prophet.
Myself and Zannfar probably see him in less…glowing terms. Which is why he trusts our opinion over theirs.

What was that argument about?
Oh, you know. The age old question. What to do with all the metal!
Do you make weapons, or do you sell it to other people so they can make weapons? It’s not an easy question to answer.

Clue giving NPCs – Colors look similar, so skip if you’re Ylgyne, Zannfar, Aldryn or Fervaysi

You’ll save us from the Falmer, won’t you?

What can you tell me about the leadership here?
Councilor Elenea is ill. With her gone, Councilor Aldryn has taken over.
They say her daughter left to visit her in the middle of the night. She’s always been the impetuous sort.

As much as I hate to say it, it’s true the Nords in Windhelm treated us like second class citizens. Thank Azura for Councilor Aldryn’s visions.

Zannfar is hard to talk to, but I get that he wants the best for us. Still, Aldryn knows what’s best in the long term.

No matter who you are, the one person everyone listens to is the alchemist. Not even Councilor Aldryn can overrule her.

Zannfar’s the pessimist. Aldryn’s the idealist. Elenea fits in between the two.

What brought you here? How did you join this group?
My family came here from Morrowind, but we lost everything to bandits.
It’s so hard to find work in Windhelm, but Aldryn says we won’t have that problem here.

Tell me about the Falmer attack.
They dropped on us like owls in the night. We couldn’t see them. But we could hear the screams.
My sister, Shyla, she didn’t make it.

How long have you been holed up here?
A few days. We’re running out of food. I just hope the council has a plan.

I can’t believe the Councilor’s daughter would abandon her post like that. What if the Falmer decided to attack? It’s irresponsible!

The councilor’s daughter?
Avrusa. She’s been missing for a day now. It was her turn to guard the entrance. Now she’s gone.

What can you tell me about the council?
Aldryn is the one who led us all here. He’s a prophet, cut from the same cloth as Veloth.
With him, there was never a need for a three person council. But Councilor Aldryn is as humble as he is wise.

We don’t need help from outsiders. Least of all a Nord.

I wish Zannfar wouldn’t question Councilor Aldryn. His words are the will of the Gods. 

What brought you here? How did you join this group?
I grew up in the Gray Quarter, but lost my job working as a porter. I was reduced to begging for food, when I met Aldryn.
He promised me a better life, so long as I was willing to work hard for it.

Tell me about the Falmer attack.
It happened so fast I don’t really recall much. I’m just glad Councilor Aldryn was able to escape. So long as he lives, we have hope.

How long have you been holed up here?
A few days. We’re running out of food. I just hope the council has a plan.

Elenea’s daughter may have run off, but we don’t need any deserters in our group. They only slow us down.

I don’t like the alchemist. No, I should rephrase that. I don’t trust her. You, I don’t like.

If your friend wants to live in our city, we’ll give him a home next to the stocks. We’ll call it the White Quarter.

We don’t need your help. Zannfar and I can take all those Falmer by ourselves.

Zannfar’s a great man, and a great leader. Putting him on the council was the best decision Aldryn ever made.

Zannfar’s right. We need to forge weapons and armor. Gold won’t save us from the Falmer.

What brought you here? How did you join this group?
I followed my uncle here. Didn’t know much about Councilor Aldryn, but I wasn’t really impressed. Luckily Zannfar came around to fix all the broke stuff.

Tell me about the Falmer attack.
Supposedly the cowards have been kidnapping folks for a while, slowly dwindling our numbers. 
Even then, they still couldn’t finish us off. That was their mistake.

How long have you been holed up here?
Not long. We’re just waiting for Zannfar’s signal. Then we’ll crush the ugly little fetchers.


End Clue giving NPCS

if you talk to Aldryn

You mentioned Veloth. Do you consider yourself a prophet?
No, far from it. I believe Azura chose me because I was best suited to lead. I do not speak on her behalf.
Thus, while some of the more enthusiastic citizens fashion me a prophet, I am far from infallible.

Who makes the decisions here?
While I may be the one Azura spoke to, I am hardly a despot. In fact, I set up a three person council to govern the city.
However, Councilor Elenea took ill recently, and has been taken to a healer on the surface.
Given the state of things, Zannfar and I make most of the decisions, but not before receiving input from the others.

What sort of casualties have you suffered since arriving here?
We’ve lost most of our mages, including Helfar, our resident expert on the Dwemer.
It’s almost as if they’re targeting the most important members of our group.

How long do you expect to live underground?
Much of that will be dictated by the available supplies, but it shouldn’t be too difficult given what’s here.
However, we will eventually need to create a renewable source of trade beyond selling Dwemer scraps.
Our council has already set up meetings to decide on what sort of economy we will foster.

What sort of economy do you think is best?
I haven’t decided. But whatever we decide, we must first exhaust the resources here, and use the gold to invest in education and trade.
Zannfar would have us forge the metal into weapons, which would decrease their value considerably.

Why not try farming the land?
The climate isn’t suited for that sort of thing, else the Nords would’ve settled here themselves.
The most logical solution would be to set up a mine, since the Dwemer likely chose this location for its metal.
But contrary to what Zannfar thinks, we can’t just start chipping away at the pipes.
There is a limited supply of metal, and we must sell it all if the economy is to flourish.

You should become hunters and scavengers.
Then we would be better off living outdoors, and in Falkreath.
Look around you. These are city Elves. They’re not accustomed to the vagaries of the wild.
Even if we were to follow Zannfar’s lead and arm them, what good would it do. If anything, we’re better off teaching them magic.

You could always sack caravans like bandits.
The moral implications aside, we’d have more luck engineering machines. Look around you. These people are hardly warriors.
This is what I keep telling Zannfar. The metal is better served for hiring mercenaries than arming the people.
But of course, that would mean soliciting help from outsiders.

What motivated you to bring your people here?
I suppose you can say they were an answer to a prayer.
Like many of my people, I made the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Azura merely to pay tribute.
But what began as a pilgrimage quickly turned into a plea.
As grateful as I was for having a place to reside, a part of me felt like we still hadn’t found a home.
And that’s when she granted me a vision of this ruin, so we could build a place of our own.

I’m ready to clear the ruin.
Excellent, but before you embark, I’d like you to speak with our resident alchemist, Fervaysi.
She may be able to provide some potions to help you fight the Falmer.

Zannfar, you stay here for a moment. I’d like a word.

(somewhat sarcastic/disgruntled) As you command, Councilor.

Be careful in there. The Falmer are as cunning as they are dangerous.
Mephala cloak you.
Azura watch over us all.
You are welcome to stay as long as you abide by our rules.
Safe journeys.
Thank you for your assistance.
Normally I don’t like relying on outsiders, but we have little choice in this regard.

follow Fervaysi

Right this way. 

You’ll have to excuse Zannfar for his little outbursts. He’s very protective of the group.
Of course, the irony is, he wasn’t part of Aldryn’s original flock. He’s an adventurer, like yourselves.
After learning about what Aldryn’s trying to build here, he decided to stay. But given he’s an outsider, he sometimes has trouble following orders.

I can actually relate. I’m a Legion soldier, believe it or not.

Yes, I’m sure there’s a lot of things you two have in common.

By the way, about the potions…
I appreciate the offer, but it sounds to me like you need them more than we do.

Agreed. In fact, we’ve pretty much exhausted our supply.

But you said you were giving us potions…

Riiiiight. That’s what we like to call a diversion. What I really wanted to show you was this.

body of a dead dunmer on the ground, with some falmer bodies surrounding it.

A body?

Yes. By all appearances killed by a Falmer scout. Slain protecting the realm! A gallant defender of our fair city!

Or so the murderer would like you to believe.

You suspect foul play?
I do. For one, she was stabbed in the back. And if this Falmer truly killed her, then what killed the Falmer?
Zannfar suggests it was a trap that got him, but that’s ridiculous. My little darlings may be blind, but they’re far from clumsy.
But the most damning evidence is on the victim’s on face. When I look at her countenance, I don’t see fear. I see surprise.

Who knows about the murder?
Just Zannfar, Aldryn, myself, and well, the murderer, assuming we’re not one and the same. Wouldn’t that be scary!
As for why we haven’t told anyone, well, with everything that’s gone on, Aldryn thought it best not to incite panic.

What motive would anyone have to kill him?
Power. This corpse is no ordinary elf. It’s the daughter of the absentee councilor, Elenea.

Who stands to gain from his death?
That would be my prime suspect, and the reason I brought you here. 
You see, Elenea thinks Aldryn is a prophet, who saved her daughter from a life of misery. That basically means she agrees with whatever he says.
If the girl dies…well, the prophet becomes a charlatan, and the math moves in Zannfar’s favor.

Were there any witnesses?
If there were, I suspect they would’ve come forward by now.
Zannfar was the first to find the body, but that doesn’t mean anything, really.
As head of our security, he’s always checking up on people in the middle of the night. And they say I’m the creepy one.

Why are you telling us this?
Councilor Aldryn has been looking for an opportunity like this ever since the girl died.
When he mentioned the potions, that was the signal to proceed with his plan.

What plan?
After you finish clearing the ruin, he wants you to kill Zannfar.

The elf should be given a trial. You can’t murder him based on suspicion.

Aw, aren’t you cute with your bizarre code and ideals. This is how the law is enforced in our world. And besides, if nothing else, Elenea deserves her vengeance. 

And she’ll have it, once we take care of the Falmer.
I was wondering where the outsiders ran off too. I suppose they had to see the body sooner or later.

So, what did I miss? What crazy theory was she trying to sell you this time?

As a matter of fact –

It was the Ghost Fence, Zannfar. I was explaining to them the power that lies in the bones of the dead.

Ghost fence?

You may find it absurd, but leaving the body here will ward off the Falmer just as well as any trap.

Well, I don’t mean any disrespect. The girl died a hero. But it’s steel that will drive off these snow devils, not spirits.
But I guess it doesn’t matter. After we kill these bastards, we won’t need her bones. We can give her a proper funeral.

Nothing would please the councilor more.

n’wah is en’wah. Skyrim says nuh’wah but people prefer the Morrowind version

All right then. If you two N’wahs are done sucking your thumbs, then let’s go.
The more time we waste, the more of them we’ll have to kill.

Fine. But if you don’t mind, I’d like a word with my companion.

Fine. But if you don’t mind, I’d like a word with my beloved.


I hope you know what you’re doing. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Of course you don’t. You’re two loaves short of sandwich.
I’m not sure what bread has to do with anything, but if you’re hungry here. This should help get your strength back.

Well then, for the love of Mephala, just keep your mouth shut.
But what if I need to shout? A Nord’s battlecry is a part of his arsenal. Keeping my mouth shut will also make it harder to breathe.
But if you think it’s a good idea, I’ll try my best.

Don’t worry. I’ve got a handle on things.
Whew, that’s a relief. My head starts to hurt just thinking about politics. Besides, the only people we can really trust is each other.

You and me both. Let’s just play it by ear.
Play by ear? I told you when we met, I’m no bard. And as far as I no most instruments are played with fingers.

But you seem to know things better than I. So I’ll just follow your lead.

Remember, this isn’t a ruin, outsiders. Not anymore. So take any weapons you need, but no valuables. That all belongs to us.

The bodies here don’t even account for the ones they snatched. These are the lucky ones.

save guy

Zannfar! By Azura, am I glad to see you!

What are you doing in Aldryn’s chambers, boy? Why aren’t you with the rest of the group?

I-I thought it’d be the safest place to hide.

Get back to the council chamber! Now!

Bah! Look at all this junk! Lutes, books…If you ask me, all of it is better served as kindling.

kill Falmer

Well, that takes care of this batch. Not that it’ll make much difference.

Why do you say that?

Are you blind, ape, or just stupid? Look at the holes in the wall. There’s countless more where that came from.
Even if we managed to seal the walls, there’s also the threat of bandits, adventurers, not to mention the Dwemer themselves.
We won’t be safe until we pool all our resources into defense of the city. But Councilor Aldryn is married to his merchant’s paradise.

Hopefully, when Councilor Elenea returns, things will change.

The death of the girl was unfortunate. But maybe it will finally open her eyes to the truth.

Is that why you killed her?
Killed her? What are you saying? I did no such thing.

Some might say you’re the only one who stood to gain from his death.
You’re forgetting the army of mindless killers who live in these ruins. They stand to gain more than anyone.

You have to admit, the death of an absent Councilor’s child looks mighty suspicious.
There was nothing suspicious about her death. If anything, the only thing suspicious is the placement of the body.

Fervaysi said the corpse was stabbed in the back.
So what? The Falmer use the darkness to their advantage. That’s how they operate.

What was the Councilor’s child doing working guard duty?
That’s Aldryn’s doing. No one’s granted special favor. Not even the Councilor himself.
Still, the job isn’t to guard anything. Everyone stationed there is instructed to blow a horn and run.

Do you suspect any foul play?
No. The only strange part was the body was found on the other side of the trap. It makes no sense not to let the Falmer walk into it.
But the girl was probably anxious. She likely heard something, charged ahead, and let the Falmer get behind her.

You should know something. Councilor Aldryn asked me to kill you.
That’s a heavy accusation outsider, and under normal circumstances, I’d take your head.
(Sigh) But I’m no fool. Once the girl died, even a Falmer could see what would happen next.
Still, I figured Aldryn was too much of a coward to actually try it. I guess I was wrong.


You were wrong about us as well. Now do you see we’re on your side?

Don’t think this makes us friends, ape. But yes. I was wrong to doubt you.

Come on, let’s get back to the others. I need to have a word or two with our prophet.

I need to warn you about something. Fervaysi asked me to kill you.
She what? That bitch! I knew she was up to something! 

And I doubt the Councilor even knew about this. The fool’s not the type to get his hands dirty.

Yes, his hands looked fairly clean to me. For living underground, anyway.

Yeah, and now that I think about it, if I die, Fervaysi would take my place. Gods! There’s your real motive, fetcher.

Wait…Who did what now?

In any case, let’s get back to the others. Councilor Aldryn needs to know about the untimely death of his favorite alchemist.

I’m sorry. The Falmer story doesn’t add up, and you clearly had motive.
What? Are you fetchers accusing me of killing the girl? I did no such thing.

Scene to kill Zannfar

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look that way.

I should’ve known you were one of Aldryn’s puppets.
Fine. Come at me outsiders. One at a time or all at once. It doesn’t matter. I will drain every last ounce of your blood!

Zannfar Base Dialogue

How did you join this group?
I don’t know if anyone told you, but I stumbled onto this place. I was an outsider. No, worse than that. I was a practically a bandit. 
Councilor Aldryn knew what I was. But he told the others that I was an adventurer, so I played along.
I didn’t plan on staying for long. But over time, I started to buy into what he was building here.
That is, until the Falmer started attacking.

Do you want to leave Mzinchaleft?
Not necessarily. The outside world is no picnic either.
But if we’re gonna stay here, the goal shouldn’t be to get rich. It should be to survive.

Wouldn’t merchant trade expose the city to outsiders?
Exactly. We’re supposed to be building a city for Dunmer.
But as soon as you put coin into the pot, you’re changing the recipe. It’s going to taste foul.

Why do you dislike Nords?
It’s simple. Nords drove my family from the Gray Quarter. Nords robbed them blind on the road. And when they were through, it was Nords who left us all for dead. 
Everything I’ve gotten in life, the Nords have tried to steal. That’s what drove me here. And that, more than anything, is why I decided to stay.

Player returns to main hall, Elenea has now returned

I’m sorry Elenea, we did what we could. Take comfort in the fact that she died to save our city.

I will do no such thing Councilor! You gave me your word he would be safe! Your word!
And fool as I was, I took it to be the gods’ own breath! But Zannfar was right along.
You are no prophet, Aldryn! You’re a liar and a murderer, and I will run you out of this city if its the last thing I do!

Your anger is misplaced, Councilor. After all, there’s really only one person responsible for the death of your daughter.

(Accuse Fervaysi)
And she’s standing right in front of you.

Zannfar…I’m surprised to see you made it out alive.
(glances angrily at the player) Very, very surprised.

What do you mean? What’s going on?

Well, it’s obvious Councilor, Zannfar has taken your adventurers and is leading a rebel-

Zannfar guts Fervaysi

By Azura!


Zannfar! How could you! I brought you in! Put you on the council!

Relax, Councilor. I did it for your own sake. The bitch was trying to kill me. She may have even killed Elenea’s daughter.

Outrageous! What possible motivation could she have for doing so?

If I died, who do you think would’ve taken my place? And the way she bewitched you, Councilor, she would’ve pretty much been in charge.

I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.

There’s no shame in it. Countless men before you have been duped by a pretty face. Some of them might have even been prophets.

I’m sorry Councilor, perhaps you have a point. But I’ll still require a full investigation before we clear you of this matter.

I’m not going anywhere.

My daughter! What about my daughter? 

We’ve already prepared the body for cremation, Elenea. I suppose at some point, we needed to find space to house the honored dead.

I want her close by! Near the plaza!

We’ll talk it about Councilor. It will be a decision made by the three of us.


Well, it seems Zannfar has some explaining to do.
Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine he would do such a thing without just cause.
What exactly happened out there?

Fervaysi asked us to kill him. She said you ordered her to do it.
I see. And both you and Zannfar were able to deduce she was acting on her own.
I suppose I need to thank the both of you then for keeping a level head. It would have been very easy to assume she was telling the truth.

I know you ordered Zannfar’s death. But it’s best Fervaysi take the fall.
If you’re implying I knew anything about this then you’ve clearly lost your mind.
Moreover, if you intend to try and use this accusation to extort me, you will find I am not a willing partner.

Elenea’s daughter was killed by Falmer. Fervaysi tried to exploit that.
Yes, that’s the most likely story. The girl was obsessed with glory, and took her duty as a guard a little too seriously.
As for Fervaysi, I had no inkling she was even capable of such duplicity.
Given our experience in the Gray Quarter, I built this city on a foundation of trust and friendship. But for many Dunmer, the old ways run deep.

Fervaysi killed Elenea’s daughter and tried to setup Zannfar for the fall.
If so, the investigation will bear that out. While the punishment has already been served, Councilor Elenea has a right to know what really happened.

What happens now?
Well, we first need to reassure everyone that our leadership is stable.
If the three of us show we can work together in building this city, it will restore the people’s faith in the council.

Whatever. I still don’t trust you.
You’re an outsider, so I don’t expect you to. What matters is that I have the trust of my people.
With the Falmer gone, we can proceed to build a city infrastructure. And giving them a home is the best  way to restore their faith in the council.

The ape can stay. He’s earned his place.


The Captain always said I made rash decisions. But I don’t feel itchy. I think he meant to say I don’t always think before I act.
This time, though, I have a feeling my choice is a good one.

How long do you play on staying here, love?
Don’t worry beloved. I would never leave you. It’s just until they can get their city up and running.

I don’t know, I never really think that far ahead. We can still go adventuring, mind you. I’ll just be here when we’re not.

What about your duties as a soldier?
Well, helping people out is my duty. I just have to remember to check back in every now and then, just to let them know I’m still alive.

I agree. It would be good for everyone to see a Nord helping out.
I’m afraid I don’t understand. How will watching me help? They should be paying attention to their work if you ask me. 
But maybe if they don’t know how to lift a box, I can show them by example. You really just have to remember to bend your knees.

Just watch your back. Some of these folks may resent you.
I don’t know what you mean. Why should I look at my back? Shouldn’t I be watching those people instead?  
Well, either way, I think I’ll be fine. If I work hard and stay friendly, I’ll earn their trust.

Thanks, fetcher. Don’t know if I would’ve made it out alive if not for you and your friend.

The city will need defenses. Damn Elenea wants to turn the barracks into a crypt. This is going to be trickier than I thought.

Anything I can do to help?
Yeah, there is. Aldryn had one of our best men, Azarel, wasting his talent guarding the supply runs.
Don’t know if he’s still alive, but with the storms passing through, there’s a chance he got lost.
He may have taken shelter over by the Windward Ruins. See if you can find the little fetcher and lead him back here.

Is there a chance you’ll have to leave Mzinchaleft?
We’ll see how the next council meeting goes. If Aldryn and Elenea are willing to listen to reason, we might be able to make it work.

Anything I can do to help?
Well, for one, we need to start by building up a treasury. We have countless stores of Dwarven metal and no one to buy it.
I want you to talk to Sadri in Windhelm. I’ve already set up a deal to sell him our goods in bulk, but I needed to clear it with the council first.

With Zannfar dead, there are no more hurdles to closing this. You can tell him the deal will go through as planned.

Of course, how much we can sell will depend on how much sway I still have with Elenea.
I had planned on moving all of it, but now it seems I’ll likely have to compromise.

I’m afraid with Revyn Sadri dead, my main buyer is gone. It looks like Zannfar may get his wish after all.

I’ve spoken with Revyn Sadri and he’s agreed to sell your metal.
Excellent. You’ve done us a great service. Here’s you reward.

How will liquidating your assets help the city?
Having a steady cache of gold will allow us to quickly invest in better infrastructure.
Craftsman to build things, traders to sell them…merchants who have no interest in taking Dwarven metal as currency.
In fact, I think you’ll find your actions will quickly have a ripple effect throughout the city.

Walks out toward balcony to view city

Do you know anything about wolves, adventurer?
Most people know they hunt Elk, but their effect doesn’t stop there.
With less Elk, the plants grow, and the birds, insects, and smaller animals thrive.
As the vegetation flourishes, the banks around the rivers solidify, which provides better flow and irrigation.
That is what you have done here today. In many ways, you’re like the wolf. And your presence has changed this city for the better.


There’s a reason I had Azarel doing supply runs. He isn’t the most sociable Dunmer.

I don’t know what Zannfar has planned for Azarel, but with Elenea in his pocket, it’s out of my hands now.

The council voted two to one in favor of turning Fervaysi’s laboratory into a barracks. I’m sure you can infer who voted for what.


My darling Avrusa…one can only hope her soul has gained peace.

I don’t know how they expect me to continue on the Council as if nothing’s happened. I caution you, be wary of those whose hearts are stone.

Avrusa’s father died young. I raised her by myself.

It was a mistake to think these men would serve as suitable father figures.

The city? I don’t care about the city. They can build it however they like. It will always feel empty to me.

How are you feeling?
Not well. To think, I was actually counting on Fervaysi to help me manage my pain.
We’ll have to rely solely on magic for the time being, but using it saps our strength. Potions do not.
My fear is that with her gone, our quality of living will suffer.

Do you have any suggestions on where to find one?
Maybe…maybe someone here could mix potions. There are many bright and talented minds in this group. (Sigh) My daughter was one of them.

I’m sorry for your loss.
Thank you. You’re very kind to think of her, when none of these others even batted an eye.

She got justice. That’s all that matters.
I’m afraid I disagree. She was all that I had. No amount of vengeance will fill that void.
But at least you’re thinking of her. All these other fools care about is their council and politics.

Of course you say that. You’re her mother. But if she was special, she wouldn’t be dead.
How dare you say such things outsider! If you’re not going to be respectful to those who are grieving, then I suggest you leave!

Any way I can assist?
I doubt it. If Avrusa were here, she would know what to do. She was so smart, so bright…
Maybe this will help. It was a journal she kept. Aldryn said I should have it, but it only reminds me of what I lost. 

Why not use restoration magic?
Sadly, most of us are skilled in the art of destruction, and not healing. That should be evident by the state of our council.
If only I had seen it sooner…

Tell me about your daughter.
Oh, she was so talented. She could do anything she wanted, and perhaps that was the problem.
I urged her to study magic, but she wanted to be a warrior. Meeting Zannfar only solidified that belief.

What are your plans as Councilor going forward?
I suppose it will be my job to help reconcile Zannfar and Aldryn’s disputes.
Before, the decision was easy. After all, I thought Aldryn had the interests of my daughter in mind.
Now I realize had I listened to Zannfar and took our defenses more seriously, perhaps she’d still be alive.

(Accuse Aldryn)

No, she was right the first time. Councilor Aldryn is indeed a murderer. Only it wasn’t her daughter he was trying to kill.

Fervaysi says Zanfar, I’m surprised you made it out alive

Out of my way, n’wah! My business isn’t with you!

I’m sorry Zannfar, I’m pleased to see you’ve returned safely, but this is not the time!

No fetcher, this is precisely the time. See, I know you tried to have me killed.
Lucky for me, you overplayed your hand by trusting these outsiders.

What? Councilor is this true?

I have no idea what he’s talking about. I have led this group with the utmost integrity.

Mephala curse you! Even now you cling to your lies. But I will put an end to them all.

How dare you speak to me that way! I brought you in! Put you on the council!

It was about the only thing you’ve done right. Pray to Azura it was enough.

By Azura! What have you done!

I did what came natural. This n’wah tried to kill me. All I did was return the favor. 
Isn’t that right, Fervaysi?

Oh yes. It’s all true. Councilor Aldryn has been trying to have Zannfar removed ever since your daughter’s…untimely death.
He was worried you would cease to support him at the next council meeting.

You mean to tell me my daughter lost her life, and all he could think about was politics? That…that’s not the Aldryn I knew…

He had us all fooled, I’m afraid.

I’m sorry. This is all my fault. I should’ve never agreed to be on the council. My poor Avrusa…

Zannfar, it’s clear Councilor Elenea needs time to grieve. I think it’s best you take over as First Councilor.
You’ll need a second, of course. Someone to bounce ideas off of. 

Hmph. I take it you want to volunteer for that position.

Keep your friends close…as they say.

We shall see. Right now, I want you to tend to Councilor Elenea’s health.
I’ll have work for the rest of you lazy fetchers as well. This war with the Falmer is far from over.

As for you, you’re welcome to stay, but I want to make one thing clear. 
This city is going to be built by the people who live in it. Relying on outsiders will only them weak.

You’ll get no argument from me.
Good. You can still help out in the field, but I don’t want you helping any of these fetchers chip rock.
If we’re clear on that, you’ll get no trouble from me.

Turning down aid is foolish, especially given your current situation.
Don’t tell me how to run my city. If you don’t like what I say, you know where the door is.
Now, if you really want to help, I might have some field work. But I don’t want you helping these N’wahs hammer nails.

Or the outsider can teach them valuable skills.
And poison their minds in the process. You won’t be able to stop yourself from filling their heads with your ideas.
This doesn’t mean you can’t help in some way. It’ll just have to be out in the field.

Hey, your city, your rules. I couldn’t care less what happens to it.
Good. The people need to know that’s how outsiders think.
Your type is best used elsewhere. It’d be a waste of time to have you fletch arrows.


What if we just stayed and watched for Falmer? I promise I won’t be a bother.

It would be up to the First Councilor. But you would make for a fine target dummy.

It’s like I told your friend. You can stay, but you do what I tell you. Nothing more, nothing less. We can build this city on our own.

(Elenea Alternate)

Not well. And this was before I returned here. Now my daughter is gone, and the Councilor too.

What are your plans as Councilor going forward?
It’s hard to foresee me having any role now that the Council has been abolished. 
And frankly, I have no motivation to continue. The only reason I joined was for the sake of my daughter. 
I wanted to help build a city that would develop her talents. Now, I don’t really care what happens.

I thought Councilor Aldryn was a good Elf. I believed in him. And now my Avrusa is gone.

You switched allegiances rather quickly.
Well, I had to. I’m certainly not going to continue backing the one whose guts are on the floor.
Zannfar maybe angry, racist, and short-tempered, but you know what he isn’t? Dead.

Are you angry I didn’t follow Aldryn’s order?
Angry? No. Smart people know better than to hold grudges. And besides, I was just the messenger.

Do you think Zannfar will choose you as Second Councilor?
I do. He didn’t kill me, so that means he intends to use me.
It turns out he’s not as dumb as he looks. He’s just dumb in the normal way everyone is.

I give Zannfar’s council….five months tops.

The one good thing about Aldryn’s death is I never liked him. Everything else is kind of bad.

I wonder if Zannfar’s is going to ask me to pick up a weapon. Does he even realize I can use destruction magic?

It’s a shame all the pretty Falmer are dead. All we have left is Dwarven oil. So much oil.

Zannfar says its better to make poisons instead of growing plants. For once I agree with him.

Why do I get to sleep in Aldryn’s old room? Well, Zannfar says all the comforts make you soft. You’ll get no argument from me.

My old laboratory has been transformed into a barracks. I have to admit, I do miss the smells. 

Some people will resent me for Aldryn’s death. They’ll join their precious prophet soon enough.

What plans do you have for the city as First Councilor?
Simple. We train everyone to fight. Warriors, mages, assassins, whatever. If you can kill, you have a place in my city.

That means no trading for food or luxury items. We can survive on what we hunt. 

Why keep Fervaysi around if she was close with Aldryn?
She’s too useful. She’s our only alchemist, and more importantly, she’s our best mage.
Do I trust her? About as much as a cricket trusts a scorpion. You just have to make sure their stingers are pointed in the right direction.

What do you want?
Make it quick.
Keep your stay short, outsider.

Is leaving Mzinchaleft still an option?
There’s no need. With Aldryn dead, the people’s eyes have been opened. We’re going to turn this city into an unbreakable stronghold.

Why not plug up the Falmer holes?
Well, I planned to at first, but then I realized they’d just make more. 
This way, we know exactly where the little guars are coming from. And better yet, the hives are a perfect place to dump our waste.

What’s next for the city?
Expansion. We’ve already taken the area outside the Council Hall and built a barracks.
It’s only a matter of time before we take the entire ruin.

(Zannfar dead)

I’m afraid Fervaysi’s right. As much as I hate to admit it, the evidence points to foul play.
Zannfar is responsible for your daughter’s death. It wasn’t an accident. It was a murder.

Murder? Why would he do such a thing?

It’s simple arithmetic. Two is more than one. He needed your vote.

Are you telling me he killed my Avrusa for political gain? Where is he!?!?!  By Boethiah, I will have that monster’s head!

Rest assured, when the situation with the Falmer is finished, he will stand trial for his crime.

Actually Councilor, the matter’s already been taken care of. I had the outsiders remove him during their little foray with the Falmer.

You did what? I never gave that order! Regardless of what you suspect he did, Zannfar was a member of the Council!

Well, you mentioned yourself that Zannfar was guilty. For all we know he would’ve killed you next.
We only had one shot at this, and I’m not a mind reader. At least, not professionally. Like it or not, a decision had to be made.  

Well I say good riddance. My daughter deserved better than what he gave her. She’s the victim here, not that heartless brute!

That may be true, but I will still have to reprimand Fervaysi for her actions.

I think the word you’re looking for Councilor, is “reward.” In fact, if you’re in need of a new council member, I can think of no better candidate.

Councilor Fervaysi. I like the sound of that. But really, I’m not the one you should be thanking.


Yes, and I for one am quite curious to hear what our “heroes” think of all this.

We were only acting on your orders, Councilor.
My orders, ha! I prefer using politics to bloodshed, but I confess the two are well acquainted.
And politically speaking, it doesn’t matter if I ordered it or not. If I condone the act, it’s virtually the same thing.
That’s why there’s no point hiding from what comes next. With Zannfar gone and Elenea ill, I must take charge of this council.

You little weasel. You’re trying to clean your hands of a death that obviously helped you.
Perhaps it seems that way to an outsider, but the people here know me to be incorruptible.
That’s why I have no problem taking charge of the council. Until Elenea recovers, I will decide what’s best going forward.

You need to own Zannfar’s death. Hedging makes you look weak.
Or I may look like a heartless dictator who cares not for the welfare of his citizens.
Trust me, with Zannfar gone, I am in complete control. My authority isn’t the issue here.

Don’t look at me, I’m just here to smash things.
Yes, Zannfar said the same before he got a taste of politics. I only chose him because I thought he was oblivious to such maneuvering.
Now that I’m once more in control of the council, I won’t make that mistake again.


Now, if I may have everyone’s attention. The city has been cleared of Falmer.
This means we can begin phase one of the rebuilding process tomorrow.
If you have any questions, you can speak to myself or Fervaysi. But for now, I suggest you all get some rest.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay and help. I’ve seen how your people have been treated, and I want to do my best to make things right.

Excellent. It will be good to have a Nord among us. Racial diversity will help the city appear less hostile to foreign traders.

Fervaysi, find something suitable for our Nord friend. He’s no longer an outsider. He’s an ambassador.

Right away, Councilor.


I never trusted Zannfar. I told Avrusa from the beginning that he was not one of us. If only she’d listen…

I hoped Avrusa’s infatuation would Zannfar was just another phase. I should’ve put a stop to it.

I didn’t anticipate Zannfar would resort to such duplicity. With your help, we were able to keep the council intact.

Some will suspect I had a hand in Zannfar’s death. But a small bit of fear may ultimately be a good thing.

Fervaysi may face some sort of punishment. Any perception that she undercut my authority must be eliminated.

What will your plans be for the city?
The backbone of our society will be Dwarven metal. Of course, eventually we will phase that out for more renewable goods.
Time is of the essence. Good metal is in high demand, and we need to sell off our stocks while the price is favorable.

Nevyn Aldryn Scene

Surprised to see you here, Councilor. 

There comes a time when every man turns to drink, Nevyn. I am no exception.

Tough day, Councilor?

They’re all tough. The only thing that changes is me.

Nevyn Aldryn Scene 2

Councilor, I was thinking. Most homes, they require upkeep. Maintenance. How is it this old ruin doesn’t need any of that?

You know, my father always looked older than he was. When he took me to the market, everyone would inquire whether I was his grandson.
But a strange thing happened as the years went by. As all of us grew older, his face never seemed to change.
It got to a point where I was certain he would outlive us all.
That’s what these Dwarven cities are like. They may look old, but fear not. They were here before us, and they’ll be here long after we pass.

More lines:

Why did Councilor Aldryn act so surprised? You said he ordered Zannfar’s death.
That’s what we call political theater! Emphasis on the theater part. Although if I’m being perfectly honest, the Councilor isn’t the best actor.
Which is saying something, given he was basically playing himself.

Nonsense. I thought he did great.
Well, I suppose my expectations were just higher. I mean, after all, it was a role he was born to play.

He certainly fooled me. I thought he was sincere.
Really? You don’t think he overdid it? Well, I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on him.
As any alchemist will tell you, it’s not what ingredients you put in, but what comes out that matters.

The only one who’s acting is you. You lied to me.
Oh no, I gave up being an actor when I discovered Giant’s toe. I just love how they feel in your hand.
But unfortunately, most actors don’t like doing love scenes when your palms smell like rotten feet.
And is there a point to acting if you aren’t doing love scenes? If there is, the reason escapes me.

Are you a Councilor now?
Not exactly. Second Councilor maybe. Before there were no numbers attached. Now there seems to be.
But it’s another step up, either way. All that matters is I’m going in the right direction.

Good work killing Zannfar. 
I think I’m going to enjoy being a Councilor. Perhaps I’ll hire an assistant.

Zannfar says its better to make poisons instead of growing plants. For once I agree with him.

Why do I get to sleep in Aldryn’s old room? Well, Zannfar says all the comforts make you soft. You’ll get no argument from me.

My old laboratory has been transformed into a barracks. I have to admit, I do miss the smells.

There’s probably a hundred different species of mushroom that grows down here. It’ll take some time to learn their effects.

It’s a shame all the pretty Falmer will die. Well, hopefully Zannfar will let us keep a few as pets.

Aldryn wants me to find flowers that can grow without sunlight. Next he’ll be wanting a fish that can’t swim.

Oh, it’s you. Have you also come to buy goblin tongues? There on sale, I believe.

The general store never has any of the body parts I like best. But sometimes, on a good day, you’ll find a finger or two at the butcher’s.

Llondon’s hard of hearing. You’ll have to scream which items you want. Even then I’d make sure you got the right merchandise.

So Llondon, how’s life as a shopkeeper? Is it sufficiently tedious?

Well, if your life is too exciting, you may aspire to advance your station.
Too dull, and well, we all know how you shopkeepers like to slit your wrists.

Fervaysi, what do you think happens to the dead?

Well, generally the flesh starts to decompose. Eventually all that’s left are bones.
But that’s not what you mean is it.

The bones…like the ghost fence. The honored dead protecting the living.

Right. That’s what I meant.

Nevyn Scene

Ah Nevyn, my favorite innkeeper in the entire city.

I’m the only innkeeper, you harpy.

Now, now, there’s no need for name-calling. But if by chance you ever meet an actual harpy, I’d pay you handsomely for its claws.

Sure thing. Just put your hands on the counter and I’ll go get my knife.

Nevyn Scene 2

Nevyn, I’ve noticed you’re very nice to all the other patrons. Strange you don’t extend the same courtesy to me.

That’s because you and your experiments creep me out.

How do you know about my experiments?

I’m an inkeeper. I know everything that goes on in this city.

Correction. You know every rumor, opinion and facile piece of gossip that floats about this city.
Then again, it’s probably better that way. The facts are actually much, much worse.

Nevyn Scene 3

What do you want, hag?

I’d like some Sujamma, if you don’t mind.

Then get on a boat to Morrowind. We don’t have anything save the usual Nord bile. But you don’t see any of the others complaining.

Of course, that’s why I’m here. To say what everyone else is thinking.


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