Prior to city liberation

I hope you’re hear to help. Under these conditions, we won’t last much longer.

Tell me about the Falmer attack.
They started out by killing us one by one. Mages, mostly, not just because they’re strong, but because they work alone.
When they came for the rest of us, those of us that were armed tried to hold them off. But eventually we all had to retreat.

How long have you been holed up here?
A couple days, maybe more. We’re going to run out of water soon. That’s why things have gotten so desperate.

What do you know about the council?
Not much. I don’t care for politics. I know with Councilor Elenea gone though, Aldryn’s in charge.
I’m more worried about Elenea’s daughter, Avrusa. They say she took off in the middle of the night. You have to admire her though. She’s reckless, but brave.

post liberation

How did you come to the city?
I was homeless when Councilor Aldryn found me. But I refused to beg.
I did everything from washing dishes to shining boots, and I think he admired the fact that I was willing to work hard.

What’s your smithing philosophy?
I believe everything has a soul. Some things get their soul from their maker. Others gain them over time.
The armor people wear has the heart of its crafter. But its the wearer who gives it purpose. Its that person who gives it its soul.

Where did you learn your trade?
I’m self-taught, believe it or not. I wanted to be a warrior, but couldn’t afford to make my own armor.
So I decided to try and make it myself. Pretty soon I discovered I liked forging the armor more than wearing it.

Scene with Jenabel

You ever been married, Jenabel?

Ugh, don’t remind me. I’ll never get those years back.

Well, maybe you’ll find true love here.

Not likely. I need another marriage like I need another chin.

Don’t you think someone who sells amulets should be less, I don’t know, cynical?

I’m a vendor, Nelsie, not a priest. Only my ex-husband would be cheap enough to get married at my stall. 

Scene with Varksys

Hey Nelsie, I owe you for tempering that metal. Can’t believe it’s the same knife.

Thanks. Like I said, a lot of people throw away perfectly good blades, when all they really need is some time at the wheel.

Scene with Varksys 2

You know, I was thinking. You did a favor for me, so maybe it’s time I did a favor for you.

Sure, what did you have in mind?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we can discuss over a bottle or two at the tavern.

All right, do you mind if I bring Jen and Cass along?

Yeah, I do. That would kind of defeat the point. 

Aldryn Scene

Blacksmith, I’m curious how much metal you’re getting from the miners.
The foreman gave me a report that showed our recent yield was much lower than expected.
I’m worried some of the recent attacks have led to more of it being reserved for weapons and armor.

I’m worried Councilor Zannfar has been encouraging them to have more of it set aside for weapons and armor.

I’m sorry Councilor, I don’t really keep track. I forge what they give me. But it does seem like I’ve been working harder as of late.

Thank you, that’s all I needed to know.

Aldryn Scene 2

Is it true what they say, Councilor? Are you planning on replacing the guard with mages?

At some point we may look into, yes. Why the concern?

Well, as a blacksmith, my job depends on forging weapons and armor for the locals.

Ah, I see. Well, let me ask you this. Were you born a blacksmith, my child?

No, I taught myself the craft.

Exactly. Rest assured, they’ll be another job for you. And I’m sure, given you’re talent, you’ll pick it up as quickly as you did smithing.

Zannfar Scene

How much metal are the miners giving you? I don’t trust that foreman.

(alternate) I don’t trust Councilor Aldryn.

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted. It’s never been this busy. Are you sure we need this much?

Better safe than sorry, fetcher.

(alternate) Well, the work’s been steady. So no problems here.

Good. Aldryn can the miners whatever he wants, but it seems like the fear is enough to keep them in line.

Scene with Verah

Nevyn seems like a good man. Is it true he isn’t spoken for?

Well, that depends child. Can the dead speak?

Off hours scene 

Do you think this city’s going to make it?

Sure. We’re Dunmer. We’ve survived worse.

Well, not all of us are hardened refugees. I think Casival is from Daggerfall.

I don’t know where you heard that. I’ve never been west of Solitude.

Oh. That must have been someone else.

murder investigation

What do you know about the death of Elenea’s daughter?
Just the usual rumors. Politics, council stuff, cloak and dagger. But I like to think the simplest explanation is the best.
She died trying to protect us.

Did you notice any suspicious behavior prior to her disappearance?
No. She did get into an argument with Brathus over sending a search party.
She was adamant Casival and the others were still alive. And she was right.

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